Ghosts of the past, warriors of the future…

I casually said the other day that I don’t have any belief in the supernatural. Not enough evidence if any of worth. I do however believe in hauntings. Hauntings are real. The dictionary defines it as follows..
Adjective – poignant; evocative.
Noun – The action of haunting a place.

In both cases I would certainly say the concept of a haunting or being haunted is very much real.
Sometimes things aren’t as black or white as they seem. I once read that black was an absence of any colour while white was all colours of the spectrum combined. I digress.

There are a few things I’ve learned in life. The first is the amazing number of things that are hiding in plain sight. You’d be truly amazed at the number of things people miss that are literally staring right back at them. Just keep that in mind. That which is best hidden is often hidden in plain sight.

I know it seems like a ton of things to remember but trust me they will serve you well. I’ve even heard of situations where a couple have been married for two decades and while she thinks he is her lover, her darling, her No1, all of the while he has another life. Hidden in plain sight you see.

Ever watched a really well made film and realise that when you watch it again you somehow missed parts despite you being engrossed in it? Ever met someone then you’ve met them again and notice something you didn’t first time over? As an experiment show five people the same piece of footage then ask a series of questions. They should all give the same answers as they are seeing the same footage, but they don’t. Try it and see for yourself. People’s powers of observation, especially in a fast moving society, are not that acute.

But hey, what do I know? After all, we have been totally out foxed here. Yup. It seems they’ve definitely out smarted us then. 😉



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