National Victory Inside Of A Year – It Can Be Done

There’s an expression that goes “If you want a cat, ask for an elephant”.  The message is clear – set your bar higher than even your intended aims – then if you need to negotiate, you only negotiate down to what you really wanted to begin with.

I think we have a real opportunity here to score a huge national victory and in super fast time – inside of one year.  Here’s what I think is more than achievable:

  • A review of the case of the Frankish brothers and a much harsher sentence given than was originally handed.
  • A complete review of the current sentencing powers that magistrates and judges have in cases like this.  The current maximum is 26 weeks in practice, no matter how bad or extreme the deed.
  • That the present maximum of 26 weeks be raised to a sentence of up to five years.  This would still permit courts some degree of flexibility since they can issue a sentence of UP TO 5 years.
  • That a custodial sentence be compulsory in all cases like this.
  • That anyone caught with footage, such as what they had, be subjected to a seizing order of ALL of their devices- Phones, laptops, etc. and that these be fully examined for further evidence of related materials.
  • That it becomes a criminal offence for convicted sadists still serving a sentence to change their names.
  • That anyone caught with materials such as child porn and animal perversion material be subjected to a mandatory custodial sentence, even if they personally did not violate the victim.

Here are the reasons I believe it achievable:

1) Who in their right mind could argue against that?
2) It would have blatant public support.
3) There are surprises and sweeping changes happening in the political arena right now, so it’s a good time to take advantage of the vacuum.

And here’s the ONE reason I think it may not be – the “man in the mirror”.  Here’s what I mean by that.  At the end of the day I cannot think of anything of more basic importance than not pandering to sadists and allowing an obvious tragedy to happen.  I cannot think of a better cause than a cleaner and safer society for families.  I cannot think of a more righteous cause than leaving behind a more just and more safe nation than the one we have today.

I shave every night and in doing so I am looking at the man in the mirror.  Literally.  I look back at my own self and ask if I have done all that I physically can do that day to fight this evil.  I can lie to a million people but I cannot lie to myself, so if I wasn’t giving my all then the face staring back would reveal that I hadn’t given my all that day.  Thankfully I know I give my all and will go on giving my all so I can sleep easy at night.

But there are 60 million people in this country.  It’s not me or OF they need to answer to – it’s themselves.  If someone isn’t going to bed that night having done everything in their power to fight this epidemic of evil, and evil being pandered to and protected then I don’t really know how you live with yourself to be honest, and you have no right at all to ever complain when pure filth is let out free to kill and torture.  No use wringing your hands when one day these brothers torture something or someone else, no use moaning about the courts being too lenient.  Not if you personally haven’t done every single thing you can that day to fight back against this.

This is your country. It does not belong to those MPs in Parliament, and it is not a corporation.  If you think there is no place in society for the demented and the evil then make it happen.  All you need is the vision and the will and putting YOUR best foot forward every day.  Believe in your own power as a collective and seize the moment.  Hold your heads high, refuse to have a nation like this and demand the one you want – one in which the rights of paeophiles and animal perverts aren’t elevated above the rights of kids and animals to be safe.



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