“They’d never hurt a child or an animal”…

Way back in the early days of all of this there were early communications going back and forth between members of the public and one or two family members of the brothers.  We never really went down that route because in all truth there isn’t anything they have to say that I want to hear.  However I did read those that other people had and in one of them either the mother or aunt (I can’t fully recall and it doesn’t matter), was saying “They know they did wrong, but they’d never hurt an animal or child“.

I am paraphrasing but it really wasn’t far from those words.  Beg my pardon if I don’t feel very comforted by those assurances.  I am not actually sure quite how low your IQ and capacity for denial would have to be to even make such a statement after those actions.  It doesn’t even make any basic sense since by this time the mother/her sister blatantly knew that they had (hurt an animal).  How is it possible to get all petulant and claim they “never would” when they just did?

This is a genuine question to all female members in that family, extended or otherwise: Would you leave a kid in the care of either of them?  Whether you have children or not, would you be happy to leave them to care for a child or ever father a child?  I know none of the witches of Eastwick will offer an answer but it is the one and only thing I would be interested to hear.

Anyone that left a child in their care for five seconds knowing who they are would be culpable when something bad happened.  No question about that.  Thats why the laws should change so they are banned from having animals OR being alone with minors.

An interesting observation is that the females in this family seem excessively domineering.  It’s not like they are two ten year old lads.  One will be 23 this year.  The other is 20 or 21.  Yet it seems only the women in the family that stick their chin out for them.  I don’t really see the dad wanting to get into the mix.  Probably a wise move on his part.  Our information is that the mum and dad were off and on all the way until 2008.  Then it seemed to end for good, at least formally.  We originally thought they were still together as recently as 2013, but better information suggests they weren’t – unless they were and it was part of some benefit scam.

I think everyone is solid on the fact that the incident took place on West Dykes Road and not in Southampton Street.  Interestingly enough the father still lives in West Dykes Road so there’s a very good chance it was his place that this happened in.

However, apart from that it seems he just isn’t interested in them at all.  I’ve not seen any effort by him to puff out his chest and behave as the mother or auntie did.  Like I say – seems the women in that family are too domineering.  You may want to read up on the history of young lads who have overly domineering mothers or females as their main role model – For some reason it’s a formula that doesn’t seem to work out too well.  You’d be amazed how many seriously disturbed people fit right into the criteria of a weak or absent father and an overtly domineering mother.

This is probably the one and only time in which the dad not being bothered and being totally lazy has been to his benefit.  I think he’s right to take one look at all of this and think “Fuck getting involved in that“.

We received what seemed to us a legitimate e-mail about his (ex) friend today though, the one we call Agent ‘Carl Nixon’.  It was a lucid and well written message from a real person who checked out.  She identified ‘Carl’ by his real name, gave his street, said that he had moved out of his parents place after a sexual assault/rape case… for which he was jailed.

He also allegedly went to a special needs school as well (this would actually explain a lot).  For whatever reason or motive he decided to try and lie to us (very badly).  Even when we gave him chance after chance to either shut up or prove his claims, he just went on and on.  Seems to me he truly was put up to feeding us this “they lefted the country” guff and very probably by the mother who he remained loyal to in the messages.

Just ponder that.  This is what they are reduced to.  Manipulating someone that is clearly mentally sub-normal into trying to trick us into thinking they had “lefted”.  And an alleged convicted rapist at that.

In the meantime summer is here; the school holidays are upon us and the state are so in love with these two brothers they will do anything for them.  So be vigilant with your pets and children.

I think your government want to let it get to this (pictured).  How far will you go to stop that?


(Pictured above: Artist’s impression of what your government hope happens.)


2 thoughts on ““They’d never hurt a child or an animal”…

  1. I’m a single mum, please don’t categorise us all, my son is a well rounded guy who has had and been around dogs all of his life, guidelines and boundaries, love and caring, he would die to protect his dog, he is totally different from what the freak brothers are. What you sow is what you reap x


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