Guest Article – By A. Ghale

My name is Anoop Ghale (Pronounced Garlay) and I am a long standing animal rights advocate, I say advocate now because I once used to be a placard carrying, banner dropping, megaphone shouting activist until 2011 at which point in time I saw the UK animal rights movement infiltrated by some nasty people who had promoted themselves to leaders and they had a band of followers who proceeded to do some really nasty things against anyone who did not side with them. I also was a target and it became clear there was a divided movement. Not a movement I was accustomed to since 1990 when I began being active in animal rights.


The animal rights focus was soon forgotten and all sorts of other issues were brought into what was once a movement for the non human animal animals. People became disillusioned and left in droves. Such were the rants on Facebook, blog posts and websites by these Animal Rights self appointed police, I saw a dangerous movement, I wanted no association with a bunch of unwashed left wingers, removed myself from the public eye and now go alone. I have, however, never deviated from my priority focus, our non human animals. I am a misanthrope and I simply do not care what others think of me, I fortunately do not need to be around people, I flourish alone. The animal movement has now totally splintered, I have seen marches which once had thousands and thousands of people attending, dwindle down to just a hundred people give and take a few.

The nasty side of Animal Rights is prevalent and clear to see. Who has suffered? Not me, but the animals have suffered by people who want to bring in other agendas, and ruin the movement, we have therefore failed the animals massively. I too was subject to vile online attacks because of my views on various things, the more people pushed me, the more I would write back stronger and even more vitriolic comments. I am arrogant, I am always right, no one was going to shut me up, so I carried on. I am not a human rights activist and as much as people tried to make get me on side, by threatening me or trying to get me attend some ridiculous kangaroo court, I ignored their requests and I remained firm in my viewpoints. Human rights don’t really get a look in with me. I am a proud Misanthrope for which I make no apology and will not deviate from my opinions and lifestyle. Anyway, that is a brief introduction, some of you who read my threads may know by now, I like to express my viewpoints in lengthy comments. “Keeping It Brief” is not my middle name, I have a middle name, but I rarely use it.


The Admins of Operation Frankish kindly asked me if I would like to do a guest write up for their website and I am happy to oblige. So here goes.

About three, maybe four months ago, I came across a link on Facebook with eye catching headlines about a dog named Baby who had been thrown down a wooden staircase. The photo at the top of the link was of a male with a dog held above his head and the male had an evil grimace on his face. I read the link and all sorts of horrors filled my mind. I could not actually believe what I was reading, I thought the image accompanying the link had been photo shopped. How wrong was I?

This is the day that changed my life and my life would again take yet another course and I knew we were dealing with something more than just another abuse case. Not only was this story sickening, it had happened in England, where I live. Attached also to this link was a small clip of video, one that had been released by the RSPCA. It was a heavily edited video, so I knew what the video was too disgusting for anyone to view in its full entirety. I tentatively pressed Play, and saw a dog being thrown down the stairs. Then a second clip of the same dog and the same blond male who was now holding this dog by her skin at the bottom of the stairs and was rammed her headfirst into a wall it was a sustained ongoing attack on a defenceless dog and filmed!!!!!.

I watched it once, that is all I needed. I felt like I was going to faint, my breathing was fast and my heart pumped so hard I could feel it through my chest. I have watched hundreds of abuse videos since 1989, many have upset me, but this video had the edge and I felt something different happen inside my body which I was not quite clear what it was, but it has had the most profound effect on me and the after effects of this saddest story will remain with me for ever. I remember driving around like a loon that day, cussing at drivers who cut me up, extra rude to shoppers around me, I need to punch the lights out of someone and I was all over the place mentally. Something had flipped inside me and it was not pleasant, it was a horrible feeling.

During the same week Baby’s story broke on the Net, I kept seeing the same link, I went onto Facebook daily as per usual, but there was no new information I could find about this terrible abuse of Baby, I wanted to know more because by now I had been hooked and deeply affected, I was thinking of Baby day and night. It was not just another abuse story where I could move on and help the next animal or donate to the next sanctuary, this story needed more investigation. Slowly but surely, some more links emerged and a story so disgusting, so evil and so very cruel was exposed and finally some of my questions in my head were being answered, we know knew who the accomplice filming the torture to Baby was, he was the younger brother of Andrew Frankish, the key abuser.

