The ‘Crimes’ of OF

There’s no doubt about it. The ‘crimes’ of OF are so extensive and heinous that I imagine we’ll end up in the Hague. And I don’t mean William.

I remember the time the Express (and only they) decided to describe us as “extremists”. Right you are then. We fairly offer out a reward for information about any more animal torturing antics or dodgy activity with kids pertaining to these two siblings – yet we were the “extremists”. Ridiculous to the point of funny.
I’d say an extremist is someone who tortures a dog, films it and speaks openly about raping kids. That’s quite ‘extreme’ is it not? Not to mention evil.

This shows what a bizarre and upside down press we have at times, in line with the upside down value system we appear to now all live under.

Here is an extensive list of our massive crime spree so far.

Openly and repeatedly stating that people shouldn’t go breaking bones or property.

Convincing the public to be cool as we have new and better ways to deal with this problem and within the capacity of free speech and democracy

Finding stuff out

Asking questions

Hiring a plane with a demand to jail them

Hiring a ad truck as an awareness campaign

Posting discs

Making video

Making memes and posters

Informing innocents they are at risk

Posting letters

Offering involved parties the right to their say

Giving money away to good causes like SOS, Roger and soon to be Maxi’s Mates

Sending screens shots to detectives

Persuading people not to give the landlady grief as she was shocked and duped and pledged to deal with it.

Persuading people not to give the vet a ton of personal grief but instead ask legitimate questions and raise ANY doubts with the RCVS.
Yup. Looks like a positive feast of crime. I am amazed we are not on MI6’s ‘Most Wanted’.

How very dare we organise and refuse to accept the paedophiles and dog torturers among us. How dare we try to make others that bit safer. How intolerant of us not to understand that the brothers are simply two misunderstood souls, victims in actual fact.

Shame on us.

And we are sorry. From the very bottom of our hearts.
Look. Here’s the OF symbol of how sorry we are.



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