Order Through Chaos

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks for the Operation Frankish team and all connected. For the past few weeks we have set out to create chaos. From raiding the airspace over the Riverside stadium to storming ‘Boro during Tour De Frankish to the two separate rewards and now to Operation Black Box – our intention was always to create chaos and out of the chaos shall emerge order.
We will go on creating chaos until such a time that order is established. Under the new order there will be a different social dynamic to that which is pervasive right now. In the new order the virtuous and the brave shall be rewarded and heralded while the twisted, sadistic and predatory shall be punished with severity.
Whether you are aware of it or not, society has been turned upside down in the last 25years. As things stand it is the stupid and the wicked who are protected and rewarded while it is people of honour who are persecuted and suppressed. This is an entirely unnatural development and it’s crucially important we all join together to turn our society back over again. This can only be achieved by controlled chaos and when that settles only then shall an order be established with better values and social standards than you see today.

For too long we have been far too liberal with the absolute scum of society. This has been a massive failure. We must now entirely reject those liberal attitudes and be unashamedly authoritarian toward them in our outlook. If you permit a society to just do whatever they wish then they will do whatever they wish, even if that includes predating on children and torturing animals for amusement. There is absolutely no way I am accepting this as a future for my children and when I say my children I include all children of Britain. I would sooner die trying than passively accept this race to the bottom.

So far our entire focus has been the brothers. However, we are mindful of the fact that it was not the brothers who gave themselves such a ridiculous sentence. We are mindful also of the fact that it’s not the brothers that write the laws. They just took what sentence they were given. Had the crime carried a 5year sentence then they’d have served that.

We have not forgotten the fact that the body politic have essentially declared war on the public every time they permit a sadist or paedophile to walk free from court to prey on your children and animals. We have not forgotten that the body politic turned their back on 1 million people in regard to ‘Baby’. We have also not forgotten the haughty and dismissive replies that people got when writing to their MP.
In the fullness of time they shall be held accountable as well.

We shall do this by way of choking them on their own rules. If their rule is that every letter must receive a reply then we shall organise it that 50,000 letters are sent. No body politic can live by all of its own rules. So we shall suffocate them on their own rules and we shall use their own rules to bring their machine to a grinding halt. We shall seek to personalise it. While it is possible for a Government or entity to endure constant shaming it is not easy for an individual who is part of that Government or entity.
To that end we shall select the ministers most responsible and eventually direct all the shame and blame at them.
To victory


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