Two siblings engaging in the most vile evil abuse I had ever seen, let alone imagine, we now knew where these boys lived, we knew this footage was a few years old, we knew that one of the brothers had written some abhorrent words fantasising about child rape and wanting to torture more dogs.

We also knew these disgusting boys had avoided jail. I was sickened to the pit of my stomach. My mind was going ten to the dozen, how do I assimilate this? I was trying to answer a million things in my messed up head, my focused chain of thought had broken, my thinking was not straight, I emitted so many emotions, everything was a jumble, I could not even speak, such was the effect of this story. More facts were unfolding by the day and I just had to put everything in order and to get some perspective as my coping mechanism was failing and I was not thinking clearly. I had to keep on top of the facts but also deal with the emotional breakdown I was experiencing. Something weird happened, an inner body experience of some sort, it was like something was egging me on to keep with this story but I had literally felt a snap in my body, it was pain that only one other personal thing in my life had made me feel, but even this inner feeling was on a different level . Now I have dealt with some pretty horrible stuff in my life, rescuing dogs in the middle of the night, voluntarily working at an animal sanctuary near my home, witnessing an uncle knuckle punch his dog on the head just for the pure fun of it, thankfully the old wanker has dementia and he’s not got long to live, but now back to Baby. Baby’s story was indelibly etched in my head.

As I read more and more facts, I found myself losing sleep, getting very depressed. Yet I tried to find every link possible to know that I had the full facts not wanting to miss one piece of new information. As I became fully aware of the facts, it had the most profound effect on me, something hit me in the soul, it was like I had been possessed by something terrible, I knew what it was, it was rage and upset on a level so high, it screwed my head up. As this was early days of the now revolting Frankish family being outed in the media, and social media, all else paled into insignificance, I was caught up, immersed in something that had taken over my whole life, consumed with just this one harrowing story.


Slowly but surely some random groups started forming on Facebook which I joined, but not much else seemed to be getting done apart from a plethora of comments saying “kill the boys”, “hang the boys”, “we are going to find them and kill them”, even I felt said that in the beginning and I also added my ten penneth worth. I felt so disgusted, I wanted blood. Eventually, I saw nothing constructive on these groups, it was just one big moaning session, some updates never arrived for days on end. I quickly realised this was another abuse story that some people would move on from rather quickly. I felt quite let down as this story of Baby needed more action, not hot air and futile words.

I kept sharing the link I had first read regarding Baby’s abuse. This is a very blurred time of my life now as I became very unwell after the story of Baby broke, I had succumbed to deep depression, the story had impacted on me to such an extent, I weakened. However, as more and more details were filtering out, I kept on top of it all, despite getting very sick I did not want to give up. I wondered was it that my body and mind had had enough of nearly 30 years of animal advocacy and i needed a break? or was I too old to take it any more.

I have always been a tough old bird, even as a younger person, was I now losing it as I get older? I kept questioning myself. Why was I feeling so broken? Why had Baby’s story had such an effect on me, that I had became so very ill? Well, it was Baby’s story which broke my spirit and soul, a story so evil, it had the worse effect on me, to even think that humans could be so disgustingly cruel and abuse a sweet kind dog multiple times and laugh out loud whilst they both conspired better ways (in their sick minds) to hurt her, pull her by the ears, smash her to the ground, use her as a trampoline and worst of all, to end horrors of all horrors film it? This was not a bit of fun, it was a planned attack on Baby, the thought of what they did to Baby rocked me to the core and on top of that their mother forgave her sons. What sort of person forgives a person for that kind of evil?

Also these creatures had got away with the abuse for so long and it was only by chance the memory card of the phone was found and the abusers were recognised. To even think they nearly got away with it made me even angrier. I have rescued many animals myself and found homes for them, I even started up a charity 26 years ago which still exists today. Why could I not have also saved Baby? Okay, I was not in Redcar and had no idea of these two vile beings, but I felt immense guilt. The guilt and grief I felt and still feel was tremendous, it is as raw today for me as it was on the day i found out about Baby, but I have control of my emotions to a certain extent now. I kept putting myself into Baby’s eyes and inside her head, how scared she must have been, how she would have questioned in her head why are these boys doing this to me. To be thrown multiple times down the stairs and used as a battering ram, then stamped on, what an earth was going on in her head, just how frightened she must be. I was literally driven insane by this. Despite the breakdown I had, I remained in a weird way absolutely focused. This was a story which was not going to make me go away or forget. What I felt was irrelevant, i could recover, I could walk away, but most of all I could sit up and do something about it and continue to fight for Baby for as long as it needed. What Baby endured is the most disgusting abuse I have ever witnessed and it happened in the UK. Redcar was a place in England I could drive to in several hours, or catch a train to, it was England, not abroad, it happened in England. That hurt !!!


