Terrorist thug back on the streets- Will the British public take action?

ISIS-inspired chav Frank Lewis was photographed beheading a sheep using a machete in a woodland with his laughing friends.  His Facebook photo gallery shows that he has a long history of animal abuse- Forcing his pet dogs to live in squalid conditions and chase after wildlife to fulfil his sick fantasies.  Equally disturbing is his fixation on collecting guns and knives in preparation for his first human murder.

Frank Lewis and his accomplice were recently arrested by South Wales Police for stealing and torturing 10 cats from Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary.  Of course, the police were more concerned with the ‘burglary’ aspect and less concerned that the two thugs cut the legs off the cats, before shooting and stabbing them.  Others were kept in hidden outdoor cages for Frank Lewis to either torture himself at a later date or use them as dog fighting bait.

Both of the sick-minded killers have been released on bail, and will no doubt be planning their next attack, be it on animals or humans.  They are due to appear in court on September 2nd, only days after Operation Frankish run their new publicity stunt campaigning for REAL sentences for animal abusers.

Thousands of pounds from the tax-payer’s money have been spent on Frank Lewis’ benefits-funded gaming PC, with a dual screen allowing him to watch twice as much bestiality and child porn.  But will the public invest in the UK’s only campaign to get animal torturers like Frank Lewis behind bars, for a long time?


Contributing £10 to Operation Truss Bus will ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear by the new Justice Minister Liz Truss.  She can’t see the public whining about animal cruelty on Facebook, so take real action TODAY.

PayPal: operationfrankish@gmail.com


13 thoughts on “Terrorist thug back on the streets- Will the British public take action?

  1. I think it is appalling that these poor innocent cats went through all this and he is now walking the streets I hope he gets what he deserves because no punishment will make this cruelty right so I hope these poor babies have justice


  2. I don’t think there will be a welcome in the hillside for him…..well,not the one he’d like anyway. Someone in/near Creaserw will surely be taking him to one side and having a word in his ear about what a murdering bastard he’s been and the fact it won’t be tollerated I Creserw at all.


  3. Really think you need to get your facts in order before publishing this pile of shit at least 90% of this is bullshit. Let see if you put this on your page


  4. Bag of shit needs a good hiding. Child services should be investigating any children who come into contact with this prick.


  5. Who is Lyn Baitup, ( her name says it) WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DEFEND THESE MONSTERS . What fucking circumstances make someone torture animals . It’s cunts like you that give these shitbags a n excuse. If a human being can inflict cruelty on another living being regardless of species they become inhuman. I hope the fuckers have such a bad experience through their actions that they decide to fucking shoot theirselves . But as always these whinging maggots


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