The Hidden Truth About Female Abusers..

Ask someone to briefly describe a child abuser or animal abuser. They will almost certainly and without exception begin by describing a male. To believe the media and public perception you’d be forgiven for thinking that these two abominations were somehow the exclusive domain of the male.
Yet if you dig into the truth behind Western society you start to see a very different picture indeed. Let’s start with this pearl from the victim emergency services group, Safehorizon.

Child Abuse Facts

“Of the 2012 child abuse cases, 45.3% of the perpetrators were male and 53.5% were female.”

Those are staggering figures that are not even close to being reflected in any Government sponsored anti child abuse campaigns (its always the male that they imply to be the perpetrator). Those figures are also not reflected in the perceptions we hold. Who would have thought that the female perpetrators made up the majority?
I should add that Safehorizon are US based  but there’s no reason to believe that such figures wouldn’t be mirrored over here.

Two teenagers who kidnapped a toddler from a Primark store have been detained for three years and three months.
Mr Justice Globe concluded that the girls aged 13 and 14 took the two year old girl from her mother and serious harm to the child was foreseeable.
Sitting at Newcastle Crown Court, he told them the toddler was at risk of physical or sexual violence, and/or exploitation.
He was referring to internet searches made on a tablet belonging to the younger defendant.
He said: ‘The internet history shows hundreds of searches in relation to pornographic topics which include children having sex, rape, slavery and abduction.’

The judge initially sentenced them to three years and four months but took a month off having heard they have been subject to a curfew since they pleaded guilty to kidnap.

Now you can best believe that if this is the reality when it comes to women and children that the same reality is likely reflected in cases of female abuse of animals – it is likely FAR more common than you think and it is likely given FAR less attention and political commentary.
There was the case of Tracey Tindall.



She did get 18 weeks in prison but it took TWENTY offences to get that 18 weeks.

There was the case of Susan Smith.

That one got her a 5 year ban and 12 month community order.

And as far as ‘justice’ goes..?

“There are three contributing causes to there being a disproportionate number of men in prison. These are…”

A larger percentage of male offenders than female offenders are sentenced to prison;
Men receive on average longer prison sentences than women; and,
Men serve on average a greater proportion of their sentences.

“Men are substantially more likely to be sent to prison than women for the same category of crime – whatever the category of crime (the only exception being drug offences for which there is negligible disparity)”.

UK Prisoners – The Genders Compared

I think we can take various things from this. We can see how the public perception of child abusers being almost exclusively male is very far from the reality and truth. I’m not quite sure why the public still hold true to that perception, maybe they are just ignorant to the facts? Maybe we still measure females on standards long gone and assume they must be incapable of certain actions? Maybe not enough people in the body politic and correcting that perception and bringing forth the truth?

It also seems clear to me that there is an inherent gender bias against men in law, as you can see from the above they are more likely to go to prison for the same crime and they are more likely to serve their full term. You’d think all those that go on about ‘gender equality’ would be all over something as major as that. Apparently not. Seems it was never really ‘equality’ they wanted all along but special treatment.

I don’t think nearly enough attention is given to the females who abuse children and animals and I don’t think it can ever be argued as just that a female should be less likely to go to prison for the same crime as a man.

I personally don’t think women in this country were always like today. You get quality generations and then you get those that are toxic. I think the current generation and perhaps the one before have seen females become far more toxic.

Reasons? Open to debate but as with all things its never down to a single reason. There are zero standards applied to women these days because men have been browbeaten and brainwashed into “not judging”. When I was a little kid a women getting messed up on drink and drugs was absolutely looked down upon in society. It wasn’t seen as acceptable and it wasn’t seen as something that should be the new norm.

I compare that today where you have young females drinking and taking drugs in quantities that compete with the men. God only knows what habitual exposure to drink and drugs does to their body let alone their mind – but I know it cannot be good. Can’t judge them though and their parents clearly don’t either or they would have raised them differently.

The additional problem females have being poisoned by this culture is .. nature said they are one’s who get pregnant. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what two things happen as a result of that. You have children born to girls that can barely take care of themselves, children that are either abused or otherwise raised badly and then you have the flip side – the absolutely staggering number of abortions that take place every year.

Neither are a good thing and both totally avoidable (in the main) by simply having a better quality of female that had more self respect and had better influences.


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