Nutt pledged to put Darlington on the map..

The article headline is in fact from a piece that was in the NEE back in 2015.
‘STRENGTHENING international links and putting Darlington on the map are the main aims of the town’s new Mayor.
Councillor Tom Nutt has been appointed Mayor for the next year and wants to build on international exchange work already being done by the town’s Twinning Association and various schools, colleges and sports clubs across the borough.
He is passionate about the benefits of learning from and about other cultures and has chosen ‘international’ as the mayoral theme for his time in office. ‘


How prophetic though? Not an easy remit to put a place like Darlo “on the map”, but thanks to local agencies and authorities acting under his watch, Darlington is indeed fast taking its place on the “international stage”.

See here for example
Possibly not quite what Mr Nutt had in mind, but perhaps as Mayor he might like to comment on why we are wasting public money cosseting and pandering to those two and how Darlington benefits from their presence.

Feel free to ask him;
7 Rivermead Avenue,
Nutt believes that Darlington would benefit from “learning from other cultures”. Yawn. Been done. How about learning of the sadists in Darlington? How about commenting on Darlington giving refuge to this dangerous vermin? How about commenting on the fact that the local authority are known to place extremely dangerous and unstable people into guest houses and not even tell the owner their background?

I think he and others like him would be better looking inward rather than outwards. Maybe if such people paid more attention to their own people and culture rather than always chasing other people and other cultures they might notice that their community is fast degrading – something repeated across the country.

Seems a little indulgent speaking about these other cultures when we surely first have to ensure our one isn’t riddled with scum and pandered to by authority. As things stand both those things are a reality – it is riddled with scum. And they are pandered by authority.

I think we’ve for too long taken our eye off our own back yard by virtue of people like Nutt being obsessed with ‘internationalism’.

Not that there is anything wrong with experiencing other cultures and stuff – I just think that there are more pressing concerns for parents and I think there are better things that could be taught in school.

We’re up against the clock and MUST change the direction THIS society is going.

Let’s forget this international theme stuff and focus the mind on something national. We can start by being the toughest nation in the West on convicted child and animal abusers. We can restore a sense of control back to teachers and we can make parents more responsible for their offspring than they are right now. We can focus on developing a mentally healthier and stronger next generation in THIS country. We can focus on destroying this epidemic of ‘legal highs’ and all the damage that they do, known and as yet unknown. We can create a society where levels of obesity in children aren’t among the highest in Europe. We can aspire to create a society that is less alcohol and drug dependent, more family and community orientated, one that is mentally and physically at its peak.

Aren’t those more worthy and tangible than his pie in the sky obsession with “the benefits of learning from and about other cultures”?

What does that even really mean? Which cultures can we learn from? And what can we learn? At this moment in time all public officials might be better taking their head out of the clouds and paying attention to what is going on in this country.

Your nation is your home. You don’t usually have more than one. Learning other about other languages and foods is all well and good – but compared to all those other matters I raised they appear shallow and redundant.
Can we learn better animal care from say Russia?

“The country doesn’t recognise animal sentience and hasn’t shown support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare..”

Or maybe Azerbaijan?
“When it comes to protecting animals, Azerbaijan isn’t doing all that well, mostly because it has no legislation regarding this issue. There is some legislation with the partial application regarding animals in captivity and wild animals, but no legal protection for pets.
There’s also no policy or legislation, or even any plans to include animal care and protection in the national education system.”

“Iran is a pretty big country and it is home to some 78 million people. Unfortunately, however, there is no policy to teach people to care and protect animals. The country also doesn’t recognize animal sentience, and there’s no formal evidence that they have any intention of changing things.”

How about China.?

Maybe not, huh?

How about the welfare and rights of children? I’d be curious to know which other countries and cultures we should be paying attention to over our own and “learning from”.

Any of these?

“A new report by risk analysis firm Maplecroft, which ranks 197 countries, identifies Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Yemen as the 10 places where child labour is most prevalent.”
Perhaps Mr Nutt believes that we can learn to build a better and safer Britain by obsessively fussing over other cultures.

Could we learn anything from these?

“Central and South American countries had the highest homicide rates in the world, according to figures published by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Honduras and Venezuela are the most murderous nations on the world, with over one in 1,000 being killed each year…”

Or these?

South Africa
“Crimes are more common in the country and statistics revealed that it had very high rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other crimes contrary to most of other countries like the rape incidents are nearly 132.4 per 100,000 citizens which is quite higher.”

“One of major crime is sexual assault and rape that make female unsafe because the country has 92.9 victims among 100,000 inhabitants making its highest rape crime nation.”

“The sovereign state in Southern Africa Swaziland is another country among those which have highest rape crime all over the world. The latest statistics showed that the crime rates including violent and non violent crimes are increased in the country in last few years and most reported cases are residential burglary and non-residential petty theft. Rape cases are also common in this region and registered cases are 77.5 among 100,000 people which are high as compared to other countries.”
All in all I’d say that there’s not really a massive amount that it sounds like we really must learn from those types of cultures, and certainly not when it comes to matters of human and non human ethics, law and order, low murder rates and protections against rape for women. Doesn’t seem like we have a lot to learn on the child welfare front, at least not from that cross section of cultures.

Not throwing these entire nations under the bus – but the figures speak for themselves.

It is decadent imo to place so much emphasis on external cultures in far off lands when what we really should be doing is spending about the next decade placing all focus and energy on stopping the rot here – lest we one day fall to the level of some of those countries when it comes to such matters.

We don’t have anything we need to learn from such places when it comes to creating a better society. We had a fantastic one – and over time it became complacent, hedonistic, hyper individualistic and far too material and shallow.

The only thing people in this country really need to learn … is to remember. They should remember that their ancestors were great once and we can be great again. Many of the good things within our law have gone on to form the basis of a sound legal system in many other countries. Our ancestors were heroes, engineers, inventors, explorers, thinkers, writers and our ancestors used to have enough guts to have child killers swinging from a rope. I think we need to get back in touch with some of the values and expectations of the past and fuse them into modern Britain.

We need to stop crying fake tears about fake ‘isms’ and start focusing on the real threats and real evil that is in our midst.


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