The Unsung Heroes?

We enjoy a colour range of followers and supporters to our page and site. This is really code for saying that among them we do get some messages and visitors who are … ‘special’. They tend to fall into different tribes, like something from Middle Earth. This about covers them all. Factoring out the core of about 50 that do support us in meaningful ways.

People who think we are the United Nations.
At least once a week and day or night, we will get at least one message from someone whose had a falling out with someone somewhere and they want us to do something about it. Sometimes we get long cut and paste copies of these extremely boring and nothing to do with us little arguments that women we’ve never met have had with other women we’ll never meet. If we’re very lucky we will even get a screen shot of it as “proof”. You can imagine how much of a help this is to us at 2 in the morning when your costing something up for a new Op or trying to read important information about them.

We love you guys and your personal issues with other strangers on the internet though. Please keep your screen shots coming. Without them there’s just no way we will get this over the line. The best way to get justice is to be arbitrator in people’s personal disagreements first.

(“Hello, Opfrank. Beth has disagreed with me on a knitting forum. Look – here are ten screen shots as evidence”)

People who think we have resources similar to the US military.

There was one fella sent a photo or posted a photo. Just of the car mind you. No sign of them or anything. But thanks for the photo and what not. Then proceeds to have a gigantic aneurysm as to why “no one has done anything then”. Not too sure what he wanted me to do 350 miles away. Maybe thinks we have access to a fleet of F-16’s. When asked why he didn’t do this thing that he apparently felt everyone should have done his fit like seethe became even worse.

(Man enraged after nation fails to “do something” about the car he pictured. Not clear what.)

People who think we must surely be able to take on all these other cases.

Not that they aren’t important. But there is absolutely no way on this earth we could conduct these type of methods against each and every individual that happens to get busted for a crime against and animal or child. I’d love to – but there is simply no way. Actually that’s not true, there is a way and that way is to do what we have always done – lead in with this case and make broad changes on the back end.
There is also just no point to us running links to all these other stories and cases. There are already a ton of places like that and after a short time it becomes utterly depressing and demoralising. I also think that if you are just running case after case then while you’ll get a short outrage for each case that no case is likely to gain any real traction. Its for those reasons we almost never put up links to other cases.

(Sorry Goldie, your day will come)


Fantasist’s and misinformants.
I’m convinced most of them don’t even know these guys but they like to claim they “think they saw them in (insert entirely wrong place)”. We sometimes wonder why these people exist then we remember that there are women who actually marry men who are on death row. So there’s really no legislating for people. Its a phenomenon the police have to deal with on a grander scheme – fantasist’s and people that just get everything wrong all of the time.

(Someone who claims to be “in the know”. Sends us pic of Ford Focus)



Soul Eaters
Not fully convinced these are real people. They seem to live in a perpetual state of nihilism and gloom. Not content with that they feel they must share it with us like its some divine action for them to do so. As far as this % of the population are concerned we are “totally fucked” no matter what anyone does because “nothing ever changes”. Even when there is some gigantic leap forward with anything at all the Soul Eater just isn’t having it. They are like the love child of Victor Meldrew and Blanche from Coronation St.

(A fan assuring us that we ‘won’t bring that dog back you know’)



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