I carried on my pursuit of collating more information about Baby, I saw a group had formed on Facebook called Operation Frankish, so I joined the group naturally. I also initially wrote on their page such comments as “Kill the cunts” and said what I would like to personally do to the boys and their mother, and it’s not pretty!!!. I was on the hate trail and had found a venting outlet to deal with the rage I felt, but something never felt right about just venting. We needed action. The Admins of the group were obviously very intelligent people. I read each post by the Admins ten times over and thought there is something very different going on here, by way of the Admins I mean. It was not the usual bog standard group with moaning Minnie’s run by soppy women. I almost immediately knew the Admins must be male just by the way they would write. I liked this air of mystery, not knowing the people behind the page. The updates were not from a bunch of namby pamby people and I really liked their straight to the point status updates. Two people’s names eventually popped up, Phil and Steve, I saw they would sign off each update with the author of that particular new update, Phil one night, Steve another, or both the same night, a nice kind of gentle banter between the two was lovely to read and they were doing some amazing write ups too, so eloquently written, so powerful, and so on point. I actually thought Phil and Steve were best mates, but no, they were miles apart and had met via social media. I would wake up every day, and either Phil or Steve had written something new, and I thought…Hallelujah!!!, someone is thinking on the same level as me. It was not a load of random write ups they were updating but some completely captivating and cleverly written stuff.

Almost immediately after the group formed, an update was posted and donations were needed. I thought Ey Up!!!, these people want money now. An operation had been planned by way of a flyover by an airplane carrying a massive banner which would take place during a football match of which the dog abusers Andrew and Daniel Frankish were supporters. Just over a thousand pounds was needed and the donations started to come in. I being a long term donator to sanctuaries, and animal rescue, animal groups and charities was a little suspicious, I have had my fingers burnt many times, and have given money away to dubious animal loving places so I sat back and continued to read updates.

Let’s see if this is the real deal or not I thought, but still remained glued to the Page. Is it another group who will do one or two updates then disband? Hmmmmm, i thought, let’s wait and see !!!!
Donations for Operation One flooded in and were obtained in next to no time. Operation One, Air Assault, was now in motion, the target amount achieved quickly and an invoice was posted up as proof of the pudding. I thought, this is some real shit, this is no joke and we all waited for the day of the plane flyover in April. Operation Frankish had said they would have an Operation every month of the year and had already planned Operation Two, Billboard/Truck in the streets of ‘Boro.

Once I had seen clips of the airplane flyover and waited all day Saturday for the video clips and write ups, all my concerns, and suspicions as to who are or is Operation Frankish disappeared and I knew I was dealing with some real people who walked the walked, not just talked it. The next Operation was announced for May, so I got myself a Paypal account and donated to the second and new Operation, and then there was Operation Black Box already in the making, another Operation that none of us had any clue of what it was all about, but we gave donations to cover that too, that was the trust and following Operation Frankish had built up. I think by now my belief in Operation Frankish, Cage the Monsters was fully cemented. No tell a lie, it was cemented after Operation One Plane Flyover. I wanted to be part of Operation Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, you get my drift!!!!

Not only were Operations being expertly and diligently devised and brought into fruition, but there was lots for us to be getting on with, emails, letters, fact finding, a Reward poster was made, wow weezers, this was amazing stuff, it certainly kept me busy, don’t forget, I was battling deep depression after Baby’s story broke during all this, Baby’s abuse had triggered a massive meltdown in me.

