Truth In Every Joke

Throughout the video of Baby’s torture, the Frankish brothers are heard to be breathing heavily, making no attempt to hide their sexual arousal.  Daniel Frankish appears to be especially turned on as he growls “Make it scream” and creepily fondles Baby’s ear as Andrew steps off camera to relieve himself.


Given that Andrew was a public advocate of child rape as early as 2011, it’s more than likely that the brothers had been masturbating to child and animal abuse videos for a good few years prior to filming their own.  The fact that they carried the video around with them on a memory card would suggest that they intended to share it with, or sell it to like-minded individuals as a ‘crush video’.

Since Andrew didn’t want to ‘come out’ as a paedophile or animal pervert out of the blue, he tested the waters on Facebook first by posting a status about child rape.  It was carefully worded so he could claim that it was a joke, in order to gradually gain social approval in the form of ‘likes’ and thus public acceptance.  But as the saying goes, there’s a grain of truth in every joke.  The fact of the matter is that his mind generated those ideas.  He could have chosen to post a Facebook status about any topic, and his mind defaulted to child rape.  The wording also implies that he is reporting an act which he has already committed, rather than merely stating a fantasy to be fulfilled in the future.  But don’t worry – The police detectives who were sent the screenshots decided that no further action needs to be taken…


Sigmund Freud suggested that jokes were true, serving two purposes: aggression (such as sarcasm) or to expose unconscious desires (the sexual joke). –


2 thoughts on “Truth In Every Joke

  1. I just can’t bare reading your posts no more! Nothing to do with you though! Can’t anyone bash their filthy heads in! I SO DESPISE those 2 products of rape incest scumbags! And their useless being of a mother! Tell me where they’re at if no justice can be served in UK for an innocent loyal sweet family pet that was tortured to death…then mail me their adres…I’ll take care of them! Cos, i, also, have got a pathological hatred for animal abusers! Truly, viscerally HATE them


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