You Were Told

Hey lads,
You like a laugh.  Tell me – are you laughing now?

We did tell you.  Go right back to the early quotes in the press and you’ll see it was all written out and just for you.  We told you that you weren’t dealing with a little bulldog that had no way of fighting back.  We told you that you weren’t dealing with some young females whose inexperience you can manipulate.

What was that thing you said in January of this year, Andrew?  You know, the little thing you said to that young girl.  That was it: “That you were just going to have to find more dogs to torture – ha ha ha”.  That thing.  And what was that other thing you wrote on Facebook you little squirt?  Let me see… Oh yes.. “Raping a 6 year old then shitting on her… coz you are a mad cunt”.

Here is what you are: You and your malformed little sibling are freaks of nature.  You are finished.  Done.  You will never be employed.  You will never have a relationship.  You will never have children or pets of that we can assure you.  You will be hated by everyone and all.  Forever and ever.  Everything about you is weak.  From what you did that day, to your nasty little child-raping comments to letting your dad take the risk of taking your dog to the vets and hiding behind your mothers skirt all the time.  You are not children.  You are meant to be be men, but you are sub-human degenerate filth that no one in the right mind would ever want to live near, be around, trust, or want to speak to.

Look at what you have done.

Look at the enemies you have made- and we are only toying with you.  You truly have no idea as to the reach and resources we can call upon when we need to.  Did you honestly think good people would forever let nasty little cowardly bastards like you take the piss out of them?  Did you honestly think that after what you did people were just going to let you slither away and do this all over again?

You.  Are.  Delusional.  Then.

We barely need to break a sweat to defeat you.  Please, move again if you wish.  It’s your right.  Go do that.  People will find you again and again and again.  No one wants beasts in their street.  No one wants freaks like you living next door to their children.  No one wants you in any town, anywhere.

The best place for you really is prison.  You should be lobbying to have yourselves jailed.  Go there, stay there and get the fuck off our streets and out of our towns.

We’ve had enough of people like you.  Everyone has.

Laugh that one off.


2 thoughts on “You Were Told

  1. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I read each of your posts, messages and then sit here, laughing to myself in one of those Ha ha ha, sinister, got you sort of laughs. Thanks OF for being awesome and here to support as long as needed


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