I battled on, I needed justice, I needed a leader or leaders to guide me, my brain was mush, I needed to get out of that hole, and I wanted to help Operation Frankish. I had found my Saviour’s in Operation Frankish, I was beginning to feel better mentally. Some of you may know I write a lot, but at least one thing is I take on board what the page is all about, I call it a movement, it’s something new and fresh and piloted and steered by some pretty intelligent people. This is the kind of “leadership” I wanted, something which all other groups failed to do so many times over, and each time it was not animal lovers who were failed, it was us who failed the animals. Operation Frankish brought to light all the injustices in this world, how criminals are pandered to, whilst the taxpayers fund the abusers lifestyles and judges and law makers do not care where criminals are placed. We were angry, very angry. We will remain angry too.
Now I am known as a straight talking, take no shit woman, and I was absolutely delighted by the fact this group was founded by males. This is what we needed, no female politics, no women’s libbers and the humorous funny little comments Phil and Steve were making made the harrowing story of Baby a little more bearable for me and I am sure others too who were by now feeling a lot like me, the ones that understood the page and the vision. I have always found men’s sense of humour far wittier than from females, Operation Frankish have provided some of the most cutting yet funniest banter directed as some very thick people. The retorts to time wasters just get better and better. I was now and still am immersed in the fight for Justice For Baby, and Operation Frankish.
I deleted all my friends from Facebook in one sitting, one’s who did not see the vision, one’s who were not sharing posts I shared from Operation Frankish.
I friend requested people who were on board the Baby Train. I continually warned “friends”, if they were not on side, please delete me. I don’t show much loyalty, if any at all to people, it takes a special person to engage me and Operation Frankish had pulled that off.


There was also the special few that I selected to be on my friends list who were sharing the same upset, anger and vision. We had to pull together to heal each other, no normal person would have not been affected by Baby’s torture and certainly none of us were in the forgiving vein to make excuses for the Frankish/White brothers we needed to regroup and to do some constructive campaigning.
Our goal and focus is to get Justice and make changes to the law. We simply will not put up with it any longer. Democracy? What democracy when criminals are accommodated anonymously in our towns, and given benefits to spend on drugs, booze and cigarettes. This makes me rage. What sort of judge does not even jail such disgusting miscreants? Baby’s abuse and the after effects all pointed to complete failures in the penal system. A system pandering to and massaging the egos of human beings, making excuses for their crimes. Hell, not in my back yard !!!

Everything in my life is now about Justice for Baby and to follow and respect the rules of Operation Frankish. I have been full of rage, depression, anger, upset every single day, but have a steely determination. I have not had one day that I have not thought of Baby, I wake thinking of Baby, I sleep thinking of Baby, I was having terrible nightmares, shouting so loud in my sleep, I would wake myself up, my life had changed. One thing I was finding though, was some solace via the Page of Operation Frankish.

I have no care for most people, I am dismissive, arrogant and unfeeling, My misanthropy sticks to me like glue, I barely even muster a smile these days. I am not a women’s libber and don’t engage in useless talk. I have always been a solitary person and am very comfortable in my own skin. I continually see and hear people, most usually women other than men bringing unconnected issues into animal rights and trashing Facebook groups, sadly it is mostly women that ruin such groups.

I have seen this time and time again. What is it with these women? Why can’t they be like me? I do have a soft and feminine side, but also a cold and callous side, I don’t let things interfere with my way of thinking, the way some females do, I find many women going off point and distracting animal rights groups with utter stupidity.
I told the Admin’s and followers of Operation Frankish, I wanted leadership, I wanted to be led, not lead. I found this in Operation Frankish, finally, someone actually was out there which had the same thoughts as I did.
I totally get the vision of what is trying to be achieved. I read each and every comment on the Page, then occasionally, some dude or two turns up and writes absolutely stupid comments on the wall….. “Is the dog dead”, “What happened to the dog”, oh Jesus Christ, read the frickin’ page!!!!! I shout. What part of this brilliant page are some people not comprehending? It’s clear to me, some people are only on it to create trouble or just be a boil on the bum and serve no purpose. Flush them out and get rid of these time wasters I say. Phil and Steve took the take no shit attitude I love and ejected them after writing some really funny comments back at the fools.


We are dealing with an illiterate bunch of uneducated idiots, maybe they pretend to be thick, but boy some of the comments are unreal. These comments made by Phil and Steve made me laugh, so witty, yet so cutting and so true. What a fantastic sense of humour we have in Phil and Steve.

I also think many followers were not really on board, and did not see the clearer picture, to them it was just another group to moan on, pick up silly points and critique the page. I think they would just see it as another group, take a peek, add a stupid comment or stupid irrelevant photo and bog back off again.
They were not taking the time to scroll through posts and updates and were making random unrelated comments. I take the time to reach each line, absorb it. I am completely in the know of what Operation Frankish are aiming at, and it is not just humiliating two loathsome boys who took it on themselves to torture a sweet dog it’s a lot more than that.

