A Warning To Animal Torturers & Paedophiles of Britain

Predators of this country be warned – your days of engaging in your filth and degeneracy without appropriate punishment are coming to an end.  For far too long your kind have gotten away with far too much and far too often.  This has emboldened you.  You have grown brave, empowered as you have been by a state that panders to your every whim by way of light sentences and rehousing you all.  But I know that in reality not a single one of you are brave for if you were you would not predate on animals and children to start with.  You have only the illusion of bravery fostered by successive Governments who have failed us all by treating your sort more lightly than they would any other criminal such as a common thief.

But you are not just any sort of criminal.  Here is what you really are.  You are a cancer in our society which destroys anything good.  I don’t even care why you got to be how you are.  One could fill a library with books about the psychology of your kind, but in the end not a one of these books gives a solution.  That’s because the only solution is for everyone else to accept that the solution is to neutralise you early and entirely.  Not on the second or third or twentieth occasion but from the get-go.

Not a single one of you deserve to ever have the liberty to live and walk free among real human beings.  It is utterly shameful that so many of your are allowed to do just that, despite being convicted of the most filthy and evil acts.  Thank your lucky stars that there must be so many people in the establishment who are probably just like you.  It is only by virtue of this that I believe you are treated with great leniency.

But that cosy little arrangement is at the beginning of its end as well.

Your collective actions have been excused and tolerated for far too long.  Every decent man or women absolutely despises you and rightly considers you sub-human filth.  You may convince the odd social worker or parole board that you’ve “changed”, but your kind know as well as I do that you never change.  The fact that your actions have been given a free pass for so long is, and under your very nose, causing an organic counter-reaction.  This is why you will be aware of the anti-paedophile groups that emerged in the last few years, and this explains why Operation Frankish emerged- It is nature’s counter reaction to your proliferation.  And it’s early days.

People are being inspired by the efforts of such groups and are either forming their own or they are throwing their weight behind those that have formed.  This is a situation that will only grow.  In the not so very distant future every major city and the provinces will have groups devoted to ensuring that no longer are you able to freely destroy the lives of anyone else to satisfy your own twisted psyche.

If genetic science had reached the heights it one day will, then I’d isolate the genes that clearly contribute to what you are and breed you out of existence.  Maybe one day that will be possible and for the best.  In the meantime you deserve a hard time all the time and you simply have not been getting near close to that for years.

But nothing stays the same and change is in the air.  You are all heading towards a nation that will one day have specialist groups all over the country.  There will be groups that draw out child predators, there will be groups that expose animal torturers, and over time these groups will eventually network and information share.  Top of the range software and hardware becomes less expensive in price and with public backing you will find that such groups will grow into extremely organised and efficient cells.

There is enough public disgust and revulsion out there.  It need only be tapped into and harnessed in the right way.

There are not yet enough organisations and those which do exist are not quite yet financed and manned to capacity.  But they will be.  This will happen as a natural reaction to counter your filth.  You are heading towards a new age, an age in which predatory filth will be exposed when you want to hide.  You’ll be watched when you rely on not being watched, and you’ll be marginalised when you want included.

I’m no prophet but I do know this: It may take the public a long time to get angry and use that anger well, but when they do great change is inevitable.

I see a very different future in store for paedophiles and animal perverts than the one that exists right now.  I see a future in which such acts will carry such a severe penalty that it will make people think twice about it.  The days of pandering to filth must be at an end.  The public don’t want you tagged, given curfews, community service or just made to sign some register.

We want you off our streets.  We want you out of our towns and we want you purged from our cities.  All of you.  And we do not want you back free to torture more animals and abuse yet more children.  In my lifetime the present social structure will change and be replaced by one that will send predators, paedophiles and animal perverts to a lunatic asylum without limit of time or prison, also without limit of time.

You have had a good run.  And now it’s the start of the end.





4 thoughts on “A Warning To Animal Torturers & Paedophiles of Britain

  1. Bravo.

    The day these filthy little bastards get their comeuppance will be a good day for the world. I’ll be keeping a bottle on ice until that day happens.


  2. NSPCC has lots of articles about animal abuse and child abuse. The link is undeniable, as a professional if you witness animal cruelty in a home your risk assessment for any children in that home goes right up.


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