Do Brits Have The Bottle..? We’ll Soon Find Out

Here’s a  story followed by a question. A man comes to you and complains of a terrible pain in his leg. You look and see he has a thorn deep in the flesh. You draw his attention to the thorn as the source of his pain and advise he have it removed. Some days later he returns and in visible agony. You look and see he has not yet had the thorn removed. This time you stress how important it is he seek medical attention as it now appears to be infected.
Off he goes and you never hear from him again.

You later find out he left it so long that he died of blood poisoning. What can you possibly do with someone like that? He comes complaining of a pain, you tell him the solution and the fix and he returns in even worse pain. You are literally begging him to go get medical attention at this stage and what does he do? He leaves it, gets more sick and dies.

All due to a simple foreign body that could have been removed in seconds.

He would have died from his own inexplicable negligence, inexplicable since he could feel the pain enough to complain about it.

What this illustrates is that you can show, tell and explain but in the end it is up to the person to remove and deal with the source of their pain.

If they leave that thorn in then how can they possibly go on complaining about the pain? All they needed to do was act on common sense advice and get the thorn removed. No more pain and no blood poisoning.

I see that little story as being like a reflection of much of British society as it is right now. They did surprise me with their recent vote, I will give them that. However, that aside I hear a LOT of complaining about a lot of very real pain, over and over and over.

People say how much it pains them for these animal torture freaks to be convicted yet not jailed time and again.

People say how much it pains them that those convicted of having child abuse material are routinely convicted yet not jailed.

People say how much it pains them that public money is spent on putting disgusting freaks still serving a sentence in hotels.

People say how much it pains them that they be allowed to have house after house, all paid for by the public purse, while good people struggle to find a family home.

People say how the silence and inaction of public officials pains them.

And people say they want ALL of those pains to go away.

Perhaps on the surface they do or they think they do. But much like the man who just left that thorn in until it was too late, they do not take the advised action to not only stop the pain but to save their life.

Here’s an example. There were one million people that signed the very original petition that, in the end and like so many, counted for very little.

That’s not to take away from the sentiment of it – but if a petition achieves nothing with one million people then its clear that what it really lacked was punch.

It could have had 10 million but with no punch, no follow through, there is simply NO INCENTIVE for local or national Government to do a thing.

They can go on doling out hotel money to those that battered that poor dog around, they can go on using YOUR money to pay HIM “sickness” money for a state of mind that HE brought on HIMSELF by his actions and the reaction to it.
They can ignore you and go on being haughty, in short they (the state) can do what the fuck they want (or do not want) safe in the knowledge that if a people have no desire for follow through then there is no incentive for them to change. None. At all. You are left appealing for morality to the amoral and ethics to the unethical.

I’ll be blunt. There are three basic ways that any body politic will shift. You can revolt and take over or you can bribe them. Neither of those are viable options. Not even worth dwelling on. The third and really last way is to threaten to pull the plug on the gravy train that presently pampers beasts like Frankish.

If you are THAT angry and that disgusted by this culture of being soft on sadists then why are you complicit in paying into it then? It makes no sense on any level that you choose to pay into it then moan after the fact, then pay into it all over again. That’s not even rational on any basic level, to go on doing that is like a form of masochistic psychosis.

In what way is it rational to pay into something that you later scream bloody murder about? Do you expect the state to take your money first and then listen to you? Been tried – hasn’t worked. They just keep taking it and using it to pay for scum to whoop it up in a hotel.

We have pretty much told you what it is going to take to burst the dam and break through all of this bullshit and get these over paid and lazy bastards in Parliament to sit up and actually DO something constructive for once – you threaten to starve them of funding and you let them know why.

It shouldn’t need to take that just to get people that abuse kids and animals into prison and out of hotels but it seems that it does.

You can spend the next 25years titting around with as many conventional petitions and paying into a system that pays it back out to filth to be at large to predate on YOUR children and YOUR pets.

Or you can accept that money talks and since we cannot mass bribe the Government the next best thing is to threaten to starve them of funding until some simple demands are met.
Do you honestly think May wants THAT in the first few months of being at number ten?
Local Government would soon be putting pressure on central Government and before you know it changes would almost magically start to happen. One of the last things in the world I’d want if I were May would be a huge number of men, women, parents, employers etc letting it be KNOWN that they are not going to pay one more penny into the system UNTIL the system stops paying it back out again to pander to and pay for scum that need to be caged.


Isn’t it fair enough to say no to paying for this…
(Premier Inn, Rotherham)

For doing this?



Or would you sooner go on paying for it and moaning after the fact?



Would you sooner just put all your faith in the ten minute thing that Anna Turley is going to do in 2017? At what risk? Perhaps something like this?


We can assure you. When they realise that at least 50,000 are serious about with holding their stupid council tax until such a time that there is a nation pledge to stop letting dog torturers and kid fuckers loose then they will cease taking YOU for a mug.
How many do we have so far? An almost ‘touching myself’ 1,000. I am nearly sexually aroused. A whole 1,000 in a nation of 65 million.
What happened to that 800,000 that wanted “Justice for Baby”? Can’t want it that much or else they’d be right on it this. How many virtue signalers and petition addicts signed up to that 800,000? No idea but it seems like a lot were.


This will be the primary counter argument from a cuck. “But..but…if I threaten to with hold funds the council will send me a letter”.

Well cry me a vortex of tears, a letter from the council you say? Whoa, we’d best put the brakes on right now, don’t want to incur the wrath of a letter from the council.

Here’s the next one. “But they will get a CCJ against me”. Le sigh. They are not going to get a CCJ against you for threatening to with hold funds as part of a formal campaign.
But even if they were, Jesus wept, if you are not prepared to quit paying into the system then you should fall silent the next time a dog torturer or paedophile is treated like a star by being put up in hotels at your expense.
To be brutally honest it would mean you were just really someone that liked to moan a lot but were not prepared to take the smallest risk or make the smallest sacrifice to get stuff done fast. Look at the stakes you are playing for here! They couldn’t be higher.

How can you hope to change or achieve anything with this blatantly ignorant and detached state if you passively keep paying into it then muttering about how bad it is they are in a hotel? It is not possible. You NEED to attack this at source and that means you NEED to threaten to sever the money supply. That is how you will achieve long over due action and justice.

That ^^ is how you remove the pain, the thorn in your side. You use their own rules against them. If it is only money they ultimately listen to then speak to them in the language of money.
With only a small % of the people that apparently signed the 800,000 petition you can make a difference – but not merely to this one case,to ALL the victims that are let down time and again by these insulting sentences. Both human victims and non human victims. Especially since abuse of the latter is usually a lead in to the abuse of the former.

Without direct and ballsy action then you only become a victim yourself. You become a victim of the state, you become a victim of these absurd situations where two prisoners convicted of torture are residing … in their third known hotel.
You become reduced to a gimp.


Politicians and officials laugh at you as they take your cash, spend it on people like them, then give you the silent treatment when you ask things and make salient points. Then they just put their hand out knowing that in true Pavlovian style the person will pay back into it all over again.

Because if there’s one thing for sure – its much worse to get a wee letter from the council than it is to live in a nation where psychopaths, sadists, paedophiles, dog torturers, grooming gangs and dog fighters flourish. I for one would rather take my chances with the latter that incur the wrath of a council late payment letter.

No way. One sniff of a letter and I OUT OF HERE. Literally shitting myself at the very notion.
The message given out by the standard petition.







The message our one will give out..

(“Right then ya political fuckers. Nay fucker is getting any more fucking cash until these fucking nonces are off the streets and in the jail. Arseholes”)


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