It took a lot of restraint on my part to not start arguing on Operation Frankish’s wall with a bunch of stupid people. Initially I did bite back, but then after an update was posted that time was being wasted monitoring the wall I took note, fighting was not helping Baby’s movement.
Heck people have tried that shit with me, goading me I mean, maybe they saw me as competition, trying to get one over on me, at one time, not too long ago, my Facebook reputation preceded me, I never asked for it, but it followed me everywhere. I just wanted to be another anonymous person on a new group and to be left alone, but some fools wanted to provoke me as they knew I will speak my mind or maybe they knew about my reputation on Facebook of taking no shit and always trumping people at every turn, winning the argument, I once had quite the following I kid you not, and I sure as hell did not want this reputation to follow me on Operation Frankish’s page, I wanted to adhere to rules this time, not make this about having arguments and making sure I win the argument.

I am not looking to trump people and have one oneupmanship over anyone. Some people chanced it with me on Operation Frankish but I restrained. I adhered to the rules. After all, why should Steve and Phil have to go through their whole wall to delete stupid comments. Precious hours were wasted by this very task, all because of some idiots who were out to ruin yet another good page.


Once the group was in full flow, I woke up one day to go straight to Operation Frankish and to my horror the page had disappeared. Panic I did, trying to find out what had happened. I even emailed Operation Frankish. Fortunately, after some serious Facebooking I read the page had been pulled by Facebook, this was crushing news but not long after another page had been formed. Phew thank goodness for that as I had thought my backbone had disappeared and I felt lost that Operation Frankish were no more. But they re emerged with different rules.
I was now reading the page and the rule change made abundantly clear that things would be done differently, this rattled me a bit at first, I loved the first group so much, I was a feeling a bit edgy when I read the outlook was changing. Why change? Why, why, why, when we all had such a good thing going, but then I got the bigger picture and understood.
Operation Frankish Page Two was just as equally brilliant and still is brilliant. We now had on board Bob Cupo, from the USA doing some amazing artwork, and a mysterious person Nemo Omen. He’s done some of the best artistic graphics I had ever seen and some of the most captivating cryptic updates. We now have the “Gang of Four”, and yes, all males. Bob Cupo and his brilliant cartoon strip which I scanned top to bottom, side to side, not missing one graphic, empty pizza boxes, a trashed room and the Frankish monsters morphed into two cockroaches, very very fitting. Bob understood the vision too. Operation Black box was soon packaged and mailed out and we waited to see what it was all about. I never pestered Operation Frankish for the details, it was none of my business until which point OF wanted to release the contents. I was seeing powerful stuff, this was not just a page, not just a ranting collective, it was something I had longed for for so long.

A group run by take no shit men, straight talking yet eloquent, intelligent and angry men who brought things that need to reform out into the open.


Baby’s story was a case on so many levels, so many wrongs that need amending and correcting. Finally a decent group with thoroughly decent men was forged. Although this whole new movement evolved because of our Beloved Baby, this was now a movement which highlighted, pinpointed and identified serious flaws in the legal system. It was not just a group to have a moan and then move on. This movement has totally engaged all who wish to be engaged, we have been left to do the easy work, email and write letters. Phil, Steve, NeMo and Bob are doing and have done the hard work, the least we could do is share the posts and do the emails required.


Baby’s story has affected me like no other abuse story, something in my soul broke, and I have had some of the darkest days for nearly four months.
Operation Frankish have been the one major contributory factor for picking me up, lifting me and getting me back to the tenacious, dedicated woman I am.

I am allowed to cry and grieve for Baby, I am allowed to remain upset but angry but I won’t let Baby down. I am sick to the back teeth of degenerate filth being allowed to integrate amongst us.

Why the hell should we have to live with such scum? Enough is enough.
There are a million animal abusers we can make an example out of, but something brought us all together and pull our resources together as one and now we have the disgusting Frankish (now White) family catapulted to the dizzy heights of the most hated animal abusers in the world. Very appropriate because these disgusting people not only found delight in torturing a beautiful loyal dog, but they also had some sick fantasies involving child rape, These very miscreants were released into our streets. Why should people have to put up with this? I will never forget Baby, I will never forget the faces of this vile family, and I will never ever let this be forgotten until my dying breath.
This family was not selected especially, they selected themselves, the very second they laid their hands on Baby and filmed it, they had nominated themselves as the most disgusting creatures on earth. I am sure they will feel they are being picked on…oh poor them!!!…there are many people like the Frankish family, people who do not deserve a place on earth, but whilst the law makers and legal people and social services system panders to their every whim, and need, people will not put up with it.
We have to band together and put our objectives and fight this. Operation Frankish is the demise of animal and child abusers. Sit up, look, listen everyone, don’t expect others to do it. It costs nothing to do an email or send a letter.


