Hotel Groups and Councils – Smash their vile scheme

One of the many things I dislike about the culture of international chains and franchises is they tend to lose their ‘soul’. Stay in a hotel that is owned by people that are dedicated to the industry and you’ll have a total different sort of stay to what you will have at one of those chains.

There is no personal touch, in fact they are designed to be entirely impersonal. Everything becomes about squeezing every last penny of profit out and if that means dubious practice and dubious professional ethics then so be it it would appear.

When we were first informed they were residing in a Travel Lodge we felt sure it must be April 1st. Even had to check the calender. Surely it had to be a massive gag that they were really being ‘punished’ by way of living in a Travel Lodge? It was not gag and they were. Not one but two. And then a Premier Inn.

The Premier Inn were either ignorant to what they had under their roof or they were co-erced into flat out lying on their behalf (guess who’d have the influence to have that conversation with hotel management…).

This got me to thinking that maybe this is no one off, maybe it is not uncommon for people like that to be put up in such places. Perhaps there is an agreement between such chains and local authorities on some level I began to think.

And it seems my suspicions were in fact correct. This from just last year;

Homeless people who may have criminal records being put up in Premier Inns and Travelodge

The cheap rooms for the homeless scheme was discovered after lifelong offender Matthew Williams murdered Cerys Yemm in a B&B last year

Popular hotel chains Premier Inns and Travelodge are taking in homeless people – and some may have criminal records and drug problems, it has emerged.

Both hotel companies have confirmed that people with nowhere else to stay are being put up in rooms alongside paying guests with young families.

Homeless people are being referred to the budget hotels by local councils who have a duty to provide emergency accommodation.
Travelodge admitted working with local authorities by providing accommodation in communities across the UK.

But the hotel chain refused to comment on the circumstances of individual customers.
The cheap rooms for the homeless scheme was discovered after a drug user carried out an horrific murder in his room at a privately-run B&B last November.

Matthew Williams , 34, had just been released from prison when Caerphilly Council in Wales put him up at a £35-a-night guest house in a quiet village.
Williams killed Cerys Yemm, 22, after inviting her to his room.
Caerphilly Council admitted they have placed other homeless people in a local Travelodge and Premier Inn which both have a £35-a-night room rate.

But risk assessments are carried out before anyone is sent to a hotel where ordinary paying guests are staying.

And both Travelodge and Premier Inns expect local authorities to ensure that anyone they take in is not a danger to the public.

A Travelodge spokesman said: “Although we work with local authorities in many communities across the UK, as a company we do not comment on the circumstances of individual customers.

“Whilst working with local authorities accounts for a small part of our business, whenever any guests are booked into our hotels we expect them to abide by our terms and conditions and we make that very clear.
“As is clearly stated in our terms and conditions, we do not permit people under the age of 18 to stay alone in our hotels.”

The landlady of the Sirhowy Arms where Williams murdered Miss Yemm was unaware the people Caerphilly Council were sending her were serious offenders.

Mandy Miles, 42, carried out her own inquiries after the killing and cross-matched the names of her “guests” with court reports from local newspapers.
Mrs Miles discovered she had hosted at least 10 violent and sex offenders including a rapist, a peeping Tom and several paedophiles.
Lifelong offender Matthew Williams had taken a cocktail of drugs when he killed Miss Yemm, of nearby Oakdale, after they met on a night out.
Williams died when he was tasered by police in the 13-bedroom hotel in a leafy lane in the village of Argoed, near Blackwood, Caearphilly.

Speaking for the first time her heartbroken mother, social worker Paula Yemm, 49, said: “Who made decisions to place Williams there?

“What, if any, risk assessments were completed and what went wrong? These are the things I need to know.”

A spokesman for Caerphilly County Borough Council said: “The Council has a legal duty to provide emergency accommodation to those in priority need.

“Anyone who is statutorily homeless will be provided with an emergency accommodation placement whilst we investigate our housing duties to them.

“This is done in line with appropriate housing legislation.”
The campaign group Voices From Care is calling for an urgent review into local authorities sending homeless people to budget hotels and cheap B&Bs.

Spokeswoman Debbie Jones said: “We need to call for a national review to look into, in particular, Caerphilly – but I suspect this is a wider problem than just one local authority.”

The more I dig into matters the more reprehensible the entire thing gets. Any time I strip a layer it is worse than the last one.
What we can take from this is that your local authorities work together with such chains and place a succession of paedophiles, rapists, sadists and other demented people in them – alongside families and single women.

