A Dirty Little Business…

Let me get this bit out of the way – I am in no means or form giving any sort of out ball to Andy and Dan here nor people like those involved in the ‘Chunky’ case.  But…

I do think there is a very serious issue in this nation that people aren’t paying anything like enough attention to – the absolute explosion of shops that are for all intents and purposes drug dealing outlets.  There are a string of them not far from me and there are always kids of 12 or 13 hanging around, asking adults to go in and buy something for them.  Sooner or later they will get one that does.  I think it matters how you make your money and I’m not really sure I’d want to make my money from running a shop that sold dangerous chemicals to kids.  Those who own the shops aren’t stupid – they know their age range is 11-18.  I have no idea how many outlets there are in the entire country but there are probably two dozen in my city alone.

I think its very important that this is understood and not merely dismissed.  Even if kids taking them doesn’t cause them to do insane things to others then they are liable to kill themselves.

I have absolutely no idea how these outlets are allowed to peddle their filth openly while on the back end MPs always get very anal and pious over any suggestion of decriminalising a plant.

The primary question in the context of this discussion is – can taking these substances induce behaviours in someone that are psychotic, dangerous and even sadistic?

Here are some cases…

Prisoners say ‘spice’ use has tripled, fuelling violence, illness and debt

‘Other stories include a prisoner saying he had seen someone high on the drug eating their own vomit in a bowl and dipping bread into it; another saw someone drinking water from the toilet and eating salt.  “When I had my last experience of spice, I felt my brain was being ripped out,” one inmate said.


‘A violent thug who launched three separate unprovoked attacks while out of his head on a legal high has been jailed for 12 years. ..’

‘A RECOVERING drug addict who assaulted two police officers in Salisbury city centre after reacting badly to a legal high has described the moment he took the drug as “the scariest of my life”.
Robert Brown, 34, of Oakgrove Road, Eastleigh, had hallucinations so severe he “thought he was going to die” within 30 seconds of taking four puffs of Spice on November 2. ‘

‘A Bath man sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend was “using crack and the legal high spice and went off the rails”.

Jason Thomas Self, aged 42, formerly of Grosvenor Place, held a pillow over the face of Kirstie Cullen, with whom he shared a flat, on March 3.’
Read more at http://www.bathchronicle.co.uk/legal-high-use-led-bath-man-jailed-assaulting-ex/story-29329434-detail/story.html#41SJlTowXwpOuZgR.99

These are just a few examples but there are hundreds more.  Now you could argue that in each of those cases the individual would have acted out that way anyway, and sure, maybe in a good % of cases the individuals were just rotten apples anyway and the drug was secondary.

At the same time I also think we cannot deny that these often unknown substances can and do alter one’s perceptions, thoughts, physiology, and if it can do that then it can obviously cause chaos with someone’s perception of right and wrong.  Alcohol is much the same.  You can take a normal person and fill him with spirits.  Does his nature alter?  Do his actions alter?  Do his judgment and morality alter?  Yes they do, otherwise you’d never have men getting into fights with total strangers that when they would normally never think to have a fight.

I think it’s totally unacceptable for individuals in this country to have a business that is essentially there to poison youngsters and put others at risk by virtue of the poison that they freely sell them in attractive packets.  It is true that a few have been banned for sale in the UK, but my understanding is that all manufacturers need do is slightly alter the chemistry of it, rebrand it, and put this alternative version out for sale.

This is worse than alcohol in the sense these are aimed pretty much at youngsters.  You can also have one or two beers and its effects should be predictable.  But taking these chemicals in any quantity is not predictable.

Instead of messing around banning this one or that one, why not simply make it illegal to run a business that sells any substance of that type?  Yes people could still get them online but then the kid would need a debit card, then he’d need to wait on them being posted etc.  It’s a less instant decision than being with a few pals and getting stuff right there and then from a shop in town.

Taking that sort of crap may not make you into a Frankish, but it could make you violent and erratic in some other way or kill you.  Parents should be paying attention to the proliferation of these shops and their toxin.  They should be banned or shamed into ceasing their trade in my opinion.  It seems highly unethical and dangerous to me.



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