The Black Box Mystery…

If you’re wondering why we’ve not been able to give many updates on what became of Op Black Box the simple fact is that there haven’t been many updates to give you. Until now.

We always knew this one was like throwing darts in the dark, owing to the fact that we did not have personal addresses for those we sent them to and the fact that they likely get thousands of pieces of mail sent each and every week. However we took the view that if only one of those darts were to hit the bulls eye then the potential rewards could be big.
While it is blatantly obvious to us that the events in which we hire a physical vehicle are the most appealing to the public and press it is imperative that along the way we try new and different things as well.
However, one of our followers decided to contact the Mail on Sunday, one of the 21 we sent the disc and business card to.
They did reply but their reply only created more questions than it did to provide answers.
Here it is;
Dear Daphne,
I’m sorry not to have replied to you sooner. I’m afraid that we weren’t able to access the contents of the CD and so are unable to comment. If you would like to email or send details by post we would be more than happy to take a look.
Best wishes,
Rosalyn Jeffery
PA to Geordie Greig
The Mail on Sunday

We have absolutely no idea what she means by “weren’t able to access the contents of the CD”. It was a DVD disc. Just put it in a device and play it. How hard is that? If it played on my low cost PC then I fail to see how the collective might of the MOS failed to “access the content”. Phil also made the point that if that were the case then all they needed to do was ring the number on the business card.
Anyway, since she states that they would be “more than happy to look”, here is what I suggest you all do – send them the video link plus your own thoughts. The more that do this the better.
Send it here..
Let’s do it tonight and see where it goes.
Here is the original video again. All you need do is right click and copy and past the URL into your e mail.

And then having done that… send it to all of these as well. Some aren’t e-mails. Work around it.

Tony Hall
BBC Director General
Jeremy Darroch
Rebekah Brooks

Adam Crozier
Kevin Lygo
ITV Director of Television
Charlotte Moore
BBC One Controller
Tony Gallagher
The Sun Editor
David Abraham
Channel 4 CEO
Tim Davie
James Harding
BBC Director of News and Current Affairs
Murdoch MacLennan
Telegraph CEO
Jay Hunt
Channel 4 Chief Creative Officer
Mark Ivens
Sunday Times Editor
Evgeny Lebedev
The Independent Owner
Kim Shillinglaw
BBC2, BBC4 Controller
Sarah Sands
London Evening Standard Editor
Ben Frow
Channel 5 Director of Programmes
Lloyd Embley
The Mirror Editor
Richard Desmond
The Express Owner
John Ryley
Sky News Head
Katherine Viner
Guardian Editor in Chief


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