Catch them on their UK Tour

Pop duo Dandy have recently waved goodbye to their manager Valerie Frankish to make a break for the big time.  The pair have embarked on their first ever UK tour to support their new album ‘On The Run’, during which they wish to maximise their exposure and achieve nationwide recognition.

Adjusting to a life on the road hasn’t been easy for Daniel and Andy.  They’ve had to forgo Valerie Frankish’s breast milk in exchange for those little UHT cartons that you get in hotel rooms.  Privacy has also been an issue for the brothers, with their adoring fans always managing to hunt them down, no matter what.  Don’t think Valerie Frankish has had it easy back at home though- She has needed to deploy her personal police security guards to stave off the paparazzi!

Dandy are looking forward to releasing their new singles ‘You Haunt Me Baby’ and ‘Nowhere To Hide’.  Their tracks are currently being recorded by Operation Frankish.  If you’re lucky, they could come to your town next, so keep a lookout.  Thanks goes out to our supporters who have seen them live, and sent us their photos and reviews.



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