Why The Brothers Should Disunite

No two people wake up on precisely the same day and have exactly the same idea, even two siblings.  In any sort of partnership and in any contrived situation one person always spawns the idea and the other then maybe buys and feeds into the idea.  It may even be that the person who buys into the idea takes it on to a whole new and different level – good or bad.  But the fact is that someone still gave birth to the idea.

It’s no different with these brothers and that fateful day.  Both did not wake up at exactly the same time and just so happen to have precisely the same idea.  One of them had the initial idea and the other bought right into it.  That doesn’t make one less or more culpable than the other, but it is a fact.

There’s probably only two people that really know whose idea it was that day – them.  One of them logically suggested the evil plot to the other that day and they went with it.

Obviously people have their own mind and are responsible for their own actions.  If one of them suggested it then obviously the other one should have flat out rejected the idea and told his mother.  The fact that he didn’t and instead rolled with it means that the idea destroyed him in the end as well.

With that being said if I were the one who didn’t come up with it then by now I’d probably be turning my blame to the one that did.  Especially with all that has happened and will happen.  I think I’d gradually turn on my own brother, and hey, that would be only natural especially with all the pressure.  I might even get to thinking that if I could maybe take down my brother that the public MAY ease off a bit on me.

Or let’s flip it around.  For the sake of the story let’s say one has a long standing mental problem – paranoid schizophrenia.  In my estimation of it, it would then be the one WITHOUT that in their background who was MOST responsible.  If I was to suggest and induce someone with such a condition into doing something insane then it’s clear that I am responsible since I would know fully that I was manipulating this person into doing a bad thing.

This is what they should be reflecting on tonight – whose idea it was and who mainly induced the other.  I’d abandon all thoughts of brotherly loyalty now.  Binding themselves together and unifying together on this is counter-productive for them and especially to the one whose idea it wasn’t.  It’s time they tried to save their own skin here – and that means learning to hate one another and having to accept that to turn on each other is the best possible way for them to go.

The one that feels they are least responsible should forget false brotherly love, save his own skin and just throw the other one under a bus.

Pictured: The brothers.  One should be turning on the other.

Andy Funeral


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