If Money Talks Then Make It Shout

If there’s one thing I cannot stomach it’s defeatist people who make their excuses not to fight.  And I mean any kind of fight in any kind of situation.  Heard all the excuses from the very elite of excuse makers in my life.  There are almost as many excuses as there are those making them but all excuses have one thing in common – they are all rooted in self.

People may virtue signal and say what they feel the expected thing of the day is but when it comes down to them personally taking risks and making a sacrifice, only then do you separate the men from the boys as it were.  Many of the people that have taken the biggest risks as part of Operation Frankish are female.  Real risks at that.  That says a lot for them and not much for the men of Britain.

Just read the comments section of any newspaper or Facebook page when there is yet another ‘soft on animal abusers and paedophiles’ story.  People definitely comment in good numbers and everyone is raging all the time.  Everyone seems united in perpetual disgust at the actions and soft sentences.  That’s okay.  That’s not a bad reaction to have but it is if there is NO FOLLOW THROUGH.  Without follow through you are caught in this never ending cycle of new case/anger – forever.

And then will come those excuses (usually selfish on some level).  One such excuse is that “There’s just no point because those who could change it would never listen”.  I almost want to water board people like that.

People SAY they want tougher sentences for animal torture, do they not?
People SAY they want tougher sentences for those found with obscene images of children, do they not?
People SAY that their tax money shouldn’t go towards paying their rent and benefits, do they not?
People SAY that its a disgrace they are given a new identity and permitted to blend back into family neighbourhoods do they not?
They do.  But how far would they really go when called out?  How BADLY do they really want this, or do they just want to moan and hope it happens by magic?

I’ll make a prediction to you right now.  The following could all be law in a short space of time almost by one single large scale action.

These two toe rags could be recalled to court, the case reviewed by an actual professional judge (and not a Gumtree Magistrate) and be sent to prison.

You could have a fast tracked revamp of the present sentencing powers and at least increase them to 3-5 years.

You could do the same with anyone caught in possession of child abuse material and push their sentences right up to years – and not the stupid register and suspended sentences they get right now.

You could remove the apparent right for those still serving a sentence to change their names.

You could make a life ban on keeping animals standard and more robustly monitored.

You could disqualify those found culpable of that type of evil from being around or in charge of children – including any they may have.  That’s half a dozen massive gains that virtually no one believes in their heart are possible.  It’s the absence of true belief that then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I am now going to build my case for how most (possibly ALL) would be possible and inside of one year.  If any part makes no tactical sense to you then please quote me and explain why it doesn’t.  I’d be happy to expand.

Who is it you most need to budge here?  It is self evidently those in charge a.k.a. the government.  Local government or national, it’s all government in the end.  You can burn up all the energy you want in comments sections of the press or the internet but since I doubt many MPs are reading those sections you are really just blowing smoke out your arse.

You can write to your MP on an individual basis and they will reply.  Nothing will change though.  They may state they empathise and support you in principle but that will be that.

Violence is no use.  Even a hint of violence against an elected government will probably have Jack from the original Sweeney kicking your door down at 5am.  Besides, what good is violence when they have all of the might of the police and even army to call on – and you have a rape alarm and a can of hairspray?  Governments do not mind a violent reaction against them.  They tend to win and on the back end they can apply new laws.

There is only ONE way you can make the bitch state scream – you cut off their money supply.  That’s the ONLY language they understand.  Any threat of the money supply being severed and they will jump higher than a kangaroo that’s just won kangaroo lotto.

You REALLY want these things I listed earlier?  How badly?  How many want it badly?  You honestly want to see all these degenerates finally get their comeuppance?  How badly?  You really want to make Britain a better and safer place for kids and pets to play?  How much do you want this and how many are there that are SERIOUS?

There were a million people who signed that petition and that’s just ONE case.  How many others have put their name behind other petitions?  How many have put their names behind those calling for tougher sentences for child abusers as well?

