Michael Gove – Enemy Of The People…?

I know people meant it as a compliment when they propose I go “into politics” but to be a part of the system we have would be akin to me being a prostitute.  Nothing disgusts me more than the self-serving cabal that we call our “representative democracy”.

Current Justice Minister Michael Gove has been in the press a lot this week.  Why?  Has he decided it’s maybe time to start putting animal sadists and those found with disgusting child porn in prison?  Has he decided that it’s time the sentencing powers afforded to judges and magistrates be far greater than present?  No and no.

Instead Gove has spent this week promoting Gove as the next PM.  He may not make the best candidate ever but he’s the best candidate called Michael Gove.

Please keep in mind that Gove was made fully aware of this case (and the broader call to reform sentencing) back in April and by a then MP (as well as a million people).  He said nothing and he did precisely nothing.  And this is in his capacity as JUSTICE minister, an oxymoron if ever there was one.  Although Anna Turley promised to raise it again on the 30th she did also resign as an MP only hours after, so unless she works some sort of notice period then she will have no Parliamentarian powers anymore.

Please also keep in mind the case from Sunday’s media in which a man (who had previous history for dog torture) eventually got around to murdering a child.  His own daughter.  The back of the 6-year-old’s head was “totally caved in”, most likely by virtue of being thrown violently against a wall.

That’s where we are all heading with these two sibling scumbags.

You can argue that you cannot arrest them for ‘future crimes’.  True – you cannot.  Here’s what you can do though, you could send them to prison so they have it on their record, and in the future social services could remove any child that they had care of in any context.  You could stop letting them run off and reappearing in busy little streets with a young mother and baby and an elderly couple with dogs living there.  You could even send them to prison TODAY and still pursue the matter of toughening the laws in general.  These are just some simple, obvious and widely popular measures Gove could take.

But no.  Instead of all of that they are allowed to go free, to relocate, to take on new names, to fool people into letting to them, and recieve multiple benefits including ESA for Andy.  And the public pay for their rent, their tag, their food, their clothes, their phones – everything.

Justice Minister?  Prime Minister?  Don’t make us laugh.

This is how the body politic and Gove seem to WANT it to end.



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