Oh how we laughed when their trolls tried to convince us that the lads had “fled the country”.  They did flee, but unless you class Darlington as a new country then they didn’t move to a new country.

Some things are new though.  Like the mum’s car for example.  A Ford Focus before – Citroen now.  Go back to April – we did say they’d move, replace the car and change their names.  None of this is a huge surprise to us and we have calculated what they will do after this as well.

The person who submitted these pics wanted clearer shots, but it is very hard to get a good shot of people inside of a car (glass, reflection etc.).

Furthermore they were naturally full of adrenaline and probably on edge.  I fully empathise with that but keep in mind you are legally entitled to take any photos you want in public places.  You can even photograph and film the police if you want.  These two pukes and their demented mother aren’t going to do anything.  If they so much as issue a verbal threat – report them.  They are serving a suspended sentence so they would bite at their own cost.

From what we can piece together this area seems very run down.  There are a good few elderly people in the area and there is seems to be a lot of activity from prostitutes in pub nearby.  There are about 7 or 8 houses and there’s a woman who had a baby in a pram.  Remember – “First ‘Baby’, then A baby”.

The car is a Citroen.  Registration number YB55 AXA.  It’s about 11 years old, silver and taxed and with an MOT until next April/May.

As you will see here, the mother appears to be wearing some sort of tunic/uniform.  Looks like the sort of thing a nurse or carer might wear.

Both brothers sat in the BACK of the car.  It’s obvious why – less easily seen.  Andy (Liam) has cut his hair right down – essentially shaved it.  And wears glasses.  They were only in the house 15 minutes and then gone.



(Andy Frankish – Now Liam “Specky” Andrew White.  Note the shaved head.)


(The new Evilmobile.)


(Two cockroaches hide out in the rear.)


(Mummy with Peter Daniel White / Daniel Frankish.  Note the tunic.)


12 thoughts on “SPOTTED – EXCLUSIVE!

  1. You are all bloody brilliant – I have so much respect for you all
    ………the evil mother could be wearing a man’s polo shirt


      1. sad bastards they tortured a poor animal these lads n there mother want tortuing them selfs a gud fuckin kickin is wat they need


      2. Anyone who thinks we need a life is surely missing out on there own why else would they be telling anyone to get one.There’s is obviously so fun packed they spend time on twitter!? Now I suggest you go away and try to be a decent human being .unless your surname is FRANKISH ?


  2. this isent a run down area i live ive never heard of any prostitution from pub there is loads kids live round here and alot of elderly but dont judge places from what you see alot of these houses in the area are rely nice and this area has come along way


  3. If a sentence fit the crime there would b no need for this but it didnt,im not a violent person but the thought of what they did to that poor dog makes me really want to hurt the bastards, well done for your efforts in keeping this campaign going


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