Virtue Signallers & Social Justice Warriors

What is a virtue signaller?

“Saying you love or hate something to show off what a virtuous person you are, instead of actually trying to fix the problem.”

Sounds all too common and familiar to me.  I see it in many forms online, from the virtue signalling when someone like Cilla Black died to virtue signalling about the light sentences and pandering to animal abusers and paedophiles.  It’s the easiest, laziest and probably most insincere form of expression since all it takes is a few words on social media and maybe a sad or smiley face.  Then that person can sit back, count their likes and feel they’ve done their bit.

(The virtue signaler)Print

Virtue signalling is deeply insincere since the majority who do it only pretend to have a strong interest in a given matter.  They may even have no interest at all and virtue signal after they see others are doing it.

I personally want to throw up every time there is a massacre in Europe and you have all these (mainly) under 30’s who cannot wait to swap their profile picture for a national flag or rainbow.  They don’t even have the first real clue about the details of the case or anything.  But why let ignorance be a barrier when you can look good by running with the French flag, the Belgian flag or maybe a rainbow.  Because that will solve everything huh?

However the virtue signaler never sets out or aims to fix a single thing – that is not their intention.  Their sole intention is to be liked and accepted.  Those that do it only do so to make THEMSELVES feel good.

While one might argue that we had people swap their profile pic for those of our Operations, this is totally different.  For one thing, everyone who did that at least had full details and a true attachment to the case.  And for another it was vital that we did this to become our own media as it were.  The mainstream media naturally already give instant and mass coverage to tragedies in France and Belgium.  It’s not like these events were unknowns and there was a social media need to get the news out.  Like I say – totally different motives between those that virtue signal with the flags and those who answered a direct call to maximise exposure for evil that is grossly under exposed.

Which brings me to the Social Justice Warrior.  What is an SJW?  Well there’s certainly nothing wrong with social or legal justice.  I’m good with that and that would represent what we more or less do.  However, that is not what a Social Justice Warrior really is.

A SJW never tends to fight for social justice which is of true pressing value.  You will almost never get an SJW wanting to organise to expose paedophiles and dog torturers.  You will almost never get an SJW showing any interest in rape or ‘grooming’ in their town (for example, nothing said by SJWs about the Rotherham scandal).  An SJW isn’t really fighting for true social justice most times.  Instead they are indulging themselves in some strange fantasy world, a world in which there is a pressing demand in this country to fight against “the cisgender patriarchy”.

(For some unknown reason, toilets and gentials are super important to the SJW.)


I blame colleges and universities for this personally.  In the past few decades they appear to have transformed from centres of serious academia to these places where insane tutors give lectures in insane subjects to students who in their arrogance, naiveté and self-comfort then go out into the world with these truly bizarre ‘ethics’ and this distorted sense of priority.  It’s got to the stage where if I had a child of university age I actually wouldn’t want them to go.

I consider both the virtue signaler and the SJW to be something almost exclusive to millennials.  Very possibly to do with the proliferation of the internet and social media as well.  Neither are of any use.  The virtue signaler only covets that momentary feel good buzz.  The SJW fights imaginary threats or at best they might fight for the rights of a fully grown man to wear a dress and use the ladies toilet.  You’ve heard of the expression “fiddling while Rome burns”?  That is what both the virtue signaler and SJW do.


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