One Huge Effort To Secure Just Two Answers

This is it then – One last and final attempt at getting anyone in authority at all within Cleveland police to answer two simple questions.


Today is Wednesday.  If you just do this today, then if there are no answers by Monday we can follow it up with calls.  If there are still no answers then how is that going to make them look?

Do not e-mail them.  I have come to the conclusion that on matters such as this they are totally impotent.  Next to useless.  In fact do not contact them via the internet at all.  Do it old school – write a letter and include the screen shots.  Send three copies of the letter each.

Send one to …
Iain Spittal – Chief Constable
Simon Nickless – Deputy Chief Constable
Ciaron Irvine – Assistant Chief Constable.

Here is the full postal address:

Cleveland Police
Shared Service Centre
Ash House
III Acre
Princeton Drive
Stockton on Tees
TS17 6AJ


Your letters can go something like this…

Dear ******
I enclose for your perusal two screenshots that were the work of convicted animal torturer, Andrew Frankish.  He and his brother Daniel are still prisoners and apparently tagged and under curfew.

It is disturbing to learn that the police have been contacted multiple times and asked to comment on this evidence only to not do so.

Let’s deal with the first one- This was part of a chat he had before he was arrested and charged with making the torture video.  As you can clearly and for yourself see, he is blatantly stating criminal intentions.  He has long since departed from Redcar (as per his promise).  I and the British public simply do not comprehend how this does not constitute a clear statement of criminal intent, especially as he went on to be convicted.  I would urge you to give this matter your attention.


Now let’s move on to the second one.  This one is older, however that is surely moot.  I and the public are totally bewildered that such a statement is not considered obscene and a violation of the telecommunications act – at minimum.  I would be delighted if you could explain how such a thing is legal and acceptable – if in fact it even is.


It is imperative that the public get answers and that I personally get an answer to both issues.  I find both to be entirely unacceptable and it is also not acceptable for no response or comment to have been made before now.  These are two convicted sadists who are still serving a sentence, albeit they presently appear to be getting ‘punished’ by being accommodated in a series of hotels.

Many thanks.


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