48 People Living On The Moon…?

Try to imagine that by some ill-fortune you so happened to be a friend or associate of Daniel Frankish when this story came to light.  What is the first thing you would probably do?  Wouldn’t you instantly on that same day put distance between yourself and Britain’s greasiest little cameraman?  Of course you would.

In fact were that me I’d be racing to my PC or phone to ensure that they were deleted from my life.  Now I guess you could make the excuse that some people add people to Facebook and forget all about them.  True – that does happen.  But you are hardly likely to forget a person who has been all over the national and regional press are you?

I’m really struggling to see how that could possibly slip your mind.  It’s possible that this slimy and unkempt mutant fooled a number of people into thinking he was quiet and normal.  I can accept that.  What I find harder to accept is that 48 people can still be “unaware” – three months after the fact.

It would take a giant leap of faith to believe that 48 ‘friends’ of Daniel Frankish are simply still ignorant to what happened by now.  Isn’t it reasonable to say that you are personally measured by the company you keep and the associates you have?  If one of your friends and associates is a convicted sadist and clear freak then what would it make you to retain them as a friend/associate?  It’s disturbing to see that one or two female friends on there have young children.  Are those females off their heads?  What sort of mother or father would be linked to that smelly stunted bastard after all this time?

If they have retained him as friend months after his conviction then it doesn’t say much for their own values.  Would these mugs go as far as to let this puke anywhere near their children?  If not then WHY are they still openly friends or an associate of his?  These young mothers with children could even run the risk of a visit from social services with friends like him – something they should think carefully about.  I know.  It will be yet another of those amazing coincidences and all 48 will be “shocked and outraged” and they all just happen to have lived on the moon for the past months.  I dread to think that these 48 clearly great people are unaware of what he did and the case, and are innocently still his little pal.

As always we are here to help people – including those 48.  We totally get how easy it can be to entirely miss a story that has been running since April and all over the media.  I lost my pen the other day, couldn’t find it for an hour.  So these things can happen.  A few people have tried to help these poor uninformed souls by taking time out to message them, but either messages go to the ‘other’ box or some were read and not answered.  We are sure the 48 have just all made exactly the same error at precisely the same time and have all been precisely and equally ignorant to what he did for the past 3 months.

If you are one of the 48 then there are no thanks needed – we exist to inform and help.  No thanks are required, just drop us a short message, tell us how “shocked and disgusted” you were and then we can score you off.


Nic Cummings
Rachel Hewitt
Amy Canwell
Joshua David Would
Rachael Kerr
Isabella Lumley New
Chloe Cooper
Conor Rowe
Lauren Rose George
Chris Roach
Annamarie Messenger
Rosemary Roach
Leonard Messenger
Chloe Louise Nichols
Mark Messenger
Ry Ivison
Owen Breeze
Luke Smith
Nicole Leanna Healey
Antony Heafy Morton
Ashley Hawksby
Laitesha Haley
Jade Lainton
Kieran Wallace
Jason Plaice
James Kerr
Megan Walsh
James Goodall
Lewis Cooper
Nola-sharn Mcloughlin
Norman Duncan
Brandon Roach
Megan Walsh
Michael Banks




One thought on “48 People Living On The Moon…?

  1. Brilliant – however the ONLY explanation can be is that these ‘friends’ are just as ugly, sadistic, sick and twisted as they are? Enough said?


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