Whispers In The Night..

Let’s never forget this. ‘Baby’ arrived at the vets with horrific injuries. The rear legs had totally given in and there was extensive spinal damage.
Had the vet in question raised doubts and the alarm about her condition to start with then they would have been arrested and charged right away. The fact that there was a two year gap only helped them stay out of prison and it only allowed them two years access to other animals.
We’ve known who the surgery was for ages. What we did not know was who took ‘Baby’ in and which vet specifically had her PTS.
We know now though. We know that it was the father, Paul, who took ‘Baby’ in. As far as we are aware the mother and father were still together back then, but either way it was the father who took the dog in.
I’m amazed that he bothered. After all by taking her in he was inviting a risk to himself imo. Every single vet I have spoken to in the past few weeks has told me that they have protocols in the case of animals that look like they’ve been victims of abuse. Not one single surgery told me they have zero protocols, so there would be a gamble for the father to take ‘Baby’ in. Unless for some reason he knew that this specific vet would do it on a “no questions asked” basis. Maybe if he knew that vet would simply record it as a straight forward euthanasia and make no other notes he’d feel at ease enough.

Well we know the name of the vet who did the procedure. We also know that she simply failed to log any notes of the injuries and did indeed put it through as a straightforward euthanasia.
Sounds more like someone doing a favour than the actions of a professional vet.
We also believe that she was invited to give evidence but declined. We also know there was some level of contact between the practice and the The Veterinary Defence Society.
From their own page;

“The Veterinary Defence Society Limited (VDS) is a mutual insurance company founded in 1865, and run by experienced veterinary surgeons on behalf of the veterinary profession.”

Insuring against claims of veterinary negligence
Ensuring that each case is handled by a clinically experienced veterinary professional with specific experience in claims management
Defending reputations against claims and offering compensation when appropriate.

We’re having a chew over and thinking how best to use this information. The temptation was to just throw the name of the vet in question out there and let her answer to your reasonable questions.
However, at least for the moment, we aren’t going to do that. We’ll do with this another way instead and one that’s professional and as thorough as can be.

We’ll keep you posted about this.



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