Arise Britain!

Here’s a word often used and never really examined on understood – ‘patriot’. A patriot obviously just means someone loyal or passionate about their nation, history, culture etc. Only in the Western world is there any sort of negative connotation to the term.
Anyone from any non Western land could freely and openly self identify as a patriot and this seems absolutely fine for them to do so, in fact we encourage them and pat them on the back. It seems that only in the West has it become a dirty word.

I should make clear though that being a patriot has to have practical merit and virtue behind it. Getting absolutely shit faced while wearing the Union Flag and chanting rubbish at football games do NOT make someone a patriot of any kind. It just makes them a pissed up arse hole with a flag and a gob. A true patriot also does not defer to and blindly kiss the arse of the establishment of the day and definitely NOT if that establishment has a long history of injustice, abuse and tyranny against the people.

On the contrary, a real patriot would seek to want to fight that tyranny and injustice head on, since surely a true patriot is defined by a loyalty to his fellow people and the future of his land. If one or both are undermined or under threat by the establishment then it must follow that the true patriot would consider the establishment an enemy within. That’s how I’d define a real patriot, not with flags and drunken songs, but with actions and a just cause behind him.
Incidentally the establishment does not = the Government. It can certainly include senior members of the present Government, but it can include shadow cabinet ministers as well, retired political figures, Lords, peers, judges, senior police chiefs, senior officials at social work departments and also many figures from the world of entertainment.



It doesn’t comprise of tens of thousands of people. It is far more niche than that. How many judges, senior police chiefs, peers, Lords and politicians do you think there are in this country? Its not tens of thousands I can assure you of that. You think its possible they might cut each other favours? You think its possible that they cover up for each other and kill any investigations that threaten to expose one of the in club? Do you think its possible that most of these very senior figures know each other and even sometimes go to the same social events as one another? Then when you add media people to the mix, do you think its plausible that your judges, senior police chiefs and other people of the British Establishment perhaps get invited to parties that they lay on? And what sort of parties do you suppose a cabal of out of control narcissists and sociopaths would have? Jelly and ice cream or cocaine and kids from care homes? I think you know the answers to these questions once you start to think about them and once you start doing some digging.

Your establishment can be best summed up as an anti democratic cabal of child raping narcissists who are directly or indirectly linked to organised crime. Suck that up and accept it as fact – it is. Might be a bitter pill to swallow – swallow it.



When you see them on those terms then things will make a great deal more sense. It goes without saying they are more than happy to extend that friendship to individuals not commonly well known but clearly connected in to the right people.

Andrew Picard/Boeckman and the VIP paedophile connection.

“The recent disgusting case of paedophile Eton student Andrew ‘Picard’ Boeckman who took photos of children as young as two being raped and forced into acts of bestiality has caused outrage.

Despite being found guilty of producing and downloading 2,000 paedophile images he was allowed to walk free by sicko judge, Peter Ross, because he’d been ‘working through his issues’ with doctors.
In yet another vile travesty of justice Andrew Boeckman was allowed to use his mother’s maiden name of Picard during his trial and the subsequent reporting.
Andrew Boeckman is the son of wealthy American lawyer, Philip J Boeckman and his wife Erin (nee Picard), who split their time between the USA and Westminster.
Boeckman is a partner in law firm Cravath, Swaine and Moore and lives next to the Houses of Parliament in London.
In a bizarre twist we find that Philip J Boeckman is very influential in the world of swimming.
He is chairman of the Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club and was recently chosen to be the chair of the pan-London Swimming Association.
All of his children, including paedophile Andrew, have taken part in national and international swimming events.
Elizabeth Boeckman recently won an award from Westminster Council but her story has been deleted from their website.”
7. 12. 2015 – Highly commended, Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club … Winner, Elizabeth Boeckman … Coach or active champion of the year.
I would also strongly recommend listening to this one hour interview given by a former detective;
However, it is key to point out that the ‘establishment’ do not limit these behaviours to just themselves and the most connected.
That would be shocking enough but its far graver than even that. They are soft on perverts who are in the ‘common classes’. Are they not soft on sicko animal abusers? Are they not routinely soft on those found in possession of child abuse material? Are they not generally quite soft in cases of actual rape and sexual assault against minors?

Yes they absolutely are and why? Because they themselves are exactly the same.
The people at the top are so sick and twisted that they simply do not or will never seen the sickness and evil in others like them – even on the lower end of the social scale. On some level they will even empathise with them. They extend that empathy by way of incredibly lenient sentences. How more clear and obvious can it be? That makes absolute sense to me on every level.




Consider this as well. The low life sickos are useful to those at the top end. Why? Well let’s put it this way – the predators in the establishment need a steady flow of victims do they not? They need victims that are ideally from a care home background that can be manipulated. How does someone high up possibly foster that sort of a connection? Simple. By making a connection with low life and degenerates on the lower end of the social scale. Those that will procure them minors and persuade children from care homes to attend these “parties”. That is why the low level perverts serve a purpose to those at the top end.

Its not written in tablets of stone that you have to accept being led into an abyss by an establishment that is absolutely riddled with thieves, liars, child rapists and those who do conspire to cover up for one another and who tilt their hat at all perverts by way of giving them token sentences.

You do not have to sit like a lump of organic matter and passively accept this. We all have a brain – use it. We all have a heart. Show some.


I fully understand that it would not be easy to say the least. So? Does that make it a battle not worth fighting then? Are we to just accept being led by a cabal of anti democratic child raping criminal scumbags? They don’t give a single shit about protecting kids OR pets because they ARE deviants themselves – it is that simple.

They could prove us wrong if they wanted to – but when have they ever?

These people are monstrous but with image consultants that make them seem plausible people. There is not a single perversion that you can think of that these “untouchables” are not doing every week. If we totally gutted out this festering sac of evil pus that we call the “establishment” they could be replaced by people who were there on merit and who were accountable and transparent. There is no need to believe that there is no alternative but to accept an establishment like that. You cannot accept that or you are a traitor to yourself and to your nation and people.

Many of their powers are somewhat illusionary. This relatively small number of people who make up our establishment rely on continuing the narrative that they are people of virtue when they are the polar opposite. They rely on the general compliance of most people. They rely on mass numbers of people not looking into this stuff and suddenly rising up in anger.
If they lose control of that narrative and are seen for what they really are then they wouldn’t seem so powerful. Since the police could not turn against a huge number of people, and since the army would likely flat out refuse to do so, it would be possible to literally destroy this filthy establishment and degenerate friendly system by destroying the narrative that they rely on.
And that would be the most patriotic thing anyone could do. Ever.


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