This just in: Andrew Frankish IS A RACIST?!

We have located Andrew’s new online gaming profile.  He is going by the name Mist1k, but changes the name repeatedly to avoid being found.  Let’s take a look at his previous names…

Racist 1

‘Big juggs’ – No surprises there.  Clearly that’s a reference to his breastfeeding relationship with Valerie Frankish.

‘Liamkillbro’ – Yep, his new police protection name is Liam White, and he is a sadistic killer.  Shame he doesn’t kill his brother like the name suggests.

Hang on, what’s that one in big capital letters?


WTF Andrew, ‘dirty sand nigger’???

How much further can you lower yourself?  An animal-abusing racist who advocates child rape?  That’s not going to look good on your CV.

Look at the times at which he changed the names…  He spelled his racist name wrong on the first attempt – ‘DORTY ZAND NEGER’, and immediately changed it to ‘liamkillbro’.  Then, 31 minutes later, he decided that he liked the racist name SO MUCH that he would change it back to ‘DIRTY ZAND NEGER’.

What is up with these police double standards?  Animal abusers are allowed to possess and take drugs, publicly endorse paedophilia, conspire to commit further acts of animal torture and post hate speech in the form of racism, only to receive special VIP police protection.  Meanwhile, innocent citizens who lawfully take photographs in public places are harassed by the police and given warning notices.  In doing so, the police are enforcing laws which don’t exist.  They just make it up as they go along.  In fact, it’s getting to the point now where it seems that animal abuse is classed as a mitigating factor for other crimes.  If someone killed a puppy and then robbed a bank, would the police overlook the bank robbery (in addition to the courts failing to punish the murder)?

Anyway, let’s see what else is on his gaming profile…

Racist 2

What the hell Andrew, ‘Nigga we made it’???

Is that what you said to Daniel when you walked free from court?  Or when you reached 1 Otley Terrace unscathed after hiding in cardboard boxes carried by the delivery van?

Enjoy murdering people on your shooting games Andrew- They are all you have left.


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