Numerology & Roaches

Numerology.  A lot of pseudoscience and hocus pocus.  Well I thought so too but I did some reading up on it and tonight decided to see what it revealed.

The first number out was 0.  This represents their chances of just quietly vanishing into the ether.

The next number was 7.  This represents the number of fights Andy had (and lost) at high school.

The next number out was 5.  This represents (in cm’s) the total length of Danny’s blistered little chip when fully erect.

Then there was another 7.  This represents the number of house moves required in the next 7 months.

Then there was a 2.  This is clearly representative of there being two brothers.

Then out came a 1, probably representing the mother.

Another 2 came next and this probably represents the number of people Andy has slept with – his brother and mother.

Then came another 0.  This is the number of people who would care if Danny choked to death on his brother’s butt plug.

Then there was a 6.  This represents the minimum number of years they should be locked up.

Then followed an 8.  This is their collective IQ.

And finally a 3.  Obviously indicative of the family unit.




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