It is understood that Justice Minister Michael Gove had alerted MI6 after the initial capture of the ‘Billingham Butcher’.  However, a SPATE OF COPY CAT PHOTO ATTACKS has led to Gove now DEMANDING ANSWERS IN PARLIAMENT.

(MFI HQ. Said “to be involved”)

A spokesman for Gove was quoted as saying; “He had no powers when it comes to dog torturers or paedophiles. But the Justice Minister wants to make it quite clear that there can be no fucking place for taking a photo in 2016. Let alone more than one”.

Its believed these latest images were taken in Skelton near Saltburn earlier today.

One local said; “I caught sight of the snapper for a few moments. I’d say he was about seven foot tall with one eye in the centre of his head. And he had feet like a goat. I also saw him breathing fire”.

It is unclear what if any injuries were sustained by Vannah Le Coco De Frankish although one eye witness account spoke of a “virtual MASSACRE of hurt feelings”.

Other reports spoke of her clutching tightly to her pearl necklace (and not for the first time -wink, wink).

(Viewer Discretion Advised. Actual representation of how many tears she has spilled over her triggered emotions in respect of a photo)


A spokesperson for OF said. “What this activity definitely proves beyond all doubt is that cars are able to move between different places.”

Scientists have long disputed the idea that cars are able to “go from A to B”. These latest findings would appear to suggest that they can. Take that, cynics!




Seriously though, in a sense our entire purpose for showing these randomly sent in pics is to illustrates just how totally defective matters are.
The taking of a photo in a public place provoked a more immediate and physically provable response than any number of people submitting evidence of criminal intent and obscenity to the authorities about them.

I’ve lost count of the people who have asked for official comment on at least two and possibly three pieces of evidence that certainly look like statements of criminal intent and obscenity to us. However, despite the serious and criminal nature of the content not one person in any position of authority has commented or taken action. Then in a further surreal twist one women (whose sons are a threat to anything good) can get immediate action (albeit by way of a guy being given a little note) with just one whining phone call.

Doesn’t matter if you think AF saying he intend(ded) to leave Redcar and find more dogs to torture is a statement of criminal intent.

Doesn’t matter if you think AF writing about raping kids is offensive and criminal.

Makes no odds if you think a small fine and a tagging order was a sick joke for what they did.

All that matters is the feelings and subjective emotions of that one women and the two strings of decaying organic matter that she created in her groaning womb.
That’s THE most important thing. Her feels and their well being. No one else counts, no one else matters, no one else can get the private and swift special treatment that this one hysterical women and her who “two little innocent children who didn’t do any wrong” can demand.

In the grander plan we don’t care about her or her stupid car. It makes no tangible difference to the objectives we set out at the start and remain with today.

However, the fact that someone taking a photo of a car can trigger such amazing personal and prompt attention while multiple reports of AF’s statements are met with silence should demonstrate (even on a small scale) why the public are increasingly disgusted with officials on all levels.

(Very Dangerous Photo. Far more dangerous than dog torturing and conspiring to do it again)



People do not want time and money being wasted just because some whining old women doesn’t like a member of the public taking a bloody photo. They do not pay their taxes hoping for it to be spent on that.
(This photo is virtually thermo nuclear in terms of a threat to national security. Far more risky than someone speaking about raping kids)


What people DO want to see time and money being spent on is following up these reprehensible screen shots and what people ARE interested to know is how those are NOT criminal? What the public really want to see is not citizens bothered for taking a photo but evil people like her sons locked up for public safety reasons.

Don’t you?



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