Gove gone, trussed up

Not really a massive surprise that Gove has been displaced and replaced as Justice Minister. May was always going to want to bring in her own women pals – and she has.
I’ve never heard of Liz Truss before but she is now the new Justice Minister. In terms of matters justice we may as well forget Gove as of now. Instead the focus needs to be on Truss. Justice is now her number one remit and she had best be an upgrade on Gove who “couldn’t review justice”. I won’t hold my breath though.

(Truss.  I already prefer her to Gove)

Anyway, here’s a little bit about her..

This sounds not bad on paper..

‘Truss became the deputy director of Reform in January 2008 where she advocated more rigorous academic standards in schools, a greater focus on tackling serious and organised crime.’

She likes bees.

In November 2014, Truss launched a new 10-year bee and pollinator strategy to try and reverse the trend of falling bee populations.

(Pictured – Some bees doing bee stuff)





Critics who have attempted to engage with her, according to George Monbiot in The Guardian, have said that she is “indissolubly wedded to a set of theories about how the world should be, that are impervious to argument, facts or experience. She was among the first ministers to put her own department on the block in the latest spending review, volunteering massive cuts. She seems determined to dismantle the protections that secure our quality of life: the rules and agencies defending the places and wildlife we love.”.
So there we have it. Gove is now redundant to the situation and now its all on this women. She needs to make a name for herself in this new role because her bio so far seems deeply dull. This is a massive promotion for her and she needs to prove she is up to the task.
What does that mean for our petition (to Gove). Not much really. We still have a Justice Minister and the points are still valid – its merely that the name has changed. We’d need a great many more than 1,000 or so behind it anyway, so its not that big of a thing.


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