You Get The Society That You Deserve

I am not a misanthrope, I think people are mostly born inherently good and not inherently wicked.  You may then wonder why evil men flourish, if most people are inherently good.  It’s simple – it is not enough to be inherently good, you must also be good in your actions.  You must assume a level of personal responsibility in ensuring evil people do not flourish.

The simple truth is that the vast majority of potentially good people are too addicted to and blinded by… consumerism.  They live and they work to buy stuff.  As this consumer mindset has spread (like a disease) all those who were potentially good and people of action are instead lost, decadent, disconnected from reality, lazy and selfish.  They have too much abundance in fact.

Consider this if you will.  While we struggle along with no resources other than will and dedication, the British public invest £730 million… in buying coffee from high street chains.

‘According to research from Buddy Loans, carried out earlier this year, Brits spend £730 million on coffee each year.
The research revealed we spend more on “specialist” cappucinos a year, £608.84, than we do on food and drink when we’re on holiday – only £359.45. ‘
£600 a year. On frothy milk sold to you by a tax avoiding multi-national.


To place this in context, if two people in all of Britain quit paying tax-avoiding coffee shops for one year and instead donated to the August campaign – then it would be done and paid for.  A sobering thought.

I wonder how many of those who prop up the tax-dodging coffee shops would sit in Starbucks, writing on FB about how “disgusted and outraged” they are about the (insert latest case for them to publicly vent over)?  And how “someone should do something“.  Just not them of course.  When they say “someone” they really mean – anyone but them.  Why? Because they are really just lazy and cowardly and virtue signal online because they crave the perceived social approval.  You could still make room for a lazy coward.  If they quit funding their frothy milk addictions and began funding something that was fighting for true justice then they could still be lazy and a coward – at least they have still been a help.  But when they are lazy, cowardly and when they waste their money on hot milk when they could be funding something that ultimately affects them?  Then they are almost mental.  It would make absolutely no logical sense to do that in a society whose people were thinking straight.  It would be immediately self-evident that it is insane to prop up these tax-dodging coffee shops, bitch on about injustice and then do nothing to assist or fund those that will give their all to achieve that (for all).

Isn’t this just gluttony?

Takeaway UK: Average Brit is now spending £1,320 a year on fast food buying 12 meals every month.

‘It was once just a treat for the weekend, but a new survey has found that the average Brit now forks out £110 per month on takeaway meals every month.

The study found that an average of 12 takeaways is purchased per person per month- a staggering £1,320.’

Read more:

£110 per month.  And then they will have the temerity to plead poverty!  Do you realise what we could do if ten people quit that spend and donated to us every month instead?  There’s a not a lack of spare money in this country.  If there were a lack of spare money then those two examples simply would not exist.  There is a collective lack of sanity and priority.  If there was sanity and priority then, once again, those examples would not exist.

However, I guess at least all this consumerism and stuff has made us all “happier” at least.  Hasn’t it?  Maybe not…

‘The Health and Social Care Information Centre this week published data showing that more than 50 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were issued last year, the highest ever number and 7.5% up on the year before….’

The collective mental health of the nation doesn’t seem so good, huh?  Appears to me that the more we have become marinated in consumerism and stuff the more mentally sick we have become as a society.  Don’t wait on the Government to magically change your habits and attitude. We hold them accountable and responsible for many things, but you are the master of your own habits and attitude.

The society is sick because it has lost its way and replaced that which is meaningful with this obsession with stuff and consumerism.  It goes against human nature in actual fact.  The natural state of a man would be to defend his ‘tribe’ – children, women and his livestock and his dogs (for man has lived alongside them for a LONG time).

It is NOT a natural state of man to sit in Starbucks drinking a £5 cup of hot milk while Tweeting his friend about Pokemon Go.  The natural state of women is essentially as nurture.  It is not the natural state of women to spend £110 per month on takeaway while children in her neighbourhood are being groomed and raped.

Is it any wonder the mental health of the nation isn’t great when you go against the natural order?  Is it any wonder that evil men flourish when effeminate men sit in Stabucks chugging their crappy cup of tax-dodging milk?

Please (pun intended) smell the coffee and wake the hell up.


One thought on “You Get The Society That You Deserve

  1. Lol but yes tis true! Not that we do it of course. I do not frequent any of these establishments as I would rather brew my own at home. Nor do I understand people who can sit for hours posing with a Starbucks coffee in a window seat. Tbh this behaviour makes me nauseous. Louth is a small market town and yet I have seen people walking about with the dreaded cup in their hands! Ffs who are they kidding. No, we would sooner spend our money on worthwhile causes like local animal charities and of course OF.


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