It’s obvious I am a dedicated follower of Operation Frankish. I even got a smart phone a month ago, so I can keep peeking at their page. For seventeen years I made do with a bog standard texting and making phone calls phone, but now I wanted to be kept in the know daily. I often wondered by people’s faces are always stuck to their phones, well I now know why, because my face is stuck to my phone at every opportunity, I am always reading the Operation Frankish page.

I simply could not wait any more to get onto my laptop every evening for the updates so a new phone it was now i am updated with my new phone when i am out and about. I have faith in Operation Frakish, our Gang of Four, the Fantastic Four I call them.

I have nothing to gain by writing on their wall, I am not grovelling or butt licking anyone, but I am a die hard “follower” now totally engrossed with Operation Frankish. Finally, people had the same outlook as I have always had. I am not the usual female, I went against the grain many years ago. I don’t even keep any friends as I don’t need them. Some of the worst days I have encountered in my life were post the Baby story breaking the net. I was a mess and a very lost in depression.
No animal abuse story has ever made me feel so ill, so touched to the pit of my stomach that I actually wanted to end my life. Baby’s face and the faces of her tormentors were on loop in my head, and they still are, but I have a coping mechanism now, and that is OPERATION FRANKISH.

Without this page and some of the people who are also as repulsed as me, I doubt I would be here at all. I wanted out of this life, I felt so dejected.
I did not want to live knowing filth like the Frankish/White family live amongst us. I just could not bear the human race any more, I became more misanthropic, how could anyone be so cruel and find it funny and film it, how could the courts allow them to walk free, allow such disgusting people protection and allow them to move home, and now to be able to change their names? I needed to recalibrate and re focus or i was going to a hell i could not get out of. I don’t care if people have digs at me on their wall, some woman had a jibe that I write too many paragraphs.
The very woman who retorted, “everyone knows they are in Darlo, go get them”, to which I retorted, “why don’t you do it yourself”. That is the kind of “stupid” we deal with and the kind I won’t argue with on Operation Frankish’s wall.


Respect the vision, understand the motives and abide by the rules. I have always said the only person in the world who makes me feel very small and I literally sink into a hole when she tells me off, is my old dear, my mum, yup she makes me, a tough old bird feel really stupid, mum makes me sink into the sofa and feel all coy and embarrassed, no one achieves that, but mum does, and that is just by the look she can give me alone. No one tells Anoop to behave !!!!.
Well it appears Phil and Steve have also made me behave, to command respect from me is hard, to get me to conform is hard. Steve and Phil cracked it, so that’s a miracle in itself. I will be part of Operation Frankish as much as I can and do what I can. I think people need to read each post ten times over like me and understand where we are all coming from. Quit with the stupid comments, read and learn, read and absorb like a sponge, cos I certainly have. I don’t expect everyone to like this long write up and I don’t expect everyone to think like me, or to even agree with me and frankly, I don’t care what people think.


I am a person with an individual mind, I know right from wrong and I don’t show a forgiving side very easily. All I know is that Baby’s story will live with me and I want to keep Baby in my life for ever. I won’t stop talking about her, I won’t stop trying to convince people to join me. My tears won’t bring Baby back, but as a collective we can make massive changes. This is not just an animal abuse story, people really need to concentrate on the bigger picture, I have, why can’t you?

If you are not on board, go away, do some knitting and moaning on other pages, this is serious, not a game. Stop asking the fucking stupid questions on the Operation Frankish wall, scroll down the posts and educate yourselves. Frankly, I am sick of the stupid questions now, I won’t even entertain them. Onwards, Upwards and Forwards as I always say. Baby, one is for you.

Thank you for reading.




3 thoughts on “Guest Article – By A. Ghale

  1. Brilliant post Anoop. I’m far from as eloquent as you, but wanted to acknowledged how much this struck many chords. OF team are amazing and I feel privileged to be able to be part of making a change


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