Pathological Softness Must Die

As much as we can fairly blame Governments (at least in recent years) for being hyper lenient on assorted degenerate and delinquent people we need to look at ourselves here.

The truth is that we have become unconsciously too soft in our outlook and reactions. Mention the word ‘borstal’ to many and without any knowledge at all they will rush to inform(sic) you that the old borstal system was ‘brutal’ and ‘barbaric’ and ‘actually made the inmates worse’.

That’s their perception – that it was a place in which these poor innocent victims went to be systematically bullied by staff and other inmates. That is what your typical hyper liberal would reduce it down to. Cult movies like ‘Scum’ didn’t help that perception, one dimensional staff who were always evil bullies, while the inmates were usually portrayed as being almost like victims or heroes!
Was the borstal system the fail that some may lead you to believe and who precisely did it fail? Did it fail victims and if so how? Or was it seen to somehow ‘fail’ the actual inmates themselves? I suspect its the latter. I suspect that as we got softer in our attitudes and developed this weird notion of the criminal being the victim that we moved toward a system that was at its very heart much softer.
Yes, there are still young offenders units and such like – but I do not think the methods and protocols used inside of them are similar to those of the old borstal system. I think we’ve had too many academics and people who probably specialise in writing theory having too much influence.
I think Governments may have started relying on their ‘studies’ a bit too much and common sense and reality took a back seat as they bought into these ideas that if only you treat abhorrent monsters with kindness and free stuff you can magically turn them into productive members of society.

There is genuinely a belief among both Government and even society that so long as you don’t trigger the feels of the bad guys and give them free stuff that they might not act out. I’ve even had one person write that maybe all this exposure those two get “will lead to them doing it again”. This is obviously palpable nonsense since A) No OF the first time they did it and B) They are what they are, they will do what they do regardless of us. and C) Even if it were true, are we to surrender to that sort of blackmail? Of course not.

If they did it again it would be entirely on them and probably inevitable I am sad to say. I mention this as a very good example of this very cowardly mentality that exists in which people have deluded themselves itself into believing that maybe if you ignore the offender, don’t trigger their feelings and give them free stuff that you can almost buy their good citizenship. This is so naive.
All such people will do with that sort of insane altruism is exploit it to the very maximum and without remorse or pause for thought.

Speaking of borstals this was an interesting article from the BBC archives. Dated 2002 and written by a former inmate of a borstal.

“Borstal was hard but one of the screws took an interest in me and taught me to read and write. The other boys took the mick out of me about it, but I stood up for myself and carried on doing what I wanted to do.
It was no bed of roses, don’t get me wrong. The first day I went in there, they stole my dinner and I had to fight back.

I think I fought all the way through borstal. A game that we HAD to play was called ‘murder ball’ – same as rugby but no rules. To get the ball – and you had to get it – you were allowed to punch and kick your opponents. Black eyes and split lips were the norm.

Every day was virtually the same. At 6am we had to get up and run two miles, and if we were two minutes over the time they set, we got no breakfast.

Meals were pretty basic. Breakfast was usually porridge, bread and jam. We never got bacon and eggs, nothing like that; they just fed us to fill us up.

We cleaned the dorms, then they split us up and gave us jobs to do. Mine was bricklaying. We’d stand out in the rain for hours sometimes, laying bricks. Some days we had lessons or gym classes. We never got visitors.

In the evening, those who had enough points for good behaviour were allowed downstairs. We’d play table tennis, darts or cards, or talk to each other. There were stacks of books, but those weren’t much good until I learned to read.

We slept in small dormitories, with six to eight boys in each room. We used to get up to all sorts together, climbing out at night and hiding in the grounds.

There was a lake with an old tank at the bottom, and loads of bullets and shells. We used to dive in to get the bullets out. We’d polish them up, drill a hole to knock out the stuff – we didn’t realise the danger – and hang them around our necks. I got beaten up a few times by the screws for having those bullets.
‘Bring back borstals’
When I left borstal, the freedom sent me a bit potty. Having been regimented in every way – a time to eat, a time to sleep – I got rid of every clock in the house.
Two years later I slipped up again, and did a short stint in prison. I knocked around with some pretty dangerous people, realised that I had a chance of being that and chose not to be. And that was it – I got my life straightened out.

It seems stupid to have gotten rid of borstals – I think the country misses that sort of place. Kids can’t be mollycoddled by the do-gooders of today; it doesn’t do them any good. They have to learn discipline. And if they don’t learn to fend for themselves, they’ve had it..”


Does that really sound so very bad, especially when told to you be an ex offender?
Which would be more fitting and just for you – that AF and DF had been sent to a borstal (if they still existed in their original form) – or that they wear a tag while ordering pizza from their hotel room?

It would probably do them some sort of good as well since it is obvious that their life has been disorder, indiscipline, being mollycoddled etc. No routine, no boundaries and no punishment for their actions by mummy. All contributing factors in their mental make up and eventually their behaviours.

That softness I speak of doesn’t end there though. It is totally pervasive all the way through.