That is more than merely stupid – that seems outright malevolent to me. Where does gross incompetence end and conscious malevolence begin? Surely only the malevolent would conceive of a scheme that would place such people in an environment with families? That is simply INVITING a serious tragedy. And would you believe it …. they got their wish.

And in the case that wasn’t a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge?

‘The landlady of the Sirhowy Arms where Williams murdered Miss Yemm was unaware the people Caerphilly Council were sending her were serious offenders.’

And her what did her guest do? Brutally murdered a women.

Thanks local councils.
Well done and great job. Please take a massive bow that you fulfilled your ‘obligations’ to house these people by way of putting them in hotels to prey on people.

Well done for lying and scamming this landlady into taking paedophiles and rapists previously. I guess you must have cracked open the champagne and felt you hit the big time when one of the ‘guests’ you gave her finally murdered a women?

I’ve never heard of Voices From Care but I do agree with what their spokeswomen appears to stand for/against. It would seem that there hasn’t yet been a review as she hoped otherwise we would not still see this going on.

I cannot express how completely nuts it is that all over the country local councils are willfully and secretly planting paedophiles, rapists and dog torturers in family hotels.

Oh but wait though –
‘risk assessments are carried out before anyone is sent to a hotel where ordinary paying guests are staying.’

That’s a comfort then.
( Cerys Yemm – murdered thanks to the local council and their schemes)


(Matthew Williams – Reported to have been literally eating her face when discovered.)

I cannot stress this enough. In light of this knowledge it is really no longer a financial matter of the cost of keeping them in such places. As you can clearly see this is a sort of under the radar scheme being run by councils up and down the country. As you can see Travel Lodge and Premier Inn seem like willing partners in the scheme, while the private guest house not so much.

It appears when its a privately owned place the tactic of the council is to simply con the owner and remove their right to choose who they want there ie; maybe not rapists and paedophiles.

This scheme and the act of with holding information from private guest house owners is evil. Threes no other description for it, it is evil and it should be illegal in of itself.

Furthermore, this alliance that Premier Inn and Travel Lodge have with councils nationwide is totally unacceptable. They are willfully taking part (unlike that landlady) and they absolutely do not need to. Those two chains are making it possible for these insane and twisted regional councils to pursue their insane and twisted schemes.

If Travel Lodge and Premier Inn openly accept that business then they deserve to lose other business.

If they both formally denounced the scheme and pledged to want to have no part of it then it would go a long way for this deeply disturbing scheme to be smashed – as it deserves to be.

The fact that they willingly go along with it merely enables it.


Maybe its time both were told that if they go on enabling this evil plot then they not only deserve to lose custom – but we will ensure that they do?

Let’s find out. E-mail both. Do it as soon as you read this!

Travel Lodge CEO in the UK is Peter Gowers.

Premier Inn CEO Alison Brittain


I tend to find that a CEO’s office do tend to be the most likely to respond to something. You are likely to get a faster reply from the office of a CEO than you will a public body. Any time I have had reason to message a CEO directly I have always had a fast reply and often satisfactory conclusion.

Due to what we have discovered in the past week (that they were/are) staying in such places and adding to this the knowledge that this is something that both companies are willing partners in, I would invite you to send a message along these lines to each. (and do not hold back, include the video/or at least some images)



Dear (named person),
I was deeply concerned to learn last week that two convicted sadists were guests at a Travel Lodge/Premier Inn (delete where appropriate).

I refer to the two prisoners called Andrew and Daniel Frankish (who also go by the names of Liam and Peter White). Not only are they convicted sadists but both are still considered prisoners who are serving a home curfew and tagging order. The crimes of these two individuals and the weak sentence they were given has been the subject of intense press coverage and the formation of a direct action pressure group – Operation Frankish.

On further investigation it appears that in fact this hotel chain willingly collaborate with councils across the country to give accommodation to people precisely like this.

I find this unacceptable on any ethical and moral level. You do not need to take part in these initiatives and it is shameful that you do since by doing so you merely make these dangerous initiatives possible. I do not accept that simply hoping someone has done a ‘risk assessment’ is a good enough reason or excuse to willingly be a part of this.

If you are not prepared to formally withdraw from participation in these initiatives and if you insist on retaining that business then I will do all that I can to ensure that its at a cost by withdrawing my own business and by encouraging large numbers of others to do so.

Your participation as a company in this patently dangerous scheme is obnoxious and offensive.
I urge you to formally abandon it without delay.

How will your customers react when they realise you allow this to reside in rooms next to them?


Your name


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