Why does the Government reward evil people?

It’s a good question and I hear it a lot – why are successive Governments (and usually the Shadow Government) always and without exception soft on two of the most heinous crimes that exist. In fact they are more than mere crimes, to call such things crimes almost doesn’t do the actions justice – pardon the pun. Abominations is a better term

The two abominations they are almost most liberal about ? Those that involve the abuse of children and animals. It seems totally illogical to people since getting tough on such crimes would ONLY be a populist policy with wide scale appeal.

This is why millions of Britons scratch their head and are truly bewildered that neither Labour nor the Tories have picked up the ball and incorporated such populist policies into party policy.

Labour were a toothless mess at the last election. They had a character from Wallace and Grommet as leader so its little wonder things didn’t work out. They didn’t really stand for anything at all. They were seen as a party of cucked men and uptight women who just stood for nothing. Had they incorporated these populist polices into party policy then who knows how many votes they would have picked up? Maybe even enough to have won. Why don’t the Tories incorporate them then? If they would have wide scale appeal (which getting tough on such crimes would) then taking it on could only cement their present edge on their old rivals.

The argument that “there’s no money in it for them to bother” does not wash. If taking on a truly tough position proved popular among the people then that would be worth its weight in gold. And it definitely would prove popular.

The argument that prisons are over crowded does not cut it either. I have shown time and again the incalculable numbers of people sent to jail for genuine trivia. They have no place being in prison so the argument that there’s just “no space” for sadists is utter nonsense.

But you all must agree that there definitely and absolutely must be a REASON as to why sadists and child abusers are convicted and given a non custodial sentence time and time again. Its not like successive Governments just sort of accidentally forgot how punitive the present laws are – to the victims and how rewarding they are to the perpetrator. Its not like their think tanks aren’t aware of the fact that they’d be populist policies – they know.

The ugly yet undeniable truth is that the British Establishment has a long and ignoble history of indulging in child rape and abuse of animals. And the “establishment” is not one party nor even limited to MP’s. It can include those outside of the democratic process.

It is obvious that the society you create and the laws you give priority to are really a reflection of the nature of the party or person. If in theory I was ‘ruler for a day’ then obviously it would be a black day for animal and child abusers. Why? Because the laws I would pass would be a reflection of my own nature and what I considered to be of importance.

The same rule applies to successive actual party leaders that you have had for decades. Their nature is reflected in what they do – and what they do not do.

If your eyes are on stalks that a Frankish or Picard can be convicted yet not go to prison then you don’t need to look any further than the nature of the people that run the nation to see why this is so.

I’ve lost count of the number of MP’s and peers implicated in organised child rape on a grand scale. This idea that a ‘paedophile ring operates inside the establishment’ is not quite right since it implies it is covert and unknown to their peers and colleagues.
Its probably more accurate to say that there are simply a disproportionate number of such people in the establishment and those who are not have at least had some idea of the things that go on. The idea that the collective might of British Intel and the police is never quite enough to convict one of them while still alive is an obvious nonsense. They clearly turn a blind eye for whatever motives.

It is amazing that on a week that the Conservatives are seeking a new leader that the Justice Minister should tell an MP that he has “no powers” relating to two tramps from the NE of England.
Nup. There’s simply nothing he can do.

Apparently no one in the World has “the power”. Only Val has total political power. Good to see that Gove gave it his 100% effort though. Its not like he did nothing for months then got someone else to send a bland reply.

He may as well put his arm right around those brothers and give them his official seal of approval. That’s what these senior and well paid people are symbolically doing for every Frankish in this country.

Its not what they say its what they do not say. They aren’t going to issue an outright open season for padeophiles and animal abusers to take liberties. They don’t need to state it. All they need to do is not punish it over and over. Pretty soon it becomes tantamount to informally legal. Everyone knows that you’d never go to prison for being found with £50 worth of weed. That’s why no one is really fussy about paying attention to that law. If the system give out penalties to sadists and child abusers that are often on a par with the person found with the £50 worth of weed, what exactly is that telling you?

They want you to think you need to be a lawyer or judge to comprehend this stuff – but you do not. Any thinking person can see that if the state very often put the penalties for both at about the same level that they are effectively saying sadism and child abuse are not that big of a deal – to THEM.

‘A Drapersfield man has been jailed for two months after he admitted possession of £600 worth of cannabis.
Police searched the home of Paul John Crawford, 45, from Tullyveagh Road, on June 11 and December 1, discovering suspected cannabis on both occasions.
His solicitor said that the drug was for her client’s own use.’

Two months for £600 worth of dried plant. Not one single day for possessing material involving toddlers being raped by dogs or an SD card with a dog torture video on it.

Gets worse;

‘The BBC is responsible for more than one in 10 criminal prosecutions. Culture Secretary Sajid Javid reports that 10% of magistrate court cases are for non-payment of the BBC licence fee. Non-payment is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of up to £1,000. Every week about 3,000 people are fined for non-payment, and about one person a week is jailed for non-payment of the fine. Women make up about 70% of those prosecuted and convicted, and half of those jailed for not paying the fine. ‘

‘Gareth Tinson, 34, from Porth has been jailed for four months for sending Cardiff Council staff offensive messages over a parking ticket.

A court heard Tinson sent offensive, indecent and obscene messages after he refused to pay a parking ticket, claiming that he had displayed one on his windscreen.’

All VERY amazingly serious crimes.

These are apparently not so serious…

‘Two thirds of perverts caught downloading sickening child pornography escape a jail sentence, figures revealed last night.

In a new soft-justice outrage, 1,000 paedophiles caught in possession of obscene abuse videos and pictures were handed community sentences or suspended jail terms last year’
‘Michael Porter, of Fuller Road, Dagenham, was yesterday handed a sentence of 22 weeks, suspended for one year, after neglecting his own terminally ill pet and violently assaulting a dog in his care.
Porter was also ordered to carry out 200 hours unpaid work, after his lodger witnessed him hitting the Shar Pei in his care, Sam, with a pole and seriously injuring it with a knife on September 14 last year.’

‘After the youths – none of whom can be named – were sentenced and banned from keeping animals for five years, Inspector Doe described the case as the “most disturbing case I have ever dealt with – by an absolute mile.”

She added: “These youths admitted feeding Chunky drugs, kicking and punching him, and wringing and breaking his neck before dumping him. They also said they set fire to his face and eyes after lighting a deodorant aerosol can. The whole thing sends shivers down my spine.’


(Pictured – Michael ‘I Have No Power’ Gove with the roaches. Only their mum has the political power. Apparently.)


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