The Vision

I’ve enjoyed  building something from nothing and being able to put some of my own personality into  OF. I’m really not very good at joining existing groups and organisations because I can’t help then wanting to reshape what I see as their weak points – and they usually let ego and feelings get in the way of reason and listening. That’s why in my whole life I have never joined any group, party, or organisation. If I was ever going to do anything then it had to be built from nothing to something and I wanted the people who are part of the team to be the sort of people I trust and have faith in rather than be forced to work with someone else’s people.

It is worth remembering that our first ever Operation was April 23rd. Not even two full months. All of the team agree their perception of time is altered as the plane feels like a year ago. It also vaguely feels like someone else did it. I think the reason for our altered time perception is that we are always working way ahead. When you are working ahead you just don’t have time or the inclination to bask in something that was done in April.

My point is this – look what we have become from just an idea, a FB page and originally one member (me). We have delivered every single promise made and on time. We have taken donations and squeezed huge value out of every penny. We have done four operations since the end of April, plane, reward poster, truck, box. We set up an informal Intel division in the very early days and encouraged people to engage with us. At times this was tumbleweed and dead ends but every so often you get a diamond in the rubble. Intel is all about patience. You ask then you wait.

We have a following who have ensured that whatever problems we encounter a lack of money is not one of them. Its a very great shame that seeking justice should rely on money but in the end it does and its been our lifeblood. We simply could not have afforded most of these things without it. We have taken an incident that happened in 2013 and contrived to squeeze the sort of exposure from it that one might expect for a rapist or murderer. No easy thing. We have added people like Bob who by way of his illustrations is going to prove a great asset. We have a whole file of plans that could take us to the end of the year and beyond if we wanted them. We may not want or need them, but failure to prepare is to prepare to fail.

The vision was never to create a posse of blundering thugs that got stuff wrong and screwed things up for everyone. The vision was always to create a sharp team of smart guys who could work together like a machine.

To be totally honest I am a bit old fashioned and think men should play a lead role and that women should be a supporting role when it comes to dealing with unquestionably dangerous people like this. If that upsets the feels of a feminist then I guess I will just have to live with it.
I wanted a masculine feel to OF which is why the team are all men. My view was that a masculine feel was needed in this instance. We are dealing with sadists here and they get off on the fact that people get sentimental over ‘Baby’. Let’s just be brutally honest – the most likely people to be sentimental are women. There are exceptions to the rule but the exceptions do not disprove the rule.
In the case of sadists what they really need is to be met not with a wall of sentiment (however heart felt) but a wall of cold ice. In this way there is no sentimental element for them to jack off to.
To be totally honest 99% of women don’t at all seem to mind seeing men take a lead role when it comes to an enemy and situation like this. We’ve even had plenty of them tell us that they enjoy playing a support role as they are more at ease with it. With that being said if Lara Croft, Spiderwoman and Catwoman wanted to form a team then I may defer to it. Although that actually sounds more like a night in to remember.

I said “a wall of cold ice”. Ice is a solid that can be made fluid then solid again. Ice can be sculpted, reshaped and reformed. This is how that works in practice. We had the mindset to do a certain Operation in July. A good one. Very entertaining and extremely unique.
But we’re not doing it anymore.

Shock and horror and clutch my pearls.

Why not?

Because the circumstances now demand that we do an entirely different one instead. As I said, we must always be able to be fluid and change form quickly when it demands. Any organisation that is slow moving is too cumbersome to suddenly adapt to new circumstances. An organisation becomes that way when they have “too many chiefs”. That is why I always wanted a small and highly efficient team backed by a large support – so that we can be fluid and adapt fast when we need to.
If you have too many people in the team then everything becomes too slow as everyone wants a say in everything. You end up spending 8 weeks discussing what sort of pens to buy. Its a useless way to be imo. When you have a small number in the team who are all on the same page then it becomes slick and easy to make some calls and decide stuff – then do that stuff.

It’s no huge challenge for us to change feet in this way as we have already put together a wide range of plans that we can dip into at any time. The one we were going to do for July may yet get done, its just that another one we had was just SCREAMING to be given priority owing to changes in circumstances over the past few days.

More details to follow in due course, but lets get the black box over the line, see where that takes us and then we can go from there.

Just be assured that everything is under control. I said yesterday that we’ve never been in such a strong position as we are right now and its a fact. Not merely due to the things already stated but also due to those that aren’t.

I am personally tired of people feeling so beaten down and defeated by a system that permits extremely dangerous sadists a free pass.

This is bigger than one dog and two brothers. They are but a symbol of a wider problem. People shouldn’t feel defeated and demoralised by such scum and the system that panders to them.
People should feel a sense of empowerment and fight and that can only be done if you are organised and have a distinct and clear path.

When the public see others doing that and making a bloody good example of those who deserve it then it uplifts them and has them thinking that maybe evil people don’t need to win after all.



2 thoughts on “The Vision

  1. Steve
    You words give a feeling of being part of a group that CAN and WILL make a change. I’m happy,as a lady, to play a supporting role to yours, Phil, Nemo and Bob’s awesome talents and unrelentless dedication. I personally can’t thank you all enough and words don’t seem sufficient for all your efforts, but thank you. Ask , request, demand and if possible it is yours.


  2. I hope so, I really do! Every day on my wall I read of more and more cases of cruelty and neglect. I find it depressing to the extent that every so often I take time out to recuperate. With the help and reassurance frvom this team I feel we are on the way to turning man’s inhumanity to sentient beings on it’s head! Thank you!


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