Be Still My Beating Heart…

Forget Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Rabbit.  There is no a man alive that wouldn’t get instant wood at this beauty.  Within weeks you’d be calling up QVC to order their engagement ring/wedding band/eternity ring set (Only £29.99 while stocks last).


Aside from her svelte like figure (which she modestly declines to describe – “prefer not to say”) she has no ties.  She does have children but they are “all over 18”.  And who doesn’t love a women that self-identifies as “very ambitious”?  I guess it somewhat depends on what those ambitions extend to.  So far she has managed to achieve the lofty goal of surrounding herself with losers and abusers – including the two “children” that she spat out of her groaning womb.  I suppose its sort of an achievement to fail to get anything right in your entire life.


On a serious note – men beware.  No matter how desperate you are do not allow yourself to get suckered by this women and her vast amount of baggage.  She can’t even begin by telling the truth, using her fake name that she only needed because her real one reveals what sort of women she really is.


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