Operation Frankish – The Documentary..?

It was something I mentioned to Phil and Nemo some weeks ago, but when you’re trying to juggle so many plates at the same time it becomes a physical impossibility to pursue such things.

I believe and beyond all doubt that we have the essential ingredients here for what would be a very compelling documentary.

Example of key ingredients
The case is the most high profile and enduring one of its kind this year – and perhaps in recent memory
There is a story about the birth and actions of OF alone.

There are increasingly sinister revelations, such as it being a common thing for two major hotel chains to work in tandem with local councils to home paedophiles, rapists, and dog torturers in their rooms.

There is the sham of a Justice Minister who cannot review justice.

There is the silence of authorities over a prisoners additional criminal and/or obscene statements.

There is the mockery of a home curfews system for crimes carried out in the home.

I could go on but you can very easily see how we would have enough material to merit at least a two hour documentary.

Its something I am keen to do and pursue as I think its creation and realise would achieve many things. With that being said it is not something I have ever done before, but then I have done many things in the past weeks that I had never done before.

It would be a lot of work, I have no idea what would be a realistic time scale for 2 hour documentary from conception to end. I’d like to think I could say two months and that would be plausible.

I want this to be an independent production though. I would be FAR more interested in that than conceding editorial control to those who are not us and who may not represent the case or us as we would want.

I certainly think I would be able to cope with scripting it. I think it would maybe take me five days to do that. How much of the creative and visual stuff Nemo could do I don’t know, but since he has comfortably coped with everything else I think he would comfortably cope with most of the technical demands of this. Like I say, we’ve been busy trying to fight the bad guys – we haven’t had time to explore the nuance further.

Depending on what Nemo thinks of that side, it may well be that we would require additional help. For example, I would would to put vocal narrative to it. Not something I have personally done but if there was someone with experience of doing that then this would probably be a good find.

That’s how I wish to do it – as an independent production. One born in the nature of what we are and not in the nature of others with no true interest in the case or wider issues. We do not want to simply be reduced to a good filler for some channel. We do not want to compromise our content or editorial freedoms. Thats why I’d want it as an independent production.

I have no idea what it would look like at the end yet – but I know we wouldn’t do it if it was going to be two hours of boring rubbish. It would be a hard hitting and informative watch and one free from the editorial restrictions perhaps imposed on us by others.

I want there to be some real footage of people doing simple stuff in it. I want someone to go make an appointment with their local MP or council face – and ask designated questions. I want someone who is prepared to go as far as to record it and send us the footage.

I want someone prepared to make an appointment with senior people at Cleveland police and record the designated questions and responses.

I want someone prepared to ring certain people, ask designated questions and send us the recorded conversation.

We cannot rely on others to probe, question, or even safeguard us. We must do it ourselves and for ourselves and for everyone that doesn’t deserve to be a victim of this system.

Now is the time of the citizen reporter – and that will be you. We would take the best of these components and we would weave them into our documentary.

If another media outlet later picked up on it and wished to broadcast it then that would be a whole different conversation to have.

This is only the first part of the idea. No use my elaborating on the follow up part unless I get a measure of the appetite for such a thing, both in terms of watch ability and those willing to play a role. If I think there is sufficient appetite in both regards then I will elaborate on part 2 of it later.


One thought on “Operation Frankish – The Documentary..?

  1. I would be prepared to make phone calls and record them for you. I live in the South of England and am disabled so I’m not in a position to visit Cleveland Police or the MP for that area. I do want to help and will do whatever I can.


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