And for all those petitions, names and for all that energy what exactly changed?  Evidently nothing otherwise we would not be here still having this type of discussion.

There’s a special political reason why all these millions and all the petitions generally amount to nothing – it’s called MPs not giving one single shit about them.

Why would they?  There is never any “or else” nailed onto the end of them.  These petitions do not give them an incentive to act.  It’s like having a rogue neighbour that plays music until 4am every day.  You get a few names on a bit of paper and politely ask him to consider stopping.  He doesn’t stop.  Why would he?  There is simply no real penalty if he doesn’t.  He may even take the piss and turn it up.

I explained all of this in the very early days of Operation Frankish.  I said that the public could achieve at least these changes I mentioned inside of a year.  I listed six.  Even my pessimistic guess is that you would get at least three in a year.

I’ve already told people how to do it, but the last time I casually mentioned it a few were into it, and everyone else could see it would be a game changer… but didn’t want to do it because it would be a wee bit of personal hassle.

This is why I don’t think the British public REALLY want big change badly enough.  Not enough have the guts to take on a bit of personal hassle to achieve anything.  I’ve told people that while petitions are generally impotent that the principle of one is sound… so long as there is an “or else”.  Without an “or else” element built right in then you are really wasting your time on most occasions.  Therefore that is what you need.  You need ONE strong and all-encompassing petition.  Just one.

You don’t need one for every case of animal or child abuse, you don’t need several for the same case.  Nope.  All you need is one very powerful and good one that represents all the victims and all of the cases.  Rather than splinter people between so many different ones you now bring people together under what they see as the Petition of Petitions.  The Royale with cheese of petitions.

Not a petition that calls for justice for this dog or that, or this child or another – but one that calls for justice for ALL of them.  Past victims and present.  This would also fuse together those whose primary motivator was children with those whose primary motivator is animals.

Here’s what this type of petition wouldn’t be for – it wouldn’t be there just to appear in the press so you can say “cool, they mentioned the petition in the press”.  What practical value has that yielded?  Very little.  It also wouldn’t be there to simply gain mass numbers before vanishing to the retirement home for petitions.  A total waste of time.  This would have to be an arse-kicking, swaggering, broody petition.  It would need to be the sort of petition that if it walked past you in the street you’d avert your eyes.  This is the sort of petition that were it a lover it would put the young filly over it’s shoulder, throw her onto the mattress of love and take her to new heights.

You get the idea.

You would not need a million people to sign up to this.  Many less would be plenty to achieve at least half of the things I stated.  I suggest that a mere 50,000 signing up to this type of petition would change the dynamic in a short time.  I predict that inside of three months you would have a sworn promise to put the process for changes in place.

The “or else” you see would not be one of violence.  It would be one of cutting off the money supply of the state until they were respectful and until they were trained into responding and reacting.  It’s tricky to cut off their supply since the fraudulent system is set up to take money from you at source and distribute it how they so choose (like benefits and treats for the brothers).  PAYE has removed the option of withholding income tax.  It is also near impossible not to pay VAT (another cash scam).  It’s added onto goods and services and its difficult to break that.

You cannot withdraw business from a government as such since they are not like an internet service provider.

There is however one tax you volunteer to pay and do still have control over – your council tax.  The Government must collect many millions each year by council tax alone.

If 50,000 people signed a petition threatening to withhold (not refuse to pay) payments until action was taken then I would bet your life that in two months it would cause a far greater storm than any number of petitions with any number of people signed up to it.

Following two months of withholding funds (and since they would all get to know the reason), I assure you that they would sooner start listening and making deals than to drag it out, lose revenue, and fuck up their systems with this large number of sudden non-payers.  Local councils all over the country would be going to central government and saying “Bro, WTF, we need to do something positive here”.

