Their best chance and only chance

Those manginas may be insane and what they did was unquestionably an expression of that insanity.  But the insanity did not begin and end with them.

Here’s a list of truly insane things many of which they have no direct control over or say in:

1) It was insane that it took two years for this to be discovered, especially as the dog was seen at the very end by a qualified vet.

2) It was insane that at no time during that stage did the vet suspect a thing and it was truly insane they did not think to err on the side of caution and investigate further.

3) It was insane to them give them a 21 week prison term only to suspend it.

4) It was insanity to give them a home curfew when the primary offence took place in their then home.

5) It was insane not to take the chance to seize their devices and examine them.

6) It is insane for any government in any country to blatantly and persistently ignore questions and the will of one million of its citizens.

7) It is insane that it took months for Gove to write back to Anna Turley only to vaguely say he has “no power”.

8) It is insane that we need to wait until next year just to have what seems to be a short conversation about maybe having a longer one.

9) It is beyond insane for absolutely no one at all to clarify if Gove meant he could not and would not review THEIR case or if he simply meant that as one individual he could not by himself review sentencing powers.

10) It is clearly insane to think that having invested so much time and emotional energy into this we would give up.  If anything the opposite has happened – we grow more relentless by the day.

11) It is insane to think they could be located in a street and that no one at all is going to mind.

12) It is insane for a system that permits them to change names and con landlords.

13) It is insane for there to be a curfew when they travel all over the North and stay in more places than a stray cat.

14) It is insane for them to be wandering around like an evil Marco Polo when it’s obvious by now it is never going to work out for them.  It’s just a total waste of their time and effort.

15) It is insane for two grown adults to be bringing so much stress to their own mother.  She may be somewhat implicated and unlikable but when all is said and done if they had any respect for her at all they would figure out how to cut her loose from this mess that THEY caused.

I say this almost dispassionately to them if they are reading (which they usually do) – their best chance and probably only chance is to ‘appeal’ to do some jail time.  Not sure how they’d do it – that’s a personal problem.  There is an example included in which a guy managed to do that very thing.

That would be the most logical and sane thing for all.  Here is why:
– It would appease the public at least on some level
– It would take the secondary focus right off the mother
– It would be a timely pressure valve both for them and everyone that despises them.
– Gove wouldn’t need to fuss around trying to figure out if he had powers or not.
– They would be probably the only two convicted of such a thing to ‘opt’ for prison instead because it really is the better option – for them.
– It would mean we could take the focus off them and then place ALL of it on Phase 2 – Changing the wider laws relating to such matters.

I’m not even saying this with a degree of flippancy or even any anger towards them anymore.  I’m just stating cold, hard facts.



“A man has been jailed after asking to go to prison instead of carrying out community work.
Lee Thomas (21) appeared at Harborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday for repeatedly failing to do unpaid work or obey his curfew.
He had been given a suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty, in February, to possessing a knife in public.
He had also broken a curfew imposed after he had failed to do the community work.
Mr Browne said: “We have spoken to him and he says he does not want to do the work and realises what will happen if he continues to breach the order.
“He has told us he accepts that prison is the only option open to the court.”


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