Opfrank Prototype Project – More Than Two Brothers and One Dog

It has always been our intention from the get-go to make this about far more than those two brothers and that one poor dog.

It’s not like they have an exclusive on sadism nor did they invent the concept.  I clearly do not view them as victims but I do see them as products of a society that has gone soft of mind and body.  Had we not become soft in the mind then people like them and Andrew Picard would never have gotten to the stage that they can flourish in this society, escape justice and for the most abominable of acts.  It is the fact that as a collective we have become too mentally and physically ill-disciplined that we have allowed this to fester.  If a person does not grow up with standards and self-discipline for themselves then how are they to expect or demand it of others?  If a person has no self-respect then it is impossible that they can hold a true respect for anyone or anything else.

There are some things we want to do that we hope yield short term results and then there are those that I see more like planting seeds for the future.

The short-term things are obviously keeping the heat on them, the mid-term things are being part of the process of legal change that needs to happen.

The long-term aim is to make a contribution which in some small way may help to encourage a better, more disciplined and more respectful next generation.

That long-term goal has to start somewhere so it begins this very day.

What I plan to do is contact reputable and suggested centres across the country.  Could be anything from a place that coaches boxing to one that coaches any number of decent combat and defence methods you care to mention.  In practical terms (like in a real-life situation) some are far better and more useable than others.

My plan is to invite the best of them in every town and city to formally join with us and offer free coaching to children.  It’s fine if a good place already does so – they could be included in the network.  If a place does not already do so then we would ask them to do so.

In return for agreeing to be partners of OF we will promote their site and selected footage that they’d like the public to see.  Parents would be able to go onto this site and at a glance see a breakdown of participating places.  I’m not really bothered if some local councils may already offer this in some areas.  That’s good but I don’t want any part of anything affiliated to councils – not when we are orchestrating boycotts against them and whatnot.  Also, I want to almost choose the places based on research and reviews and then approach them with an invite.

The benefits to encouraging more youngsters to do this are clear to me.  If they get into it and enjoy it they are less likely to want to fill their body with powders and pills (‘legal highs’).  They would enjoy a greater sense of self-discipline and respect for others.  They would be fitter in body and therefore of thought (the devil makes work for idle hands…).  They would be less likely to be bullied or even be bullies, which in itself helps reduce the number of unstable young adults.  You get the idea and there are really no drawbacks at all.  None.

We’d simply be informal partners with the participating places and we’d devote a page purely to just this on our site.  We’d be a sort of OF one stop shop for parents in the UK who like our ideas to send their kids to be better able to defend themselves and others.

I intend to start drawing up a list of potentially receptive places across the UK soon.  If you have any you wish to propose then please do.

OF say that this…

… has to be better than this.



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