Residents Of Kirby Close Pledge Allegiance To Opfrank

This is a follow up from our article yesterday called ‘Spotted’ (Again).

Please read this carefully as it is much better to read what I have written than indulge in some form of internet psychosis in which you read things that are simply not there.  There’s no need to read between the lines when I am spelling things out as clear as a bell.  Firstly, at no stage or point did we ever say that the Frankish family had moved to Kirby Close.  This is really not complex.  All we stated was the truth – that her and her Evilmobile were spotted parked up in Kirby Close.  There is a huge difference between someone saying that a car has been spotted in a given street and saying “They’ve all moved into this house”.  We said only the former.  The latter (at least at this stage) exists only inside the minds of those who get too hysterical.

Secondly, at no stage or point have we ever stated that people should attack property.  Never.  I am actually getting bored having to say this over and over so this will be the last and final time.  We have in fact ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION openly stated the exact opposite – that people should not damage property or do anything insane.  I don’t control the thoughts and actions of 65 million people in Britain though.  All we can do is state our own position and what we advise.  You can blatantly see what we stand for and advise since we are constantly saying it and doing it.

Third point – if anyone is a threat to your neighbourhood it is NOT the general public or us.  It is them.  We are not the ones that drool while torturing our pet dog on camera.  We are not the ones that indulge in chat about raping kids and defecating on them.  We are not the ones who openly declared at the start of the year that we were leaving Redcar to torture more dogs.  Rather than invent this totally imaginary situation in which a marauding general public nuke your house on our say so, why not wake up to the actual real threat of these beasts being in your area?

Whether you are young mother with kids, a pet owner or an elderly person – who do you think would be MOST likely to hurt your children and pets?  Do you think we’d be most likely or do you think they would be most likely?  Even ‘Agent Carl Nixon’ could answer that one correctly.  Why not have a touch more faith in the general public rather than fantasising that they are going to surround a house in their thousands while we orchestrate it on skype?  Why not have a touch more faith in us – the ONLY organisation in all of Britain dedicated to getting these two beasts off ALL streets?

With that being said this in not the old Soviet Union we live in.  Members of the public are entitled to take photos in public.  Even the police can be filmed and photographed.  There is CCTV all over this country photographing you whether you like it or not.  No one sends us a photo of a random car in a random street for no reason at all.  They send us a photo of the Evilmobile.  It’s not our fault if she parks it in some obscure looking street.  We don’t know WHY she was there, but she was there and in the grander scheme of things that is pertinent and relevant.

There’s no use randomly speculating why she was there, it could be any one of ten reasons.  One of the reasons COULD be that she was scoping out an available property nearby and parked up close.  COULD BE.  If that was the case then it would clearly be in the interests of the residents in that area to be on alert.  They can only be on alert if we show them.  We can only show them by proving it.  We can only prove it with visual evidence.

What if we were slow off the mark, lost all trace of them and they did move into Kirby Close or your street?  Would you prefer to deal with the issue after the fact and have your children and pets placed at immediate risk by them?  Or would you prefer to take preventive actions to keep them out?

The same goes with those that let to them.  It’s not our fault if the state con you into allowing beasts to rent your property under a false name.  It’s not our fault that our vetting procedures are more accurate than your vetting procedures.  Would you sooner we just let them keep conning you and at some point down the line you have a tragedy taking place in the house that you own?  Or would you sooner be in a position to make a fully informed choice about who you had just been conned into letting out to?

If they or the Evilmobile pop up in a given area then we will publish those facts.  If someone sends pics taken in public that show them or the car, then we will publish them.  There is absolutely no way we are not going to publish pics taken legitimately in public when it’s in the public interest to know where these two evil people and their protector are.  No other sentient creature (four legs or two) is going to fall victim to those evil bastards ever again.


With that being said, a few residents of Kirby Close understand this and have promised to work with us and keep an eye out.



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