As always I am game.  I would even be prepared to word and create the petition.  I dare say that if I asked Nemo I could get him to make some promo video to spread it that way, I could ask him to create some strong recruitment e-posters, I could ask Phil to send an alert to councils up and down the land.  There are 65 million people in this country.  Do we have a mere 50,000 who for an initial two months would be prepared to fully commit to not merely a petition, but one with a strong “or else” pinned onto it?

If there aren’t 50,000 in all of Britain that would do at least that then in all truth every good man and women may as well get the slippers on and just live their life and not care.  When the nation finally and forever falls into a state akin to Mad Max then so be it.  No going back when it does.

If there were 50,000 that would sacrifice a bit of personal hassle for the best cause of all (the cause to create a better and safer Britain) then there would be true hope.

I am absolutely convinced that were it cleverly worded, supported by strong promotional video and posters, and shared around, that its possible that in this day and age (and given the little that’s being asked for so much gain) that it is possible that 50,000 do exist.

I think I have convinced myself here.  I think it could create a lot of pressure and get a lot of officials reacting in the right way and quite fast.  We just need to draw up a short list of good demands.  Nothing mealy-mouthed but nothing stupidly over the top as well.  Then we just need to get it going.  No massive financial cost attached to doing it with potential for a big pay off.  The only cost would be our time and a small sacrifice on the part of the people.

Here’s a short gallery of the sort of people you’d be dealing with and the sort of pathetic sentences you’d change:


A former Southam man has escaped being jailed despite his large stash of child sex images being found by his ex wife in the loft of a house where he once lived.

And the police then discovered that as well as the many thousands of images on video tapes, memory sticks and his laptop, Michael Clarke had also secretly recorded two naked children.

But despite the huge number of images, he escaped being jailed after pleading guilty to seven charges of making indecent images of children, one of voyeurism and two of possessing extreme pornography.

Instead Clarke, 44, formerly of Deppers Bridge, was sentenced to 20 months in prison suspended for two years by a judge at Warwick Crown Court.


A Coventry man who created and possessed more than 6,000 indecent images of children has avoided prison.
Stanley Bettles pleaded guilty to six charges – three of possession of indecent photographs of a child and three of making indecent photographs of a child – and was handed a suspended sentence at Warwick Crown Court.
The 59-year-old, of Jenner Street, Foleshill, had admitted creating a total of 6,185 indecent images – both still and moving – between December 2013 and March 2015.
They included images in each of the three offence categories, including 861 of the worst kind; category A.


A FORMER St Austell police child protection officer found with pornographic images of children on his laptop has been spared a jail sentence.

Truro Crown Court heard earlier today that Robert Branney, 69, who was an officer for 28 years and in child protection for four of those before retiring 15 years ago, lived an online fantasy life in chat rooms and via webcams, inventing a daughter and granddaughter to fuel his discussions with “like-minded” men.


A man who admitted downloading and sharing illegal images of children was spared a prison sentence on Wednesday.

Phillip Beaney, 59, of Horsham Road, Steyning, was given a six month jail sentence, suspended for two years, with 200 hours of unpaid work, a one year supervision order, and £500 costs


An east Belfast father and his two sons admitted allowing a cat to be torn to shreds by dogs trained to fight. The Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) said the savagery inflicted on innocent animals was “wickedness at its worst”.

But the family avoided jail on Thursday when the men were each handed six-month suspended sentences.
Jeremiah Kirkwood, 43, and sons Chris, 23, and Wayne, 20, admitted keeping animals for fighting. They also pleaded guilty to having equipment connected with animal fights and causing unnecessary suffering to four puppies.
Jamie Morrow, 19, admitted similar charges.


Pictured: Christopher Kirkwood and Jamie Morrow looking afraid and like they’ve really learned a lesson as they leave court having been given a 6 month suspended sentence.




3 thoughts on “If Money Talks Then Make It Shout

  1. I’m with you all the way. Let me know what to do and when. We need you to lead us Steve. There’s no two ways about it all groups wanting change need someone with your drive to show them how


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