Spotted – Yet Again…

By a random coincidence an individual that doesn’t like dog torturers and nonces was having a nice relaxing Sunday drive today as he is fully entitled to do. And what should he spot? The Evilmobile. Right there in front of him.

He exercised his right to take a photo in a public area. Then by another total random coincidence it just so happened that the Evilmobile was headed to exactly the same area as he was. Weird huh?
This is literally from the last two hours.
As you can see this is not Darlington pictured – it is now Billingham. Doesn’t mean to say they have a new house there. Most likely a place to visit and regroup.
They know they had no future at their Darlo address so they are now clearly having to try to patch together emergency plans. Don’t obviously big huge hassle to this street. But DO watch your children and pets.
Updates as they come…

(Evilmobile in Billingham)



7 thoughts on “Spotted – Yet Again…

  1. I live in Billingham and had heard they lived here a while ago, someone said it is a relative they stay with, should I put a post on Billingham Banter revealing they are here again,?


  2. Would you like me to send my mail merge to all in this street to say that a possible relative of dog torturers and child abuse fantasist is staying near them?


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