This country is a mental hospital

I am starting to arrive at the conclusion that this island has become an open air nut house. There are still a few sane people in this open air asylum and you almost feel an overwhelming sense of relief when you so happen to chance upon someone else who is rational and logical.

The most insane people in this hospital are in fact those charged with the responsibility of running it. Let’s take recently appointed PM – Theresa May. Note that I say appointed and not voted in, since we are denied any say in that matter.

May has form when it comes to the police. She has been critical of them and they have in turn countered that criticism as freely as they are able. I have no problem at all if any private citizen or politician wants to reasonably take the police to task on a given matter. You can never naively assume that police are all angels and saints who always tell the truth and who always apply laws justly and properly. I’d rather have them than not have them but that doesn’t mean they are above being called out, questioned, and it doesn’t mean I am then happy to accept any standard of policing – even if it is corrupt or incompetent.

And let’s not pretend that the police have been scandal free these past 25 years or so. Without wanting to take a big broad brush and paint every force and every police officer, it would not be hard for me to demonstrate some massive police scandals from the recent past.

What did you make of the performance of the police in relation to Hillsborough for example?



What did you make of the performance of the police in Rotherham when hundreds of minors were being preyed upon and systematically abused over years? There was a case when one victim went into the station and was just turned away. There was the case of the two fathers that went to retrieve their daughters from the homes of the abusers and the police turned up … to arrest the fathers. See what I mean about an open air nut house with the most insane people running the show?


Or how about the recently exposed scandal of detectives and officers forming relationships with  women with this in mind…
Scotland Yard today apologised to seven women who were duped in having relationships with undercover police officers, saying that the affairs were ‘abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong’.
The Metropolitan Police agreed to settle multiple civil cases by paying an undisclosed amount of compensation, as well as issuing a public apology.
The force pledged that undercover officers would never again be allowed to enter into such relationships, which were described as ‘a gross violation of personal dignity and integrity’.
Last year a woman named Jacqui who had a child with undercover officer Bob Lambert was given £425,000 as part of a separate settlement.

Mr Lambert is one of the five officers who had affairs with women included in today’s compensation, along with Mark Kennedy, Jim Boyling and two other officers known only by pseudonyms.

Apologising to the women today, Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said: ‘Thanks in large part to the courage and tenacity of these women in bringing these matters to light it has become apparent that some officers, acting undercover whilst seeking to infiltrate protest groups, entered into long-term intimate sexual relationships with women which were abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong.

Anyway, it should soon become clear that without being some foaming at the mouth cop hater that there is indeed a great many areas within our force that are in grave need of being addressed.
Even their most basic communications are either poor or totally non existent as some will be aware in the case of Cleveland police.
It is for all those reasons that I have no issue with any individual or group who questions or calls out our police on such huge matters.
My issue with our now PM isn’t that she has form for calling out the police, my issue is that she (as is the fashion in politics) failed to ever make one sound or valid observation that in any way would enrich our lives, make us safer and bring the bad guys to task.

In her former role as Home Secretary she ignored all such observations about police and she focused nearly all of her criticism on one thing – that in her mind the police “needed to be more diverse”.

All you need do is Google “Theresa May Criticises Police For”.. then it will show you that she has only really been bothered about some strange quotas that she has in her mind that would make the police “more diverse”.

Of all the things she could fairly and reasonably have critiqued the police about she chose that as THE most vital. Not police corruption, law and order, police standards, police communication, response times, none of that. Nope. People like May don’t seem to care about any of that and at least not compared to this almost evangelical desire to “diversify” everything.

Not sure about you but if I needed to call the police I don’t think I’d be fussing around asking if they could send one with precisely the same ethnicity as myself. All I’d care about is that they turned up and were excellent. I only care that the officers that are recruited are of the highest standard and are held to the highest standard. That’s what I don’t think happens often enough, I don’t think we do recruit the highest standard nor do I think they are held to a high standard.

Nothing to do with forcing some artificial ‘diversity’ on the police. Anyone can go and apply to join the police. I honestly don’t care if not enough one legged pan sexual cross dressers are applying. I honestly don’t care if there are only a small % of this group or that group who apply.

It is almost stomach turning for people like May to piss around with this sort of social engineering gibberish when there are MASSIVE problems with police operational standards, huge problems with the justice system and a trail of victims all over the country let down by people like her who chase some idealogical fantasy crap rather than pay attention to what is really going on in this country.

Theresa May to confront police over ‘incredible’ lack of diversity.
Mrs May said: “This is simply not good enough. I hope these figures will provide chief constables with the information they need to identify areas for improvement and for the public and PCCs to hold them to account.”
It’s not like there are more important matters that perhaps need immediate attention…

Cleveland Police wrongly labelled dozens of serious incidents as ‘no crime’, report states.
Cleveland Police told they must protect and support vulnerable victims better.
Cleveland Chief Constable criticised over ‘false statements’

Cleveland Police criticised for cost of service
Colleagues of rapist police officer ignored his deviant behaviour, report finds.
Cleveland police wasted millions in vendetta, solicitor says.

None of that matters.    In the mind of people like May this is all that matters..




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