A Frank(ish) Review…

We began out in April with about as fair a campaign message and demand that anyone could possibly lead with – ‘Jail The Frankish Brothers’. What could be more just? We were prepared to accept that the magistrates (who are not professionals in law) made an error of judgment and we were fully prepared to accept this error being put right. It seemed rational and logical to us that a more senior judge would have the case brought to his attention and he would decide their sentence unduly lenient.


We of course knew that even though it was entirely rational and best all around for this to be done that we’d need to keep the story in the public eye and raise more awareness.

So we did…..





And just in case there were any other victims or witnesses we gave an incentive…


And then another one….



They were allowed to leave here, despite both being prisoners…


And they were permitted to dupe someone to letting to them here.

And since then they’ve been badly punished by a series of these…



After about two months Gove wrote back to Turley. Correction – he got someone else to do it. What he told her wasn’t at all clear to anyone. All current efforts to achieve clarification have fallen on deaf ears. What was the use in Gove getting the Solicitor General to write to Turley if in fact his message just made things more confusing than they did clear?
Two months – for that.
Still to this very day I don’t think there is a person alive in the country who is 100% crystal clear as to whether Gove meant he could not/would not review their sentence OR if he meant he could not by himself review the current sentences overall.

Here it is again. Is it 100% clear to you?

“..Turley previously wrote to Justice Minister Michael Gove , requesting an urgent review into sentencing for animal cruelty crimes. The Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC, replied on his behalf to say they did not have the power to refer such cases for review, and confirmed that people who commit animal cruelty can be sentenced for up to six months in prison…”
I am going to go out on a limb here. I am going to wager that the above statement is really just a means to pontificate and push the entire matter further down the line. I am going to further wager that the Government and courts have zero intention of recalling them to court, reviewing their sentence and sending them to prison.

I have seen absolutely no will or evidence from anyone with the authority to do that, and their curfew and tag is due to end around September. Anna Turley’s 10 min window thing isn’t until Feb next year. Good luck getting the state to send them to prison long after they have finished their official sentence. Only them committing other known crimes would then put them in prison, especially since both will still be under a suspended sentence for a good while yet.
In other words, we all literally need to just wait and sort of allow a tragedy to occur and THEN ‘something’ will be done. Maybe.

To be fair the state are trying their best to make one happen by putting them in residential areas and hotels. As of yet though one has not happened – mercifully. Its inevitable that it will. Its merely a matter of when and who/what to. Its one of the times I hope I am wrong, but whether it is in six months or six years, I assure you, you will see their faces again – and the next time will be even worse than the first time since such types always raise the bar. However, having been with this closely since day one, I can assure you that I will not be wrong.

I have to admit, OF and absolutely everyone felt certain that one or both of those infamous screen shots had to constitute a criminal offence. People did send them in to police along with their overall thoughts and to be best of my knowing absolutely no one got a single reply from the police in regard to what looked like seriously damning statements.

Here’s the thing – the public do not know if he commited an offence with them since the police have simply never come back and told them. Since when did reports like that get met with just total nothingness, esp when sent by totally unrelated people and many of them?
I assumed they would be obligated to acknowledge and respond, well if they are they never seem to have done. Please correct me if I am wrong and they ever replied to you.

So we have no idea if they can still go to prison and we have no idea if it is a criminal offence to state the things he did. Amazing. Truly jaw dropping. Almost like something from Fawlty Towers. No one apparently knows and if they do they aren’t saying.

To add further to this near sit com context, the one and only person on the entire planet who has said that “no vet could have known the causes of the dog’s hind legs giving way or know that abuse took place three months previously”. So add that to the mix, no one knows if they can still go to prison, no one knows if those screen shots are illegal and no one knows how anyone couldn’t suspect something was very amiss with the dog, except for one politician.

To the best of my knowledge she could be the greatest political figure in the world, but she is not a vet and nor can she say “no vet could..”, since it is impossible for her to speak for every vet.

