Pant-Wetting Hysteria

There seems to exist a perception (probably originating from tabloids and politicians) that people are like some sort of mindless mass whose first and only reaction to anything is charge right in and sort of genocide anyone in their path.  For the love of god, these types need to get a grip on reality and give people a bit more credit.  It’s usually born from pure selfishness as well.  They tend not to care about the risks they place others in – only themselves.

My message to those people is stop being so bloody hysterical over your own safety and security.  You’ve been watching too many films.  No one is going to hire a sniper from Craigslist and take you out just for being a vet who made a really bad judgement.   No one is going to bulldoze your house just because you got tricked into letting out to these three clowns.

Please stop being so detached from reality that you cannot even spare a thought for the innocent people and animals who ARE at risk and from PROVEN sadists.  It truly makes me sick when these individuals marinate in their own self-pity when there is a woman with a baby that lives a few doors from two utter sadists.  How about demonstrating some concern about that?  How about demonstrating some concern that a poor decision allowed these two freaks to evade justice for two years and acquire more dogs and pets?  How about demonstrating a thought for all the people sick to the stomach of their filth and the state pandering to it?

No one is going to go full Rambo on some silly women that made a shit decision as a professional, no one is going to go full Rambo on some women that unwittingly lets out a house to three people with fake names.

For the love of god, they sat at their last address for nearly two months and the worst that happened to them was an alleged verbal threat and a single pane of broken glass.  Under the circumstances and compared to what they put their dog through, that doesn’t seem so bad to me.

We don’t just wake up one day and grab a name from thin air.  It’s not our fault if you enable them in one way or another.  That’s on you.  Just don’t then cry a huge river of tears about your “personal safety”.

It’s boring, redundant, self-indulgent, and you are just behaving as a hysterical victim to deflect blame from your own poor judgement.

No one is out to “get anyone” that is somehow related to this.  If anyone wanted to do that they wouldn’t aim for these silly peripheral figures, would they?  No.  They would have aimed it all at them – and they seem physically fine to me.  Stop feeling sorry for YOURSELF and start feeling SHAME and some empathy for all the victims of runts like them.

We could have taken them out any time we liked, surely you must at least see this?  But we chose NOT to.  Why?  Only one reason – our aim is not short-term revenge, our aim is to make great inroads so that we never have to go to all this trouble again.  Our aim is to make as much fuss as possible UNTIL evil people like that are caged as standard.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity for your stupid reputation or your glass, why not join in the fight for the same aims?



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