Anna Turley MP Contacts Opfrank

This makes a nice change – its usually people trying to contact their MP to get any sort of lucid response or commitment.  Today we were contacted by an MP in regard to the case and with a lucid response and commitment.  This demonstrates two things.  It firstly demonstrates that you may find the very occasional member of the body politic whose heart is in the right place.  I emphasise very occasionally.  You need only look at how packed the chambers are when they are debating their own expenses and pay compared to how deserted it is when issues of true importance are brought up.

The other thing it demonstrates is that it’s far better to be a group or organisation than just an individual.  This much should be obvious.  It was a much longer message than what we’ve elected to put up here.  We decided to run with just this part as it was the single most important part in our eyes and the one you would most want to know.  There is a longer section that we chose not to put up yet.  This is because it would deflect from the key part, but also because it required a response from us which we have now given.

“Firstly, I wanted to thank you for raising awareness and campaigning for justice for Baby. The actions of the Frankish Brothers were horrific, and their sentence must be increased. I will continue to press the Justice Secretary to call for their sentence to be reviewed. I have, as yet, received no response to my letter to Michael Gove. This is probably due to his preoccupation with the referendum, but it is not acceptable. I will also be campaigning to change the law and increase the sentencing for animal cruelty which is far too low, as this terrible case has demonstrated. The 30th June is the date I can apply for a Bill to address this so will be updating every one once I have done that.”

Anna Turley MP


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