Take Control Back And Dominate The Enemy

For quite some time before the formation of Operation Frankish I found myself deeply frustrated that people just weren’t getting their heads around things I would show them.  Important things.  Things such as how former Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, made it illegal for a child in care to speak out… even if they were being abused (Source: The Independent).  Things such as the case of Andrew ‘Picard’ whose deviant crimes you can read about online.  People would shake their heads and say how disgusting it was, then they’d usually follow it up with “But what can you do about it, eh..”.  This is what frustrated me the most, this ‘already beaten before you have fought’ mentality.  No use doing anything or fighting because you are already convincing yourself of your own inevitable loss and failure.

I may harbour a pathological hatred for paedophiles and animal torturers but they are what they are.  I obviously have no expectations of them, no good ones at least.  But I certainly expect to see at least a spark of fighting spirit among all those who are able-bodied, of sound mind and not a deviant.  Over time people whose first reaction was defeatism began to disgust me and in many ways almost as much as the actual perpetrators.  I began to view them, especially the men, as weak and lacking in any guts for surrendering to such an enemy in their midst.

I could maybe cut them some slack if these degenerate types were all shape-shifting Predators like in the film.  We could still take them on but we’d probably need more than a plane or truck.  The reality is that human predators are not like Predator.  They are pathetic, weak, cowardly and how anyone can possibly believe you cannot fight back against people like that truly astonishes me.

You almost could not have a better enemy since you start from a good position of the public already all hating them.  It’s not an enemy that divides opinion, let’s be honest.  If anything the nature of these particular crimes unite people who would otherwise have nothing in common.  Everyone hates beasts like that and very few say otherwise owing to the tsunami of criticism they would get for daring to be seen to make a case for them.

This is excellent as it saves lots of time and hassle having to convince people the enemy are bad news.  They can see it right away and easily.  You don’t need to smear and tell lies about this type of enemy, all you need do is point and tell the truth.

There is absolutely no need to wake up thinking that there’s nothing you can do except hope for the best and keep getting frustrated every time another one vanishes unpunished into the night.  I have honestly no idea how society became so inert and timid that they would convince themselves that as bad as things are, “there’s not much you can do about it”.  I would truly and honestly hate to be in their team or on their side in any kind of battle against anything at all.  They’d only demoralise themselves and everyone else.

Britain is a small island.  It’s only 800 miles top to bottom.  At its widest it is 300 miles.  There are 69 cities and 51 of those are in England.  It is tiny.  There are 65 million on it though.  If you rounded up all the paedophiles and dog torturers they would probably amount to (at a guess) 50,000 who are active and at large.

Its a lot but by no means so large and sophisticated they cannot be beaten back and taken down.  Let’s just run with that 50,000 figure for the sake of the story.  Remember these are just approximations and just a means of breaking the problem down.  Here’s how many (of the right) people you’d need to more or less topple that nationwide – about 500 as one entity and then supported by the public.  This may seem like an insanely small number to topple so many, but its not.  It would all depend on who you had within that 500 and what they are.  They’d have to be drawn from a range of skill sets and not everyone would be suited.  But with the right people, the right public backing and the right foundations then of course it is plausible that you could inflict crushing blows on that type of enemy.  With a relative handful of people versus the issue you could hammer away at it in a way never seen or done before.  You wouldn’t get every single one or prevent every single future tragedy.  But you could most definitely make Britain the worst place to be if you are a paedo or an animal pervert.  You could certainly get more of them put away more often and you could definitely ensure the most odious didn’t just slither away to enjoy the quiet life at a risk to everyone else.  Inside a very short time all these degenerates would soon get the message that this country does not tolerate their filth and the people of this country won’t be beaten down any more.

Have a vision.  Find the right people.  Organise.  Fight back against all of this.  You need new ways.  Be different; in 2016 people expect and almost demand that you are before they take heed.

If you want to be a pressure group then try to be the very best you can be at applying pressure.  If your organisation is given money and you do not need it for an operation then recycle that money back into something constructive.  Make use of technology to network, create, track, trace and expose.  Be relentless.  Have a structure of some sort and if it works then don’t upset the blue print.  Raise funds, buy better tech, use that tech to advance the cause and bring more vermin to justice.

This situation with the brothers is an example of how it should and could be.  Such people tend to be remarkably cocky, especially with a justice system that let them go and an income tax theft scam that houses and feeds them.  But their arrogance is only born from being allowed to hide in the shadows.  Keep shining a light and like vampires they shrivel up to nothing in the end.

You’d also be dealing with cases that are somewhat more simple than this was.  Quite hard to get the amount of press we managed to court in a situation where the dog was put to sleep in 2014 after an incident the previous year – and the two individuals have put in a guilty plea and been convicted.  I could think of situations that would be far easier to work with than that.  Drawing child groomers out to meet bogus underagers would be challenging but much less of one since once you have the decoy system in place then these fools just keep on coming out of the woodwork.  Couldn’t do that here.  Can’t exactly dress up as a giant dog and sit on their doorstep.

It’s not really the fault of the police.  They had their budgets slashed by as much as 40% and they are having to deal with crimes that were not a demand on their time in previous decades.  If they find paeodphiles and dog torturers they do arrest and charge them.  I’ve known them to spend months building a case against some degenerate only to arrest and charge him and the court gives a suspended sentence.  At least in that one regard I can empathise with how frustrating that must be.

There are three sets of people to blame: Politicians for sitting on their lazy arses and just allowing this to ferment and brew.  Law makers for creating and applying laws that habitually allow dangerous paedophiles and filth back into society and with no real penalty.  And any man or women that looks glassy-eyed and says “But what can you do about it?”.3


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