Operation Frankish – We Have No Concept of Defeat

I love my city so I took a good long walk through it today.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  Very relaxing.  Went by a number of people who I know either vaguely or well.  Said hello and had a brief chat with them all.  Stopped off for a coffee and some food then continued on.

If it all sounds a bit mundane to you keep this in mind – this is something neither of the two Frankish ball bags can do.

Could you see Andy walking without a care in the world through the streets of some town™ in North-East England and alone?  Could you see him feeling relaxed and not needing to look over his shoulder?  Do you think he’d draw attention to himself by entering into conversation with anyone as he went?  There’s no way.  Even if he decided to go into the town he would (rightly) be paranoid all of the time.  He’d be terrified that someone would recognise the face and that this someone would be the ‘wrong’ someone.  He’d be scared when he heard someone come up behind him.  He’d be scared if he saw a group of males heading toward him.

It’s Friday night.  I live in the city centre and I could go out right now and within minutes I’d have nice bars, restaurants and other places of interest to visit if I so chose.  I would anticipate getting zero hassle from anyone at all.  They cannot go out even if they wanted to.  Have to be in by 8pm.  But even if they could go out how would they feel doing the things I can freely do?  Would they feel as relaxed as me or more uptight and jumpy?  It’s clearly the latter and I wouldn’t blame them.  I’d feel jumpy too if I were in their shoes.

Here’s another point to ponder.  Without setting out to do so the magistrate did us all a favour.  What do you suppose would have come of this had the magistrate just slapped them with 21 weeks in prison and to be served right away?  It would barely have made the press and certainly not for as long as it did.  There would probably be no Opfrank.  And there would be none of the aims and goals that are an integral part of Opfrank.  They’d have served their time and been out pretty soon.  Then it would have been forgotten.  Instead this situation is far more dire.  They are serving a two year suspended sentence for one thing.  One toe out of place in two years and they are doomed.  But they are doomed anyway on the outside.  At least the inside of prison has a certain boring and predictable quality to it.  There is nothing predictable about the predicament they are currently in.  They are constantly on edge, constantly jumpy and while they may think they have gotten one over us with their sudden departure we are cool and relaxed about that as well.

Nothing ever stops at Operation Frankish.  Calls are always being made, wheels are always turning, levers pulled and buttons pressed.  We keep on fighting and fighting and do not stop fighting until we win.  We’ve had blows and sets backs and other challenges, but we pick ourselves up, dust oursevles down and get back into the fight again.

I’ll end by saying this and leave it at that.  On this day of June 17th, Operation Frankish is in the strongest position it has ever been.  Even events of the past two days (which you do not yet know about) have served to elevate us to a level we have never before been at.  That’s no idle boast aimed at boosting morale.  No.  This is a white hot guarantee.

In regard to the enemy we are now in a position of absolute and total dominance.

Sleep well tonight knowing that the above is a fact.




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