Even though the vet “cannot comment” and even though not one single reporter has ever thought to ask her, in this psychedelic scenario we have a situation where the same politician advocating for changes to laws is at the same time making bold statements about what all vets could and could not do.

And while you can lodge a complaint against a vet it tends to be the client that does it. They aren’t going to and when the public want to we are told that we can but that we would need to give “full facts”. However we are then told that only the vets have the “full facts” and they cannot comment.

Confused? You will be.

We then have a situation where they are located in a street in Darlington centre. Mother in pram a few doors along, an elderly couple with dogs. All easy pickings for them. They don’t exactly fit the profile of model tenants, do they?

With great reluctance and out of sense of duty to potential victims we leak the address. For a town of 100,000 not many in Darlington seemed to be too stirred. I guess they are waiting for that tragedy as well, so they can wring their hands about how “something should have been done to prevent it”. In the end it took us to have a reasonable and decent exchange with the owner of the house to get them moved on. This took us about two weeks to do and remotely. We did it ‘cleanly’ as well.

It then transpires that they living in a series of hotels and your expense. You can see why this would almost make a good comedy, right? There are people living in accommodation with dampness and other issues who pay council tax and a part of that goes to keeping them in a hotel with no issues. They pay little or perhaps no council tax at all of course.

The darkly comedic part to all of this is that for all of that people will go on obediently feeding money into the system that allows all of that to exist. People fund what they most hate. What they hate only ends when they stop funding it any more.
But you are dealing with a lot of what I think is fear conditioning, fear of some perceived personal hassle or issue in doing a certain thing.

Know what this nation reminds me of? The stereotypical battered wife who keeps on coming back for more of the same old shit time and again and hoping that this time it will be “different” and that “he has changed”.

Excuse my French but we need to get off our fucking knees here FFS. It is honestly a total fucking embarrassment that in this day and age we actually pay for prisoners to stay in hotels while you pay council tax toward it and toward the police and officials who ignore every last question that you ask. And people KEEP doing it.

It is amazing but not in a good way. Its like the creation of an evil genius that kind of system but the most ironic part is that you have it in your power to break it any time you want – you simply do not use that power that you have.
People barely use 1% of it yet you can see what a mere handful of people created in three months.

It is genuinely an utter red face that while people pay for all of this they generally say and do nothing about it. I wonder how low people are willing to let society go? Whats their red line? I’d love to know at what point they would ZOOM into action.

You even had the infamous case in Rotherham of (coughs) ‘grooming gangs’ mass raping and terrorising some of the towns most vulnerable girls. How did the social services do there? How did the police do?

Not so good is it? Yet for many years they were able to do what they did and the authorities turned a blind eye due to “fear of being called muh racist”. See what I mean about truly surreal?

And in 2016 this is how MEN choose to “protest rape” in Europe? I barely know whether to laugh or cry.


When all is said and done our intention was never to play Don Corleone with these lads. All we wanted was what would have been right in the first place, and then sure, you can always review the overall sentences next year. However, since no one in Britain is sure what Britain can and cannot do, we are going to take it that the state have no intention of doing this one thing. How are we able to lobby for something that Gove himself and no one in Britain seems clear on? We cannot.

I think the clue that they do not intend to send them to prison may be in the fact they are in a hotel.

We can try our best to alert landlords and neighbours lest the locate near them, but none of us can picture being here in 6 months like three parrots going “Here’s Their Latest Hotel/Address”. Any purpose to it by that point is canceled out by two things – the general failure of a community to act when alerted and the continual weakness of people who do not like it but who will keep on paying into it and never offering a fix.

When we say ‘act’ it doesn’t even mean some Apocalypse, there are many ways to act, people should, they do not and that is why the cycle goes on and on. Thats what will claim all your next victims of them and those like them.
There would be literally no point us sat here like three united jilted lovers writing “Listen, they in now in their 110th hotel and this time it is the Hilton” in months time. What purpose would it serve?
If it only serves as a conduit for people to seethe for ten seconds online then do nothing, then it would just become silly.

