We Will Uncover Their Sordid Secrets

When we and the public state ‘No more sadists on our streets’ – we mean it.

It’s surreal and tragic that we even need to state such a thing.  What sort of country are we living in when good people even have to demand such a thing?  You would honestly think the British public were asking for something controversial and contentious.  But we aren’t.  All we are saying is that when individuals are caught and convicted of exploiting children and animals for their sick and sadistic pleasure that we do not want them found guilty… then let go.

We are saying that when Andrew Picard was found with thousands of images of category A child abuse that he should be caged.  We are saying that when two brothers brutally torture their dog, film it and retain the evidence for two entire years that they should be caged.  We are saying that when four teens steal someone’s dog, give it drugs, set it on fire and break its neck that they should go straight to a young offenders institution or something similar.  We are saying that it is a gross insult to simply ban them from owning animals for five years.

We are saying that when a now proven beast like Andrew Frankish makes an open declaration that he planned to leave Redcar and find more dogs to torture that this constitutes a clear statement of criminal intent.  We are saying that when this same beast takes to social media to talk about raping kids and defecating on them that this is deviant criminal behaviour.

Not one single street in ALL of Britain deserves to have these two beasts inflicted on them.  It actually makes no odds if a member of the public is a dog lover or not.  It is totally moot to the point.  What is of absolute grave importance is that the degree of sadism and insanity they demonstrated means they would do the same to anything or anyone that was vulnerable and could not fight back.

What happens when they tire of “finding more dogs to torture”?  They escalate their violence towards people, probably children.

If these two deviants were living in your street or near a primary school how would you feel?  How would you feel if your young son or daughter was out walking the dog and happened to run into this pair?  How would you feel to have Andrew Frankish living opposite your house if you have a child?  How would you feel about the idea of him spying on your child and marinating in his “rape a child and shitting on her” fantasy?

From the very outset literally thousands of people have been united on at least the following two points:

1) That there is absolutely no way on this earth that this is the only action of this type they have ever done.  To believe that two people (who were not children) would have spent their entire life as fine examples to society only to suddenly torture their own dog and film it on day is just nonsense.

To believe that in the two years they escaped justice that they never once or ever again did some other deviant act is also a nonsense.  I would challenge any psychiatrist to make an argument to the contrary.  The fact that the public may not YET know what else they have done does NOT mean they haven’t done anything else.  Keep in mind that had that SD card not been found then you would never have known about ‘Baby’.  That wouldn’t mean they hadn’t done it.

2) That the police should have got a warrant to seize all their devices and from both of them.  That should be standard practice when abuse footage is found, be that torture and abuse of animals or children.  Given their previous internet footprints we are absolutely convinced that had this been done then it would have uncovered further twisted criminal actions.  This was an opportunity lost at that time.  We cannot understand how their devices were not seized and examined when a man can have his devices seized and examined for hurting the feelings of an MP on Twitter.

The public are not going to accept one more victim of this pair.
The public are not going to wait until Frankish abducts a child and rapes her.
The public are not going to accept their loved ones being placed at risk by their presence.
The public are not going to accept a system that panders and rewards evil while harassing those who fight against evil.

How many victims are there out there of Andrew and Daniel Frankish?  Are there any children who have been threatened to keep quiet after being a victim of their abuse?  Is there other footage out there in the either of them abusing dogs and children?  Have they created and made any other material in which they are committing offences against children and animals or conspiring to do so?  To an extent these questions are somewhat rhetorical.  One need only have a modest grasp of their psychology, the case, and their other internet postings to understand that these questions are really rhetorical.

The Justice Minister stated yesterday (via Anna Turley) that he “has no power” (to review cases like this).  Yet a mere judge had “the power” to recall two druggies back to court and send them to prison for upsetting her emotions on Facebook.  When we made our Operation Black Box it was seven minutes of insanity.  Owing to the roller coaster of insanity, by the time people made it to the end frame their senses were too shocked to fully take in the final part of it.  All they were able to focus on was the insanity and that’s understandable.  Others didn’t or wouldn’t watch it and are therefore totally oblivious to any message therein.

That’s why the entire focus here is on that single part.  Some weeks ago we put out a reward of £2k for information leading to the arrest and conviction of AF and DF.  We got whispers here and there but nothing that was good enough or substantial enough.  On reflection I do not think we were specific enough.

This time we are being far more specific.  The new poster says it all.  We are putting up a reward of £21k for solid evidence and proof of any crimes (recent or historical) involving that pair and children and/or animals.

The public know they’ve done more.  They know that only secrecy and perhaps sloppiness on the part of the authorities have thus far allowed that ‘more’ to remain in the shadows.

Now we REALLY want to drag it all out of the shadows and right into the open.  If what they did was apparently not enough for them to see the inside of a prison then we shall uncover fresh evidence against them and they shall be damned that way.

All solid and vetted information would of course be handed to detectives.

It’s not a ‘bounty’, before Hannah goes crying a billion tears and claiming it’s a genocide.

Game on.



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