August 27th – Operation Truss Bus

I know it is both important and interesting for us to report on the information that anonymous people call in with (which does get verified) in regard to their location.  We also understand that such stories draw a lot of traffic based on the statistics we have access to.

However, it is absolutely imperative that we do not get lulled into thinking it is all of everything.  Doing that in isolation is a public information service and a key one.  We will go on doing it and we will go on adding the caveat not to act emotionally and lash out in anger.

But I cannot be clearer about the next part – it is of vital and key importance we do not get stuck in a rut doing this and that we do not lose sight of the fact that there is a bigger battle that demands fighting.

After all you can hate on them all you will and rage at the system for giving them a lenitent sentence, but they did not award themselves the sentence.  Nor did they write the rules that appear to reduce their home based restrictions to a farce with their multiple moves.

Do they take advantage and think “Thanks very much” that such leniency exists?  Of course they do.  But neither of them wrote the rules and nor did they apply them to themselves.

For this reason it’s crucial we do not want to reduce ourselves to a game of “Where are they now”.  You can hate them all you want, but hate alone is not like some magic energy that magically rights wrongs.  I do hate them for what they did and are, but in a sense it is not personal.  As I’ve said before I just see them as the poster boys for all individuals of their ilk who presently take our justice system and victims and spit right in the face of both.

At least in that sense I do not hate them any more or any less than the four that were involved in the ‘Chunky’ case or that vile monster who calls himself Andrew Picard.  As figureheads of the evil that exists and that is presently not properly punished in this country they both so happened to fit the bill perfectly.

We HAVE to take a new attitude as of this day (I mean those reading who have not).  Instead of hoping that long over due change occurs it is time to INSIST that it does.

I’d even be prepared to accept that such people were given two years if it were mandatory that they got at least that and served it all.  I’d even be prepared for such people to be sectioned without limit of time in some asylum for the criminally insane.  I am flexible in this way.  We need to get it into our minds that it is our right and not a privelge to have such laws that properly punish such wicked people.  When all is said and done, what would be the use of them being recalled and given a few weeks now?  And while they could be reduced to the gutter, this in itself would not give judges and magistrates the new powers that they need.

I would not see it as a true victory if it all became about just playing hide and seek with them, even if by doing so we performed an awareness service along the way.  If they were reduced to the gutter and in two years time the same old soft sentences existed then it would be a hollow victory for me.

We MUST advocate, lobby, fight and insist on real and tangible change.  Don’t go mad with your demands but do be tenacious with any that you do make.

The fact of the matter is that what people and the press liked most were our real-life Operations that they could reach out and touch or see.

Want an idea how much value there is in those?  We did the plane in April.  It’s August next month and footage of it was in the press again last week.  That’s what the public and press respond to most of all.  And it’s for all of those above reasons that we can now announce what our next one will be and when.

We are calling it Operation Truss Bus.  Why?  Because it will involve this bus…


(Vintage Red London Double Decker)

And the entire Operation involves this women, Gove’s replacement, Liz Truss.

The Truss Bus comes complete with a driver and (would you believe), an old school conductor.


Naturally it won’t be plain on the day.  We have had a great conversation with the company and they are more than happy for us to really bring it to life.  This means we can place advertising panels across the sides, back, there are other inventive things we can do.

When?  Saturday, August 27th.  And we were fortunate to get that date.

Where?  The idea here is to take it right into the biggest city of her region of Norfolk.  That is Norwich.  It will start at 11am and finish up at 5pm.  Please keep in mind that the idea here is not to merely restrict this to two brothers and that one poor dog.  No.  We must and will extend this to a more critical matter of the sentences given to freaks like that.  We MUST take the message to the person paid to look after matters of justice – that is Liz Truss.  We must and will take it into an area relevant to her and on a busy day.

Keep in mind that to date the situation (with the exception of when tabloids ran something) has been geographically restricted to the areas the brothers lived.  This is a whole new thing and in a whole different part of the country and for obvious reasons.

It is crucial that we now spend the next few months begging the question of our new justice minister – When can we expect the country to start putting people like them in prison and when can we expect the prison term to be at least some way worthwhile?



One thought on “August 27th – Operation Truss Bus

  1. I totally agree, ALL animal abusers deserve to spend a minimum time in jail. Also if a sentence of two years is given then they should be in jail for two years, not let out early for good behaviour. I also believe that a lifetime ban on owning any animal should be given to any animal abuser, but that’s just my opinion.


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