Its not meant to be therapy or mental health porn. If people really do not mind paying out for guys like this then it’s not cool but at the same time there would simply be no purpose to cataloguing them this way, since the only people who are funding it are all those who know these things and who will still go on funding it and who will still find excuses.

The purpose of showing you their locations was less to “intimidate” them and more to show case what your money is spent on – protecting sadists, paedophiles, the official silence etc.

No one else has done that, the press haven’t bothered to update you on these matters of public spend, your local Gov officials say nothing in general, those paid to protect you won’t even answer the public on two or three key issues.

We could keep on doing just that but to what end? There has to be an end otherwise you are going round in a circle are you not?

The “end” would have to be you, those you know, your partner, your neighbour. Only when you/they have finally had enough of propping up the insanity as explained does it end and not one day before. It sounds so simple but it is true. Having enough of it can simply mean a refusal to fund the evil parts of the system any more. It can be that passive but effective if you want it to be.
The public have not had enough of being made fools of yet it would seem. Some have for sure, but for the most part it seems that the rest are happy to be taken for fools. Its not merely that they keep paying in to a system that pays it back out to predators but they are so passive they require an external entity to locate and remove.

The team consensus right now is that it would eventually become stupid to just keep locating and trying to move them on in some constant loop forever more.

If only the same number of people could queue up at their local council office as line up for the opening of a new Krispy Kreme Donuts franchise!
It achieves progressively less if people themselves are prepared to tolerate the status quo. The early thinking right now is to do something interesting (we have no idea what yet though), and then we move on to something else. Keep an eye on them by all means but we have to face reality – if people are too lazy/idle/whatever that they keep paying for the hotels/car/benefits/food/houses/rent/protections of known predators then thats the reality we have to accept.

We can’t wave a magic wand and turn these saps into the bold or the brave. They are what they are. They need to get pissed off themselves and get angry enough to stop being a cuck and start acting like they aren’t accepting such a deal anymore.

I guess the fact that they do have this power to refuse to accept this and do not fully use that power is kinda frustrating a little bit. At the same time no use my/us getting frustrated if that is where society is at on average. Not like we made them that way or anything.

If after three straight months of showing you what an utter piss take the system is and how it is a disaster that waits to happen there are still not sufficient people prepared to take direct action then it becomes somewhat pointless showing the public at all. We may as well show them on a state paid trip to the US by use of a drone and people would howl at the moon over it .. for a day, before going back to what they were doing before..paying the bills that fund the free stuff for sadists.

There is absolutely nothing you can do with people who are not yet at a stage where they want to cut off the free stuff to sadists.

There are no words, no images, no reasoning powers that resonate with those kinds of people (who are the bulk). They simply do not join the dots between the free stuff for free sadists and the fact that its made possible by their purse and passivity.
Even when the dots are joined for them they are about as responsive as an aging sloth having a particularly potent joint on a Sunday afternoon.


It would honestly get to the absurd stage where we would be posting updates in March telling you “They are eating caviar now”, and still this wouldn’t be quite enough to persuade people that maybe they should actually feel cheated here.
We’re not disbanding and there are no issues. But we do need to be logical here. If our network and information is able to put as ahead of the curve time after time, and if by doing so we show people over and over both the scam and the danger then it is only of worth WHEN people have enough of not being answered, enough of police silence, enough of weak and unclear messages from Gove and enough of pandering to and paying for ALL people like them. Period.
There is no use a movement being way ahead of the curve of citizens are not making best use of these exposures.

That’s what we are saying.


2 thoughts on “A Frank(ish) Review…

  1. I agree from personal experience that authorities would rather lock up a struggling mother for not paying her TV licence than lock up someone who abuses animals or children. Or take seriously the complaints and worries of the abused. In this society Money and keeping everyone in place is still King.


  2. These brothers and exactly what you said a very serious accident waiting to happen. Thomson and Venables were animal abusers before they moved onto Jamie Bulger. So are many more serial killers. This pair needs jailing and putting on a register like paedophiles and been tracked for life. Scum.


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