Dire Warning For Darlo

A similar plea to the following is on our FB page. However, owing to the grave danger you are being placed in it is worth placing a message on our site as well.

There are over 100,000 people in Darlington. Most are good people, responsible people, mothers, fathers, pet owners, good sons etc. While all towns will have their share of undesirables why should your town have two proven sadists dumped in it, fettered and paid to walk free and unknown among you? What right do these MP’s and this Government have to put your child, wife or pet at risk by allowing two horrifically twisted and evil people to walk from court?
Did you know that people who do the sort of stomach turning thing they did are between five and ten times more likely to do such a thing to a child?

Neither of them are exactly busy in the day time. They are under a curfew but that begins at around 8pm. Right up until then they are free to roam around and predate. They have time on their hands since both are a pair of drug addled little saddo’s who no one would employ School holiday’s coming up soon. Lots of children and dogs out in the parks and in public. The eldest brother is on record as stating how he’d like to “rape a child and shit on her because he’s a mad cunt”.

There are no two ways about it. Darlington is less safe this month than it was last month. The vulnerable of Darlington are at greater risk than they were before.

There is no doubt your Government are pandering to them. You would have to be an insane sadist yourself to view the evidence, know the back story and come to the conclusion that these are two fine chaps whose continued liberty would enrich any neighbourhood.

Please be fully aware that their curfew ends around September. Please also be aware that over 60% of those tagged and under curfew break it and escape with a warning. Keep in mind that they carry out their sick perversions in private or when what they see as a good chance arising. That’s another reason why a curfew was such an insult of a sentence.

You are all paying for this. You are paying for them to rent a house in Darlington, you pay for their food, electricity, gas, cigarettes, you name it you are paying to sustain two truly twisted and demented freaks who are liable to strike at any given moment. You need only see their capacity for mental instability to fully understand that they are indeed liable to strike at any time. If you do not believe me then go look at the evidence and ask yourself how you’d feel if the two of them happened across your child, or if they managed to get a hold of your dog?

One of them has already gone on record in January as saying he planned to “find more dogs to torture”.

Prevent a tragedy from happening in your town. Demand that they be put in prison and not be inflicted upon you.

Why should your child be abused or your dog tortured to death just to pander to the twisted and liberal sentencing of these freaks?

Enough is enough. The good people of Darlington need to rise up and reject these disgusting demons from their town. Everyone else must rise up and demand that these two freaks be incarcerated for everyone’s sake and good.

Are they actually waiting until these rootless little beasts abduct and torture a child?

Prevent it. Don’t mourn it after the fact.



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