Let’s go back to 2011 now;

Last year Colin Gunn, who is serving at least 35 years for orchestrating the murder of an innocent couple as a “revenge” attack on their son, won the right to be called Mister.
He complained that staff did not abide by unwritten rules that inmates should be addressed by their preferred title and won the backing of the prisons watchdog, leaving staff with little option but to address him as “Mr Gunn”.

Murders two innocent people and complains that his ‘preferred title’ rights were being abused – and actually wins with the support of the ‘watchdog’.
What a spit in the face to the family of the dead people. People who actually sit and think up ways for monsters like that to make a mockery of justice should be rounded up and placed in prison for subverting and perverting justice with their ideas.

When will it sink into the head of ideological Utopian dreamers that you cannot ‘educate’ a Frankish to be an exemplary pet owner and model citizen?

When will it sink into their stupid brain that you will never take a child abuser and ‘educate’ him not to rape the children?
I’d suggest if anyone REALLY needs educated in those matters it is surely already too late for them.

No one literally sat me down and ever said to me “Now son, I know you like girls but you must never rape them”. No one. Not my mum, dad and not one teacher. No one educated me NOT to torture animals and film it. No one taught me that abusing babies was morally wrong. If no one ‘educated’ me in these matters then how come I’m not an animal torturing rapist then? Hmm. Let me think. Could it possibly be because it is totally unnatural to even conceive of such things and I therefore did not NEED to be educated? Could it maybe be that knowing this was just sort of instinctive to me and not learned?
I think so – I never recall having the urge and having to be educated otherwise.

The next time you hear a beta male cuck suggest that all these sorts of monsters need is ‘education’ then call them out. Ask them to lead by example. Challenge them to personally educate a given offender using whatever methods they feel certain would work. If the offender is a child sex offender, then ask them to personally reform and educate the offender – then when they are happy with their progress they should then be happy to allow their ‘student’ to child mind for them.

If the offenders are two beasts like AF and DF then challenge the person to bring forth their educational programme, apply it to them and once complete – hand their dogs over to them for them to care for.

Its a challenge that would never be personally accepted by anyone that whores such a line. They cannot accept the challenge – in their heart they know they aren’t being honest. In their heart they know that such people cannot be educated into goodness. That is why they’d never personally take up the challenge. Just as not one single MP would take up the challenge of having those brothers live in their street – if they believe in the tagging order and home curfew so much then lead by example. They would never do it because they know they would present a risk.

What has this overtly soft and feminine approach done to the dynamic at schools in the country? Let us look;

‘According to official figures teachers endure 90 assaults each and every day.
There were more than 90 assaults on staff by pupils in England per school day last year, official figures show.
But the number of pupils either temporarily or permanently excluded from school has fallen consistently since 2010.
Figures released by the government show there were 17,680 physical assaults by pupils against teaching staff between 2012 and 2013 – or 93 per school day.’

Almost 18,000 in one year – that is a symptom of the sickness right there. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that when that 18,000 leave school they are going to lead a life of anti-social scumbaggery.
I’m not sure if the parents of that 18,000 would be disinterested losers or liberal fantasist’s who never gave their spawn any real parameters in life – probably a mix of both.
Physical assaults on teachers should not even be a thing, let alone measured in the thousands every year.
And then there is the financial cost of then compensating the teachers that this vermin assault;

‘Almost £400,000 was paid out in compensation last year to schoolteachers who were injured after being attacked by violent students.

A survey of councils uncovered a total of 26 payouts to teaching staff last year including one case in Nottingham where a teacher was paid £60,000 for the injuries they suffered.’

And so begins the cycle in which the perpetrator is ‘educated’ that his or her actions will not be properly punished and that the assault can all be made better by the state robbing the tax payer to pay for the assault done by the feral rat.

Sound familiar? Frankish brothers systematically assault and torture their own dog. The state ‘educates’ them that their actions don’t need to mean loss of liberty and that all costs to keep them in hotels and private lets can be paid for – by robbing the public purse.

The system itself is sicker than the individual sadist.
It is the system that must yield and change and before it is too late.

State created systems tend to be inflexible by their very nature but major changes to systems have been made before and they can be made again.

We MUST begin with the two best and most deserving targets – those who willfully exploit and abuse animals and children.
It is vital that this liberal insanity which presently panders to them is utterly destroyed beyond all trace.

We do not want some fake rehash of what already exists. We do not want excuses, empty promises, broken promises, and we don’t want to settle for some small and cosmetic change.

As to ‘experts’? The only social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and policeman we should be lending an ear to are those who aren’t cut from this politically correct cloth.
Unless the words and statements of such professionals are adding weight to a restoration of sanity and recommending tough custodial sentences for abhorrent crimes relating to children and animals then they should be ignored.
The Age of Pathological Softness Must Die? Absolutely. It is either that or all morality, ethics, justice and any trace of goodness die.
It won’t die by itself though. You (yes, you personally) have to kill it. You willfully and consciously must destroy it. There is no other way and there is no other answer.
Even a shift from the present 6 months to something closer to 36months would have an immediate impact and at least cause a good % to pause for thought before acting out. It would also be a huge symbolic victory and a statement of intent to all degenerates and predators out there that their days are numbered and that time has now finally caught up with them.


Demand REAL sentences for animal abusers today – Donate to Operation Truss Bus


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